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1 Gregory

People loved Gregory and he was very special to Stampy and all of us not only because he was his first ever dog but Gregory just had a shiny bit of manic in his eye!

Gregory is the original dog of Stampy! The one favorite dog everybody knows, Even if you never saw him in any of the videos you've seen, you gotta love Gregory! And Gregory Jr!

He is the father of gregory jr so if your dogs are important then what is important to gregory jr is important to you right now gregory jrs dad is important to him so gregory is important to you.

2 Gregory Jr.

Gregory junior is the son of Gregory which Gregory died no!

Don't have a reason, just really special.

I loved Gregory Jr. He was so cute

3 Barnaby

He is so cool, funny, stupid, cute, good, fancy. And survived every video. But like all the other dogs they are in great danger, because hit the target!

In a random episode I watched stampy went out of the dog house whispering that barnaby what's his most favorite dogs and survived every single video. Who votes for barnaby!

Barnaby is his most loyal dog and is always there when Stampy needs his help - Most of the time!
He is my favourite dog even though it is very hard to choose between all of them!

4 Sherbet

Sherbet was a surprise dog because sherbet got birthed on the day when stampy was playing the dog course when fluffy got put in the pick a pet pet shop.

He is a really fast pup and is really good at the doggie assault course. He is a really fit and healthy dog

He is so slow and that is what I like about him!

5 Aqua

I feel bad for Aqua, Stampy was like the only person in his world to react to Aqua dying, while everyone was playing the mini game. I liked Aqua though.

Gregory's death was very sad, but there was something that almost made me cry as Stampy called Aqua's I couldn't describe. There was hopeless in his voice, fear of losing another dog. I imagine Aqua in doggie heaven as a merdog, surrounded by a water aura and having a mermaid tail. We love you Aqua

I really like aqua and its really sad that he/she died. In my games I always have Aqua and Gregory as dogs.

6 Peter

I think Peter is from "the quest to kill the Ender Dragon" series with IBallisticSquid, I think he is a very cute and basic dog!

Peter was a dog, who was good.

It was so weird how Peter and the other dogs turned in to statues

7 Weenie

Stampy NEVER had a dog named weenie but maybe you're right...:... And maybe man eating scallops will fly out of me pants (SpongeBob refrince laugh out loud) P. S I am only ten so don't hate

He doesn't have a dog called Weenie, my friend Thomas Semple put this on.

He's a dog? Since when?

8 Benjamin

Benjamin was the awesome one, reason is because he just is.

I love this dog

9 Oreo

If oreo cookies are sweet then oreo must be sweet and who doesn't like sweetness.

He Died by accident I hope Stamp see's oreo's ghost!

Oreo was a well mannered dog he would always follow stampy and will always enjoy it.

10 Ackwer
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11 Duncan

I like Duncan because I like mittens. Duncan and Mittens have a special relationship that changes the world of stampy's. Before Mittens existed Duncan was so grumpy. Mittens changed that and now he is as happy as a dog should be.

It was a tough choice between Duncan and Lunar so I picked randomly. Duncan is very innocent and he is my favourite dog. Partly because Mittens is my favourite YouTubers' cat.

I love cats and dogs, and when a dog doesn't chase the cats tail you can tell there is something special with Duncan and Mittens!

12 Larry

I vote him cause he likes doing the cake dance.

Is soon funny

13 Spring

My favourite is spring because he is very protective and cute. At first I liked aqua but she died so its spring

I really like spring. She or he? Died just because a creeper creeped behind and... KABBOM! He was dead. I heard him making a very poor noise before he was dead.

Spring died by drowning I love Spring!

14 Corey

I think that is a good dog did you think?

Amy mate is called Corey

He is my favorite dog

15 Lucky

Apparently, the name was a lie, because he died in the fire, we never saw the fire coming!

Wait- that's MY dog in real life's name! Cool!

Lucky was a very cheerful dog. He died in the 42nd episode.R.I. P lucky

16 Lunar

Lunar is cute, and one of the youngest dogs, well, youngest at the moment. I hope she lives long, it was tense when she got caught on fire but lee saved her, I think the bites Was a "Thank you, My Hero! "

I like the dog but not the name, her name should be Comet.

Daughter of Flippy and Barnaby. Whats not to Love?

17 Snowwolf

Snow wolf is hands down the best dog. Stanly even considered him being his favorite for a while. You can't say anything bad about this dog.

Snow wolf was so good sometimes but really cute he or she will be always in my heart.

Who is Snow wolf? (Tilly Greene)

18 The Arbiter

Why is he last?! He is my favourite puppy!

The Arbiter is stampy's best dog named after something from halo he is super cool R.I. P the arbiter

19 Flippy

Did the best in the Doggy Assault Course at only 35 seconds!

I like Flippy because He is very Strong and Very Fast.

I like him as he is the fastest and strongest dog.

20 Stampygoodnose

It's sad he was never in a video. He must have been a lovely dog.

I wish I saw him
He was never ever in one video
Hit the target might of done it on purpose?

He was never tamed

21 Fluffy

Fluffy is amazing

22 Sparky

Lee bear look at video

Sparky is very cute

23 Bengy

I've heard of Bengy in the video.

I think bengy is cute

Love you bengy

24 Pony

So funny when running they need to go back too the cave to get het

25 Cookie
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