Top Ten Favorite Don't Hug Me I'm Scared Characters

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1 Red Guy or Harry

He is very cute looking and I like his additude as seen here:
Isn't it nice to be outside on such a beautiful day.
He's very friendly and kind and he said that robin
Brought a egg to manny because robin and harry "Love" you.
And they really mean it.

Obviously, he HAD to be ranked #1. Red Guy's sarcasm was hilarious and he always gave me a bright smile every millisecond he appeared onscreen. His voice is also serious, yet funny.
Overall, the rest of the characters are fine and the execution in this show is beautiful and dark. 9/10

2 Robin or Green Guy

Robin likes to have fun with his friends and he is very nice to his friends.
Plus he said he was sorry when he upset manny and that he brought the last egg
Just to cheer him up for manny.

Duck is hilarious. He's caused a few memes. My favourite line from him is "that's not enough time!". He did not deserve to die. I hate that stupid can! Lemme know if anyone else hates that can!

Robin is without a doubt my most favourite character in the whole of DHMIS. I enjoyed watching him thoroughly from beginning to end, and it broke my heart when he died. I play the piano to mourn his death. He has the best memes such as:
Pesky bee!
Digital style!
Wow, we're all computery!
If I was an angel, I would save Robin, Harry and Manny and reunite them! I LOVE YOU, ROBIN! YOU HEAR ME?!

3 Manny or Yellow Guy

I can't choose between red guy and yellow guy. They are both such good characters. But I love Manny because he's just so innocent, he doesn't deserve such a cruel father. He had to go through most of his allergies and was the main victim of all the characters! He doesn't deserve a trip to punish land, he cares about even the smallest insect!

Manny is absolutely adorable and I want to hug him tight while he cries because of the teachers and I want to protect him from the mean world! He's my second favourite character after Robin :) poor Manny has a horrible, creepy father I would like to take the trio to my house and protect them from the teachers if I wasn't too shy!

4 Tony the Talking Clock

I have no clue on why I like him, maybe because he reminds me of Cog from Beauty and the Beast, I mean Cog is my favorite. I probably like him because I can think of really good art ideas for a "human form".

I think Tony is crazy sadistic. I like him, but he's mad. Funny bits are, he can't spell right. He spells pizza as pizzer and spells wrist as rizd. He's mad, amd I kinda like him!

My friends make fun of me for having an enormous crush on a talking clock...

5 Sketchpad

What's your favourite idea?
Green is not a creative colour!
Listen to your heart! Listen to the rain! Listen to the voices in your brain!

Is it a boy or a girl... I think the sketchpad and the spinach can are girls.

Whoa there friend, you might need to slow down.

6 Colin the Computer

Best choice possible, I like his voice, trapping the puppets in the digital world and the don't touch me quote!

DON'T TOUCH MEEEEEE! Colin is odd. He is a computer, and I like computers, and Colin is no exception. He also looks cool when he is "Humanoid form". Digital dancing, hey this is fun!

Digital dancing. Need I say more?

7 Shrignold the Butterfly

Shrignold is cute, like most of his friends. Shrignold is a better king of love than Malcolm. He also knows more about it, I think!

I know you don't know who I am...but maybe I can hold your hand...and together we can understand about love...

Put on this ring *and join the king* and you will never be alone!

8 Roy

Even though he does not deserve Yellow Guy as a son and that he is also a p#rvert, I actually kinda like Roy. I laughed when I first saw him, and he looks crazy hilarious. And its cool and creepy that he can extend his arms.

Roy was the metaphor for all things bad in the world. Why is he here? Such a bad father, exposing Manny to these things, and not even caring.

Roy is scary and doesn't deserve a child like Manny.

9 Malcolm

Haha! I love the way Malcolm is on this list. lolz haha! Laughing to much. Why I have no Idea!

10 Michael
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11 Bread Boy

Fish and chips
Steak and beef (chuckitichow)
Grapes and eggs
Steak... Eggs... Uh...

I like eating bread and he's a good drummer!

12 The Lamp

I love the lamp can bring some dreams into reality or whatever realm they are in. I also love their derpy eyes and voice! its sad that they couldn't finish their song. Also is their name larry the lamp or is that just the fandom?

His voice is just so amazing during the first dreams song.

13 Big Talking Steak

Doo doo doo! Steak Guy is weird. I like him, because of hia silly comments about food, but also don't like him because he was the one who made Yellow Guy eat Duck Guy. I got mixed feelings about this guy.

He's byfar the creepiest character in the show and maybe the evilest too. He made Manny eat his friend.

I dislike this guy for killing my all time favourite dhmis character Robin!

14 File

I am a file. You put documents in me!

I find it funny that the file was added into the glitching of characters.
I am a file. and you put documents in me!

15 Spinach Can
16 Furry Boy

I like dogs. They're my favourite animal, tied with cats. I can tell Furry Boy is a dog. He looks cute! Most of the cult of Malcolm is cute!

17 Gilbert the Globe

I'm sure he would have had a good song if Colin didn't interrupt him

18 Saxophone
19 Cigarette Guy
20 Universe Guy

We are in the universe
Planets live inside the moon
A rocket ship can go to space
A rocket ship can go to the moon!

21 Bunny

He's extremely cute. A lot of Shrignold's friends are cute!

One of the best American accents I've ever heard!

22 Magnet
23 The Firge

The person that added this can't spell Fridge.

24 Sports Ball
25 The Can
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