Top Ten Most Underrated TheTopTens Users of 2014

Here's the users of 2014 who deserve more attention than they get. Either it can be from nobody caring about them or acknowledging their existence to being a newbie on the scene.

If they're newbies with less than ten lists it would be good to see these little fish grow bigger in the community.

To get on this list a user must:
Not get the notoriety they deserve and/or be undeservedly hated and have at least one list made in 2014.
The Top Ten
1 cameo

Even though she doesn't make that many lists the ones she does make have excellent descriptions to her list. I like those users who put the effort into their lists and not the ones who slap a list from another site and go "Done" Her list "Most Insufferable Personality Types is one of my personally favourite lists out there. This user gets barely any notoriety from the community and I seek to change that. She only gets following from me and Kiteretsunu which is pretty tragic.

It's very disappointing I can't vote two users at the same time. cameo is a brilliant user here at TheTopTens. Her lists are descriptive which is really impressive, kinda my style along with Cazaam, P.W. and Britgirl.
Cazaam's lists are intelligent.
So I vote both for cameo and Cazaam.

2 Cazaam

I feel a bit dirty putting myself on here but I've made lists that have gotten somewhat popular. I consider myself a rising star. I made my first list a month ago and I want to be the next Positron Wildhawk or Britgirl (I'm British by the way

I must admit that you deserve a pretty high spot here, bud. Your work is seriously good.

3 Kiteretsunu

Kiteretsu is like me. He gets a similar amounts of votes on his lists and he receives a decent following from the community, more than me at least. He only appears on a few lists to do with the community and he truly is a name that needs to get out there.

An anime fan like me! And Anime is cool.

4 htoutlaws2012

Even though this guy has probably had his account since 2012, he is a user who has come back and is making lists again but with all his popularity diminished. He has similar interests to me. We're both fans of the Angry Video Game Nerd, We both used to like WWE until the PG era took a steaming turd all over that. He makes good lists about WWE and video games and I'd certainly give him the time of day.

He has the most remixes. He needs followers, guys

5 Blankguy

Blankguy is one of these little fish with no followers who may be starting to evolve his legs onto the scene of The Top Tens website. Time will tell. He has made a good list about the worst Windows OS's though.

6 Pug
7 nintendofan126
8 BKAllmighty
9 MostTalented_BoyX
10 JaysTop10list

Sorry I left you out, I just realised how underrated you are!

Ooh! I'm underrated. I never knew that

The Contenders
11 Gemcloben
12 DatIrishman
13 patrickstar
14 Irina2932
15 PetSounds

This guy works pretty hard on here. He deserves the attention.

16 gelatinbeastworm
17 Yatharthb
18 FrankP
19 JandS3000
20 Lem
21 alexcousins
22 DK
23 NintendoROCK3T
24 Sillyguy
25 gotavares
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