Top Ten Embarrassing Confessions Made by Popular TopTenners

I thought it would be interesting to post this. Any other confessions may be uploaded by any other members.
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1 I have a stocky Irish maths teacher. Behind his back, I refer to him as "The Lardy Leprechaun" instead of his real name. (PositronWildhawk)

As far as I know, he hasn't found out. And I'm glad about that, as I have no desire for him to know.

Haha! I'm going to tell him! You never know, Lardy Lepechaun may have his own name for you...

If I were you, I would hope that he isn't reading this. laugh out loud.

2 When I was 10, I was at a restaurant with family, and saw my male cousin with my female cousin. I wanted to surprise her and I punched her in the back. It turned out to be another woman. (keyson)

Oh my gosh! This is hilarious! What happened?

If this happened to me I would die.

3 I once did the mouth gesture for fellatio in class. The teacher saw me and had to tell me what it meant. (lovemusic)

This is the kind of classic embarrassing moment.

4 I used to download a bunch of Miley Cyrus bangerz. (JaysTop10List)

Yeah, bud, you aren't that cool for that. But you're still cool.

5 I was at a birthday party with friends and we all crammed into a photo booth before I totally peed myself. (MoldySock)
6 I have a huge crush on Lord Lloyd Webber. (Britgirl)
7 A girl borrowed a camera from the teacher and forgot to give it back. I joked that she would go to jail. She thought I was being serious and started crying. (Ajkloth)

That sounds like something that would happen to me.

8 I gave false information about a transfer student to the school staff and got him suspended for three days. (Kiteretsunu)
9 I actually like the song "Baby" by Justin Bieber (NintendoROCK3T)

You have to be pretty damn brave to say this on the Internet.

Now this actually is embarrassing.

Considering how much this website hates Justin Bieber, this is a pretty big confession I'm making

10 Doesn't know how to ride a bike yet (Puga)

I can't ride a bike yet, either. My parents said they would teach me how soon. Though a lot of boys in my class can ride a bike. Heck, one even knows how to drive a car!

Wow. You're not alone, Puga. Me and my sister can't ride a bike either. Well, just gotta wait for our driver's licenses then!

I just can't do it. Whenever I try I just have to get off because I think I'm going to fall. Besides, walking is better.

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11 I don't know how to swim yet and I'm 9 years old (istooduptoabully)

I learned to swim when I was seven. No big deal? (Considering the fact that most of the kids in my neighborhood learned to swim when the were 6 or younger. )

I learned to swim when I was 12. And besides, I rarely need to swim. It's fine.

Well, I'm learning. I'm just thinking I'll never learn the backstroke.

12 I am extremely heterosexual. (CityGuru)

This could mean something creepier, once you think about it...

13 Almost died at least 8 times (AlphaQ)

Here's the list:

Almost Stung to death by hornets
Almost drowned 3 times
Almost died while doing parkour
Almost died while being high
Almost died at a sleepover
Almost died in a quad accident

And I wrote this around the beginning of 2018

Gee, I sure cheat death a lot.

A cat has 9 lived
AlphaQ has 1 and escaped death 8 times.

14 Got caught masturbating at school (bobbythebrony)

I once masturbated to Lucario's feet in school and didn't get caught.

Give me one good reason why you would ever masturbate in school.

Why would you masturbate in school? That's quite the gamble.

15 He had his first kiss at 10 (AlphaQ)
16 My friend and I were once walking along a train track and just saw a train coming, and jumped onto the adjacent track, escaping by an inch. (paasadani)

Woah. Escaping death by an inch. Cool.

17 I got in trouble at school for putting b**** on a piece of paper. ( BradenC123)

Heh, I did that too. But I didn't get in trouble.

18 I attempted to kill myself 2 times because I am a hated weaboo (ArigatoKawaii)
19 RiverClanRocks likes #selfie by the Chainsmokers

You just lost any respect I had for your music taste.

I admit it! But it's so catchy and random!

Most annoying song I heard, probably.

20 I ship Jack and King together in Cave Story (xandermartin98)

Oh my sweet ever-loving Jesus, this pairing is adorable.

21 My real age is 39. (Britgirl)

Hold up what?

When was this added?

22 I have a tattoo of a watermelon (AlphaQ)
23 I cried the first time watching the Spongebob movie (bobbythebrony)

It must've been really sad to see SpongeBob and Patrick dry up in that one scene.

24 I used to like the Power Rangers (Nintendofan126)

It's true I used to like this show.

25 I used to read Captain Underpants (jmepa123)
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