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He did not invent anything, but he shaped hacking. He has done operations with CWI that range from bad to good, fighting for equal rights and being the most contributing guy in the #OP Killuminati. He has a great story about where he started. I also know him in real life.

Xtam4 is a black hat hacker who got his fame around 2013-14. Through his group, he controlled many major hacking groups by controlling their leaders. Most of the deep web market websites and forums are also controlled by him. He might not be a very heroic figure, but since this list is in terms of hacking skills, power, and contribution, I think he should be number 1. His army of hackers outnumbers many hacking groups and are not random hackers who are new to the web. Most votes here are from the IRC. That's what I figured. This is the answer for those asking who Xtam4 is. You can also check Wikipedia for GForce Pakistan.

2 Mauritania Attacker

To an intelligent person, all of this is very clear. You fear what you hate. Mauritania hates Xtam4, and his monkey followers follow him whatever he does. You can see they can't even speak proper English. They are poorly educated hackers.

I am one of the guys on Xtam4's team. I happened to stumble upon this list. Not a single member of our group cared about this list. Their goals happen to be much bigger than this list. But Anonghost just wants to win this list. You can see the difference between those two hacking groups. It's a very big difference. One has great heights to accomplish, and the other comes to the same list every day to spam and flame comments with their half-broken English. Farewell.


3 Geohots

Come on! He should be the best hacker in the world. He invented jailbreaking Apple devices and could hack Sony, which is really hard!

Exploited the entire iPhone. +1 badass.

MA above this guy? What a joke. I guess ISIS did really make some impact on the cyberworld.

4 Dark Dante
5 Jonathan James

16-year-old black hat hacker. In an anonymous PBS interview, he professes...

6 Shawn Fanning

Should be number 1. There should be no hacker like MA on this list.

7 VallaH

Not the best, but Xtam4 is great. No disrespect to him! VallaH for #2!

VallaH is a great hacker. Should be above Dark Dante and Geohots.

8 Robert Morris
9 Gordon Lyon / Fyodor
10 Karl Koch / August Diehl
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11 Adrian Lamo
12 Gary McKinnon
13 Robert Tappan Morris
14 George Hotz
15 Michael Calce
16 Kevin Mitnick

I vote for Kevin Mitnick, but I don't think MA made any techniques. It was Kevin who made techniques for hackers.

Great hacker. I vote for him, but I can't forget Mauritania Attacker, who changed the cyber world with some new techniques!

17 Unknown Al
18 n0name-hax0r

Probably the best hacker! Has contributed a lot to all hackers, shared 0-days and free tools! Also, a great developer!

19 Yousef Hacker
20 HMEI7

Just a defacer, but not like Mauritania Attacker, who is a Doctor!

21 Eddie_HaXoR
22 Edward Snowden Edward Joseph Snowden is an American computer professional, former Central Intelligence Agency employee, and former contractor for the United States government who copied and leaked classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013 without authorization.
23 alg0d
24 Kevin Poulson / Dark Dante

Phreaked his way to a new Porsche with a radio contest on an LA station. Arrested and jailed, he went on to become a journalist and editor at Wired.

25 D3VIL 1337
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