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1 Click Bait

YouTube once changed their algorithm to promote videos depending on watch time. It was intended to address the issue of "Reply girls," but I am astonished by the amount of clickbait that still exists and how YouTube continues to promote it. I'm tired of watching the likes of Jake Paul and Logan Paul, the biggest YouTubers, create clickbait videos and earn thousands, even millions, from it. If you're someone who relies on clickbait or misleading tactics to entice people to click, I urge you to stop and instead focus on creating original content for once.

2 Reactions

I definitely see the pros and cons of reaction videos. The pros to me is that you actually have people laughing along with what's funny or they share the same opinions and feelings towards what they're reacting to as you do. The cons of reaction videos are just that they basically lack originality, they clickbait their videos and half of what they clickbait isn't even in the actual video, so you could just sit there and find them doing absolutely nothing the whole time. Or you have those people who react to themselves and pretend they don't even know what's going on. I don't know. MAYBE it's to keep their viewers interested?

3 Minecraft Videos

Seriously, no one wants to watch a boring 15 minute video of someone playing Minecraft, Minecraft isn't even that cool, also the people that make these videos are mostly annoying 9 year olds with terrible audio and ear bleeding voices, who scream every time they die. also why do the people who make these videos think they're so cool? Just because you built an automatic door or something isn't that big of a deal, to all the people who make videos of them playing Call of Duty, Minecraft or any game, no one wants to hear you constantly call yourself a badass, cause anyone can do what you just did, I really wish videos of people playing video games would just disappear from YouTube

4 Spiderman and Elsa

I understand trolls are sometimes really bad, but surely anyone would agree that tricking children into watching porn would be to far. I guess not - Unnamed Google User Remade

These are elsagate. That means a video that tricks a kid into watching it by using family friendly characters like Elsa but have horrible, disgusting stuff in it

I remember watching those videos as a kid. Now I can never look at frozen and spiderman the same way ever again.

5 Unboxing

Mundane tasks are funny when sarcastic, Music videos are mostly bad but some can be good (e.G. Starbomb) and Make-up tutorials at the very least have a point. But what is the point of unboxing?

What would you rather do? Feel the satisfaction from opening something yourself, or watching do it? Yeah, I though so.

Is unboxing even a word? Anyway, its boring watching spoiled people getting free things and bragging about it.

6 Toy Collectors

My 9 year old cousin watches these all the time! I hate these! They're just pre-teen or 10 year old kids unboxing toys, reviewing, and playing with them.

Sometimes they're even making Disney and Marvel characters such as Spiderman and Elsa changing a Baby Alive doll's poopy diapers. That is just so wrong on so many levels!

The worst of these things is the surprise egg videos. I swear, they're EVERYWHERE. Like, "Spider-Man Play Doh Mega Egg Surprise! " or "Elsa surprise eggs with Frozen fun toys! " It never ends.

My playmate is obsessed with these, he even forces me to give him my laptop time JUST for him to watch Ryan Toys Review when his iPhone has low battery in the worst case scenario!

7 Anime Reviewers
8 Fortnite Videos

I am so tired of everyone making Fortnite videos. I hate that game so much.

I hate fortnite and its players.

I don't get the point of this game.

9 Mundane tasks

How to pick up a controller:
1. Pick it up with your feet
2. Handstand towards the window.
3. Put it down.
4. Throw it out the window with your hands.

10 Fetish Videos

I really don't know what to say about these videos. I don't feel disgusted, I just feel...odd and a bit weirded out about these videos

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11 Music Videos

Unlike a lot of these on here, you CAN make these right. Biggest issue is that you'll see the worst songs on your recommended list for no reason!

Mesage to the person who said
"Look at actual music (1960-1970) and you will see how music is done in void :D".

