Top Ten Embarrassing Names That Popular TopTenners Have Been Called In the Past

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1 The Freak-Geek (PositronWildhawk)

Ah, well. I guess they made a point.

2 Tits (Britgirl)

Wow, I can't believe what this inspiring, revolutionary nickname has given us, very creative.

Damn, that name got a 1000/1000 perfection and it just take for 1 second to think

Someone must have put lots of thought into this name. 10/10

3 A-Cup (MoldySock)

This and Brirgirl's nickname are polar oppsites. Gotta love the coincedence.

4 Worm (Kiteretsunu)

This name was given because of my boring personality during my middle school days. Well, I still have some of those traits now.

Well, at least you have a good sense of humor.

5 Psychopath (Keyson)

Keyson says that he got this name when he was a freshman in high school and walked by a guy2-3 years old older who said, "Look at that guy! He's walking like a psycho! He is a psychopath! "

That's quite a conclusion to get from a walk. In other words though, true psychopaths are capable of emotions, which Keyson is anything but.

How keyson want to use this? It's a very bad name.

6 Dictionary Boy (PetSounds)
7 Ho (Ajkloth)

Ajkloth says that he got this name when he ran full speed into a brick wall and got a scar on his forehead in the shape of the state of Idaho.

Ida and Ho is a house divided,one of the houses was the one Ajkloth ran over

Wow. He must be embarrassed because of it.

8 The Bandwagoner (Curti2594) The Band was a Canadian-American roots rock group formed in 1965 . Which originally consisting of Rick Danko (bass guitar, double bass, fiddle, vocals), Levon Helm (drums, mandolin, guitar, vocals), Garth Hudson (keyboards, saxophones, trumpet), Richard Manuel (piano, drums, vocals) and Robbie Robertson... read more

Especially when your a Sports fan liek myself!
I have my #1 Faves but if there not in the playoffs I still want to cheer for somebody but it's not liek I'm changing Religions or Nationality's right?

I just liek Cheering for somebody is that so bad to have a back up plan for if my #1 teams fails?

People Make Really Creative Insults and Names...

9 Sh***y Guru (CityGuru)

Not gonna lie, that's pretty clever.

10 Muffin Kid (Gemcloben)
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11 Bigmouth (JaysTop10Lists)
12 Schmackos (KingFab)
13 Purple and ugly (istooduptoabully)
14 Midget (simpsondude)
15 The Weirdo Of Nortre Dame (DapperPickle)

Oh how I love Disney movie references.

16 Jar Head (VelitelCabal)
17 Acne-face (Garythesnail)

A-holes in my school do this. They just see all my acne and think I'm a terrible person. I'm not. And even if I was, you bullies aren't much better.I hate middle school with a burning passion.

18 Tittybaby (Bobbythebrony)

Ouch. That one's intense. You can keep the name, Bobby, and not infect us.

19 Girly Spider Monkey (Ralphbob)
20 Fudgy Nerd (LizardKing99)
21 Luigi Lover (Danteem)
22 Twilight Sparkle (TwilightKitsune)
23 One Fool Away (kontrahinsunu)

That late 2015, We were playing Truth or Dare and when the bottle came to me, One of them said Would you rather be called One Fool Away or Gorillacakebutt? I said OFA and they called me that until the principal gave them detention. :D

24 Nude Bikini Stripper (AlphaQ)
25 Michael (micahisthebest)
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