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1 Étoile

Everyone knows that ANGELICA ETOILE is one of the youngest girl of the family.. She is my friend everyday she gives me foods and if I am down she cheers me up, she will even do something that she never does ever before just to cheer you up she created a hospital and hotel for free but you can give tips. You can look around and you can add her.. I just saw her angry when she was fooled by some people.

First Royal, First Famous Twins, First Band. Has the famous blog, most famous users in pico and more! All of their members are very nice and really like a sir. Besides, they really love to help people and they don't argue unless you do bad things to them. They are 100% true to their selves so this is the number one family!

They are not just pretty in the game but also in the real life! They are not fakes to their selves and besides everyone are just copying them. Means, this family really influence people in a lot of way. The most original and best family in ameba pico!

2 Monroe

The Monroe family is trustworthy, respectful, kind, and able to be counted on. They have a adorable, nice leader named, "Miss Medical. " I think that the Monroe family is lucky to have a great leader like her. Everything is nice about Miss Medical, her looks, her style, her blog, her room, and especially her family. I don't like Monroe, I LOVE IT! I really want to be in the family, So I'm asking right now! Remember everybody, Like her blog (El Blog De Pimbolina, ) Favorite her room, and especially vote for Monroe!

This family was created by Rinstar and Miss Medical. They created their own family and made it open for everyone. I personally thought that this family was just plain boring, until Rinstar, herself, pulled me in! We all started bonding, and even planned out family bonding and stuff! Miss Medical and Rinstar never leaves a pico behind.

I missed this family so much because of Pico closing that I personally felt my heart break. This is how much I treasure this family.

3 Álaric

Alaric is the best family on pico because unlike etoiles and others it is original and the people there are so kind I really love them please vote here, if you did I would be very very happy and if alaric gets into top 2 we will definitely have more events and videos. I love BB alaric she is so cute!

Alaric is like one of the happiest families out there. They made PCA! What else could you ask for? And by the way this Poll isn't THAT ACCURATE Because some families above Alaric are not even that known :/ SO I guess this Poll is actually "Families with most poll voters"

The Alaric family is amazing. It's truly an inspiration to be in it, most of them are fantastic role models, and I'm glad to be one. I think I'm one... Pretty sure.. But anyways, the Alaric family deserves all votes >

4 Śhieru

The Shieru Family welcomes you with open arms. They're fun to be with and I love hanging out with them. Even though they're not always active, they will always be a loving family.

The shieru family maybe isn't a very popular or active family but they are kind enough to accept others that doesn't have ameba gold. I really like ciel! She is so funny

Shieru doesn't only accept ag users. They accept noobies and everything like that. The members are truly caring and super sweet friends! You should get to know them

5 Bear
6 Ŕσѕє

The Rose family is awesome! I am a model in their magazine. It is very fun! I think the family members have unique, generous, and creative personalities and I think you guys should vote for them! They deserve to get more famous!

The Rose Family is an amazing family. Each family member treats each other fairly and politely! Red is a funny and Smart Leader. Ivory is an epic and cool person to be around. I say this family should be number one!

Everyone in the family is funny and amazing. They get along greatly and are really nice. They never argue and they coordinate very well!

7 Elysees

I guess, Elysees are a bit familiar with etoiles, but still I like elysees because they are nice and they are NOT arrogant... So I don't care if haters say elysees are bad, those who say that doesn't have eyes to see how awesome elysees are. GO ELYSEES!

Elyees the best pico family in facebook, I love elysees, I think etoile to much arrogant, I keep support you elysees, more than anything, elysees Go! We always support you

Elysees. Em, I think it's a funny family :)
its right? Yeah, whats? No? Why no? It's the best from the best you know?
come on vote Elysees! If you want to vote the best family from the best!
alright? Thanks for vote elysees family! Yo vote more! Vote more all!

8 Myrls

Please vote for this family because they are really kind as in! They immediately solve their problems.. Sometimes, Binkee loses hope but still the members are helping her to cheer up! That's what Binkee noticed in the Myrls family and me too.. Oh I love this family.. Even though we are not famous, we will do everything we can! GO MYRLS!

Myrls Family is really the best! They accept noobs.. They love to accept noobs or even though you don't have AG, they will still accept you! We will do our best to be the best family ever.. The family leader is so kind.. She gives gummies to those who are in need and and they make contests! JOIN THE FAMILY NOW!

9 Éternite

This is cool family, love it. All of this members is nice, not arrogant, friendly, never let some friends in hurt heart.

Eternite is so kind... The member has a really good heart... Maybe Eternite is not so popular... But I believe Eternite will Win... Because Eternite has a King that very wise and a Queen that very beautiful and kind Awh.. Please Vote Eternite.. Thank you

I love this family so much...
in this family. We can get the most friendly and best buddies on Pico.
we can share all about anything..
we hate war on this family...

Vote for this Family. I swear you will get better if you join this family :D

10 Délicat

K they are not arrogant as Etoile's members. They also comment in every post in their page not like Etoile. I don't hate them but they are so arrogant to me. I was talking to them before but they always AKF, busy or whatsoever. Doesn't mean their famous they wont serve us right. Haters gonna hate. Before this Bun, Siti they give me gummies so Rich 1!