Shut your porthole

1960-1970's music is never dead

12 GoAnimate

Every type GoAnimate video ever:

Grounded Videos: Some random person (Usually a made up character or a little kids show character) saying what they are going to do. (It can be something really bad or something really stupid) Then, the laugh for 2 seconds the do the thing they said they were going to do. Then their parents find out what they have been doing and the ground them for some time.(The parent usually says they are grounded for something like 1304897... years and it takes 3 minutes just for the parent to say that number) Then the character who did that thing cries while running to their room.

Rants: Some GoAnimate user saying that some show or video game sucks and doesn't come up with any actual reasons for it being bad. They usually go like this: This more like poopy this. This show/video game sucks. Do you know who likes this, (A character that they hate) Do you know who hates this (Themselves or a character that they like) End or rant.

Dead meat videos: Usually ranking characters or what ever in school by giving them color cards. The best color cards are usually very good but very unreasonable rewards and the bad color cards are just a bunch of punishments like losing all their money. The characters they like get the good cards and the characters that they hate get bad cards.

Very Random Videos: Usually a bunch of objects and characters moving around the screen and saying a bunch of random things.

People trying to recreate GoAnimate type videos not in Goanimate: These are people trying to make videos like the ones in GoAnimate using Scratch, or Live Action. These are GoAnimate Fanboys who don't know how to get GoAnimate.

Ungrounded videos: Same thing as grounded videos except they do something good and get ungrounded.

Recreations of other things: People trying to recreate things they see on T.V. or on YouTube in GoAnimate.

OS Videos: Videos where some person accidentally installs an OS that is owned... more

13 Vine Compilations

Vine is never dead
And disco is never ever EVER dead!
Vhs is never dead
Betamax is never dead
And laserdisc is never dead
And 80s pop is never dead either

14 You Laugh You Lose Videos

Rename it to "Try not to get bored" then it will be an actual challenge.

15 Fanrage

Let's face it: These kids are dumb.

16 Challenge Videos

there's a dude full named Cory Flexing had sex with Siri to get her pregnant, how perverted his video is, men those type of videos do not improve my chance to do some challenges.

It sucks like tide pods challenge and other challenges it sucks

17 Makeup Tutorials

I am no beauty expert, but I know from experience that just because your'e a female doesn't mean people should take makeup tips from you. Hell, some videos will make your friends think you got a job at the circus rather than going to prom.

Boring, I want to watch videos about cartoons and animes.

Make up is boring. I want to see a gaming video!

18 Gaming

When you can play a game, why watch someone else play it and hear their ear-bleeding voices? You will not even learn stuff(even those related to the game)from these videos.

All you do is watch someone playing a game for 10 minutes and listening to someone saying random things. You can't react to him or learn something from these videos SO WHAT IS THE POINT?

Yeah, What's the point of watching somebody else playing a game when you can just play the game yourself

19 Call of Duty Videos
20 Stupid Challenges

Why the hell are they this stupid?!

They want to go to heaven or hell.

21 Life Hacks
22 Sponsored Videos

One good channel is polluted by sponsors, then another good channel is.

No I don't want to buy any controllers with skins. I want to watch a video.

They advertise it for over a minute. Annoying

23 Clash Royale Videos
24 Scary Pop-Ups/Screamers

These guys need to be at the top rather than Spot 12.

They are misleading, pranks, and rely on clickbait. The only reason these are done is for reactions.

What is a screamer, you ask? A screamer is a video with a clickbait title such as 'Where's Waldo? ', 'What's wrong with this picture? ' or 'talking puppy! ' Often, they have low volume at first, causing you to turn up your volume, and/or small text to make you go fullscreen. They also try to get you to focus on the screen. Around the midway point in the video, or around the end, after all the soothing music and the aforementioned tactics, an EAR-SPLITTING SCREAM will suddenly play, often accompanied with a scary picture, such as a zombie or a possessed woman.

There are literally WikiHow tutorials on how to identify and avoid screamers. All they are is cheap jumpscares designed to frighten you. If you have certain conditions or are easily scared, these can have LASTING EFFECT on you.

In short, look up the WikiHow tutorials on how to avoid these, and don't post them. Vote for them as well, as they are EASILY the worst type of video out there.

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