Top 10 Epic Rap Battles of History That Should Happen

NicePeter and EpicLloyd often look to the fan suggestions for their next rap battles. Let's hope they stumble upon this.
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1 Sheldon Cooper vs. Bill Nye

I want this to happen, possibly just to see Bill Nye say, "I will beat you with the rhymes of science".

2 Charlie Chaplin vs. Charlie Sheen

These two are actors named Charlie, but have almost nothing else in common.

No, how about Donald Trump vs Joe Biden.

3 Eminem vs. Parappa the Rapper

Eminem vs who

4 Ernest Hemingway vs. F. Scott Fitzgerald

Two famous writers of American history.

5 Brutus vs. Judas

The two most famous betrayers in human/fictional history, what's not to like?

6 David Copperfield vs. David Blaine

Two great magicians/illusionists named David (Yes, the same name thing shows up a lot, but it's the only reason for Napoleon vs Napolean). Also, maybe there could be a surprise appearance by Harry Houdini.

7 Nathan Drake vs. Indiana Jones

Two badass explorers fighting it off in a rap battle, the reason I didn't do Lara Croft was because she's not really like either of these, she's a serious character, these two are rather humorous.

8 Prince vs. David Bowie

Two icons of our time, famous singers, I think it's pretty good, considering they both just died.

9 Green Day vs. Blink 182

These two bands aren't even anything alike! Why is this even in top 10? What?

Is would be funny

10 Deathstroke vs. Deadpool

While both characters are probably a bit too unknown to be on ERB, there is no doubt that Peter and Lloyd could come up with some hilarious lines for the two.

The Contenders
11 King Arthur vs. Beowulf

Two iconic heroes of legend.

12 Leonardo da Vinci vs. Leonardo Di Caprio

These are possibly the two most well known people with the first name Leonardo. One is an actor, and the other did just about everything but act.

13 Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr. Hyde

Although Jekyll and Hyde are the same person, that's what makes this so interesting.

Yes! I want this happen in Epic Rap Battles of History!

14 Henry VIII vs. Rob Ford

One is an obese king from the Middle Ages. And the other is the mayor of Toronto who recently got fame from smoking crack in a drunken stupor. This could be interesting.

15 Malcolm Reynolds vs. Han Solo

This makes more sense then Han fighting Indiana Jones.

16 Eminem vs. M&M

That would be hilarious

It would be amazing

17 Edgar Allan Poe vs. Stephen King

Already made. I think it was one of Season 3's best with all the references and intensifying heat between the two.

18 Charlie Chaplin vs. Howard Hughes

Two famous directors, one played by Robert Downey Jr., another by Leonardo DiCaprio, it could be interesting.

19 Link vs. Robin Hood

I wanna see references directed at Zelda and at Robin Hood's father. This suggestion sets up to kinda look like Master Chief vs Leonidas (of course, Spartan vs Spartan) since it's two people of similar backgrounds facing off (since Robin Hood and Link as mentioned are quite similar to each other).

Two charming heroes with shockingly similair clothes and bows who have been known to steal people's money.

20 John Pemberton vs. Caleb Bradham

One made Coca Cola. The other made Pepsi. What more do you really want?

21 Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin

Homer has the power of Donuts and Peter has the power Whisky. So pretty much it's Donut Vs Whisky (Who Would Win? )

22 The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones
23 Freddy vs. Jason

Ash could also be inserted here as a rapper!

24 Rocko vs. Spongebob
25 Bear Grylls vs. Tarzan

The expert of surviving in the wild, Bear Grylls, and Tarzan, the man raised in the wild.

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