Délicat? I love this family. I love Bun. I love Bunny. I love Cherry and all of them, but most of all, I love Dee Délicat's fashion show! She's a very entertaining and talented fashion show judge! But now she's rarely online. We miss her Fashion Show very much. She's quite popular among Malay picos, but not all picos know her, and she's not arrogant. She's friendly and easy-going. I hope she can be online frequently... By the way, I also like her best friends - Siti, Cherry, Juliet, Micat, and more, but I feel awkward when they start to talk in Malay. I don't understand. Maybe they're gossiping about me? Hahah, just kidding.

The Contenders
11 Rioga

Rioga is a cool, AWESOME family! They are very kind to me and my favorite rioga is kelly and kally! Of course! Like their page!

Rioga! Go rioga! Kelly is good at editing photos and kally is so great at editing videos! Vote for them please!

Who loves Rioga? I do I do! Please vote for them, thy are kind and a loving family!

12 Equátor

I love this Family so much!

I don't know why

13 Feroux Family

I love Feroux Family. Zay, Chalisa, Pidyaa, and Pretzel are so kind! Other Feroux are so kind too. Probably the best family ever!

14 Σlyric
15 Royal

Because I'm one of them

16 ¢яoωη Family

I love crown family because they know how to be humble and how to be nice to newbies. They even help each other in times of needs not only in the game situations but also in real life problems. I love crown family

Everyone in this Family has their own talents.. Such as Video Editing, Logo Editing, PhotoShops and Imaginations... They have an admin that is such a peacemaker.. I love this Family

Crown family is the best and they don't steal ideas and they are not mean to noobs some families are mean to noobs not like crown family and the member of crown family her name is... Nichole crown she gave me unlimited food in her house like uhmm 50+ foods she gave on her birthday in her house so please vote crown family VOTE WISELY XDD

17 STP Family
18 Cullén Fαmily

Cullen family is the best families... Why I'm talking that? Because the owner really nice to me...

19 Nikko Family

There so cool! I wish I was in it :( But I don't know to ask! Does anyone know?! Any way there really nice to. I wonder is it's easy to get in. Because there so awesome! I wish I knew someone that can help me But any way... THEY ROCK!

Nikko makes me happy.. They always work hard you know? Now nikko is top ten. Support nikko more

Awesome because kuro and shiro is also in it, jks jks, its aswome because everyone was nice to each otherr and they worked so hard for everybody!

20 Butter

The Butter family. They're not really that popular but I've seen them hose a lot events and they make comedy videos that are beyond hilarious. They love to just hang out on ameba pico and all of them have such amazing personalities and rooms! :D Vote for Butter because they are Better!

They're original unlike some other families who just work it out for fame. They are a family because in real life they are such good friends. They host awesome costume parties, I agree. :D Vote for Butter because they are Better!

The Butter family host such awesome events! I love their costume parties and their amazing fashion shows! They're really funny and can sometimes be a little perverted. They're really fun to hang out though ^_^

21 Ellize

Come on Ellize you can be the famous one Ellize you're the best one please vote Ellize guys I know Ellize is the3 GOOD FAMILY because I love Ellize so MUCH so we better too VOTE Ellize come on guys VOTE Ellize, Ellize is the best one just VOTE VOTE VOTE it now guys we will accept the new member if you like you can join Ellize too so keep vote Ellize now!

Ellize I know you are the best so guys, please VOTE Ellize :D don't just VOTE if famous so, GO and VOTE us now!

22 Ğ尺aηĎΣ Ŕoyal Ŧαⓜiレץ

Hi! I am myrtle Royal I think you should vote our family cause I really appreciate are family cause they are so friendly, cheerful, helpful and they are so supportive that's why I join the Grande Royal Family so please please vote for are family and have a nice day

The grande royal family is very kind to each other... Because they share their stories to everyone and they laugh together... I'm very enjoy to be a part of this awesome family...

Jen royal... Please. Vote for us... Tnx...

Hello guys! I'm Hikaru Royal and I think you should vote our family because it is the most popular! 1

23 Royal ๑Ḷἷἔɓἔ๑ Family

Liebe family has very kind members.

Royal Liebe Family Is the great!

Because they please me

24 Ŀαωρ ★ƒamily

Families the most unique and interesting to me, there has never been a family that also incorporated pico from otaku and anime lovers.. I like anime, so it will never regret to join in this family
Many events each day, members have never arrogant and always accord, if there is a definite admin loneliness is always there for its members..
Outstanding principal really..

The most nice family for me... There's the real family because Cici-Neesama always support me... Make me feel better every time I be with them
and there's always be an unique event by heart-sama, diamond-sama, and and spade-sama... It always so fun. :)

Love you Lawp'ers :D

Lawp Family is The Best! We always love animes!
Their Care of friends, and I Love this Family!
Please Vote for lawp Please ~
Lovely Anime With Pico!

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