Top 10 Reasons to Love Stampylonghead

Joseph Garrett, better known by his YouTube username Stampylonghead (or simply Stampy), is a beloved figure in the gaming world, especially known for his kid-friendly Minecraft Let's Play videos. His fun-loving nature, inventive storytelling, and commitment to making entertaining content have won him fans across the globe. But what is it that makes us fall in love with this cat-obsessed YouTuber?

Garrett's in-game character, Stampy Cat, takes viewers on wondrous journeys in the world of Minecraft, engaging them with his lovable personality, quirky humor, and knack for spinning elaborate narratives. He crafts immersive worlds, creates compelling stories, and fills each video with a sense of joy and excitement that's infectious. But his appeal extends beyond the realm of Minecraft.

Stampy's dedication to maintaining an environment that's safe and appropriate for younger viewers is admirable, making him a favorite among parents. His ability to capture the attention of both children and adults with his delightful commentary and boundless creativity makes him stand out in a crowded field of content creators. Plus, his enthusiasm for the games he plays, especially Minecraft, is truly contagious.

Stampy's channel isn't just about gaming, though. His videos often encourage creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork. His friendly and relatable persona makes every viewer feel like they're a friend, making each video feel like a new adventure with a buddy.

So, why do you love Stampylonghead? Is it his bubbly personality, his imaginative Minecraft creations, his commitment to kid-friendly content, or something else entirely? Now's your chance to vote for your top reasons and share why you think Stampy is a gem in the YouTube community.
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1 He doesn't cuss

He used to in his first few but the thing I like about him is he changed a lot from swearing to child friendly. Don't listen to those haters Stampy you are a good youtuber

Don't watch his Slender video he swears loads!

Ya that's way better when he stopped swearing his videos where way better

2 He plays Minecraft
3 His British

British people are nice and friendly. Another reason to love him.

I don't like the way he always said he was able to... It makes me say no kidding sherlock

Too bad his british accent is annoying and he never stops talking

4 He has a love garden

It really nice to say that he likes other peoples stuff that they build make etc... and make a love garden to show respect and say that its beautiful and he saw it and yeah

Its nice he likes other peoples work also he didn't make the heart... his helper made it and he also puts his helpers isn't the love garden and he has lots of helpers

People who add people to something is very nice. Another reason to love him.

5 He's just plain awesome

He should be on tour, I wish to meet him, And I think overall, stampy is cool.

6 He has dogs (in Minecraft)

Stampylonghead has many dogs such as Barnaby, Benji, Duncan, etc. He also plays with them. A reason to love him.

I didn't cry during Up. I cried during the episodes of Stampy's Lovely World where his dogs die.

7 He plays kid games

It's great that kids watch his creative videos rather than watching some other brain dead crap they have on T.V. these days. He comes up with all sorts of crazy games to play in Minecraft and he encourages kids to use their imagination.

He plays Minecraft and other games. stampy try's something new so wont get board of watching him so if you fell like you watch a lot of Minecraft you can watch infinity with the same person playing because you really like that person

I have Minecraft and Terraria and watch his videos whenever I get stuck!

8 His love for cake

I don't know anyone that loves cake more then him. A reason to love him.

Jacksepticeye loves cake and cookies so much in one of his videos he claimed to have had sex with them and made loas of little ones... He ate them

I'll make a cake I'll make a cake I'll make a cake ya I was in the dark. iwas fighting hard with just have a heart. I'll make a cake how did this trip go so'oh wrong. (lindee link 2012 make a cake parody of katy perry's song wide awake.

9 His friends are awesome

He's friends l for lee, cho cho, squid nugget, etc are are great friends.
A reason to love him.

10 He's active

He's always posting videos, posting on Facebook, and posting on twitter. that's another reason to love him.

The Contenders
11 He sometimes responds when you make him something

If a YouTuber responds when you send him art work, that's a reason to love them.

12 His calmness
13 His name is Joseph
14 He's humorous
15 He plays the best games
16 He responds to ideas for his next video

If you comment on stamp's latest video, he immediately adds that on his idea list, and begins the next on the list. a few months later, you see your idea posted.

17 He is enthusiastic
18 He plays a lot of different games
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