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1 Cr1TiKaL

He is one of the first people I started watching on YouTube, and the reason I even discovered YouTube. He is funny, witty, sort of depressing because of his voice and yet very humble. He donates everything he makes on YouTube to charity but when he started a patreon page he amassed loads of followers and now he is getting $4,684 per month from donations alone. But despite all his fame and potential to make videos with other YouTubers, he is very down to earth and one of the most likeable people I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. And despite having over a million subscribers (which he hasn't even mentioned apart from a q&a he did once) he is still surprisingly unknown. But I'm sure he doesn't care. Long live cr1tikal, we all love you.

The best of the best. From the most random of comments to brilliant comments that would take us at least 10 minutes to think of, he can think of in a matter of seconds. He can think of things that can relate to the subject and add humor to it and put together the best possible work. I surely subscribed to him and so should you. His kind of humor and he still hasn't reached 1 million subs as of this post, but he is pushing 1 million. The funniest from him in my opinion is when he uses educated words and phrases to make sense of things and or completely make you laugh for at least an hour

Seriously, if you watch any one of his videos, you are guaranteed to subscribe. I've watched a lot of YouTube, and this guy is easily the most down to earth person on the platform. He's some form of genius, with a vocabulary so vast yet a mouth so profane. He never says filler words like "um", "like", or "you know". He talks so straightforward and monotonous, all the while cussing in between words you never heard of. Best comedian to ever live, and obviously beats everyone on the platform. His content is very balanced these days and he is raking in cash. However, he doesn't flex his house, which has been the same, normal looking house for years. He has a regular, mid to low end suv, rather than the Ferrari or Lambo he can easily afford. He donates an insane amount of money to people in need, showing just how humble he is. Just an all around great human being and role model, in addition to being the funniest person I've ever listened to. He really is unique.

I've watched all his videos, he was my inspiration to make a YouTube back when I made videos. He is by far the best and funniest commentator on YouTube, and he is so true to hisself and what he stands for, he donates all his profits from YouTube, and he still makes videos for the same reason he always has, because he loves it... He reads all his fans messages and comments, and he is just all out great. He deserves more recognition for his work on his videos, he's hilarious and he's by far the best commentator on YouTube.

2 PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (born October 24, 1989), better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian video producer, and commentary channel. He is best known for his Let's Play commentaries and Vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website for nearly 6 years, even though T-Series surpassed him and now has 240 million subscribers. As of March 2023, PewDiePie has over 111 million subscribers. more.

I think the main reason why so many people love Pewds is because you can just feel this really genuine love for his bros. He somehow makes me feel good about myself with his videos. I've never felt this with any other channel. I understand that some might not like him much because he has "stupid" humor, but I don't understand why people hate on him. He's just such a genuinely nice, caring person. He's got money and tons of fans because of YouTube, and he uses this to donate boatloads of money to charities. I also love his girlfriend, cutiepiemarzia. They are an adorable couple.

It seems like all the Robbaz and Critical (too lazy to spell his name) fans are disliking all comments that say anything positive about Pewds, so if you have a negative score, just ignore it. Pewdiepie is awesome and the amount of subscribers he has is way more than Critical and Robbaz combined. Do this list justice and bump Pewdiepie up, although I think Michael (RT) is in a great spot on the list (2 at the time of me typing this).

I think that PewDiePie should be first in this list, because he is amazing at all sorts of games, and whilst showing good strategy and ways to play the games, he is also entertaining about it, and I think to have both of those things is amazing talent! I watch his videos everyday and there isn't ever a video that I haven't liked. They range from 'indie' games to horror, and all sorts of other ones too, and he always considers his fans too, which is great of a YouTuber, and I just love him! *BROFIST! *

I love poods. I hope Mariza and him end up together. He's really funny and she's really sweet. I love Marzias Italian accent and Pewds reactions to horror or funny games. He makes me laugh in every video. I just rewatch some of my favorite videos from him when I had a bad they. They always work, especially the montages. As for Mariza, I love her sense of style, though it's better for her than me. I think she can make something stained with paint or ripped beautiful and the new trend. I know in the future she will be the same as Pewds, who almost has 30,000,000 subs. Mariza will make it, and Pewds will always be the lovable comedian

3 ChaoticMonki

I feel like Cry is a lot more emotionally invested and social with his fans. He's very intriguing and mysterious, what, with the whole no-face thing, but that adds to the reasons I love him and the fans. They don't care what his face looks like, the quality of the content is what matters. Cry makes everything funny in the right spots, not completely forced and ruining the moods; he knows when to shut up and let the game play itself out. Talking throughout the dialogue is a big pet peeve of mine and Cry makes sure not to do so. His humor is very funny and his own personal, non LP videos are hilarious (ex. A Love Song, by Cry and Happy Birthday Jacy! ) and he seems to be a wonderful person. Cry also knows when things need to stop and he will tell you if you need to knock it off. He's very wise in his own way and this intelligence vamps up his humor to a level his fans really seem to enjoy. Also, #boobies4cry. K thanks bye.

The way Cry gets absorbed in the games he plays is just wonderful. He doesn't care about making people laugh and doesn't plan for it. He just plays the games he enjoys playing and wants to transmit the story to his viewers. Still he's the funniest YouTube commentator I've come across. He's just being himself. He plays funny games he gets a good laugh out of but he also plays serious games that make him and his viewers cry. He doesn't show his face and doesn't use his real name so he's very easy to relate to. His jokes differ from all the other youtubers' I've seen because he doesn't have to force them. They just come naturally. Also his editing skills are great: he makes the funniest intros and outros I've ever watched.

Cry my spirit animal. I love the fact how much he invests emotionally into his games. He's hilarious but somehow it doesn't feel at all forced. His mysterious personality even makes it better. Through his let's plays, I could infer that he's a very caring person. And the best thing is, he isn't afraid of losing subscribers at all. He'll tell the fans when they are doing something ridiculous and tells them to stop. He jokes around with us fans as if we're friends on the livestream. Plus, he makes many points about how he isn't famous or perfect at all, he's flawed and just a guy playing video games.

Cry isn't just a YouTuber or a commentator to me. He's a friend, an idol, a savior to some. He connects with people in a certain way that amazes me. Although I don't know him personally, I feel as though I'm a friend, a brother, a sister, or family to him. He's unique in a way that "opens up my eyes" and makes me see the brighter side in things. He's funny, caring, and honest. He makes me smile on my hardest days, and I thank him for that.

Some like PewDiePie best, or SkyDoesMinecraft, but I feel like, although those people are great commentators, Cry(ChaoticMonki)connects with the games more. He actually cares for the characters in the games, and is concerned with every problem they face. He makes me fall in love with any game he's playing, and has morals and standards for himself and the people in-game. If a woman is being badly treated by a man, cry will put his 2 cents in the conversation. He is just an all around good guy, ya know? I really hope he wins, because he's ...more

4 VanossGaming Evan Fong, is a Canadian internet personality and video game commentator with 24 million subscribers. He is best known under his online pseudonym VanossGaming, where he posts montage-style videos on YouTube.

He's one of the best right know. A very funny YouTuber who knows how to make his videos stand out, you'll see how much effort he puts up in editing his videos because they're just all well thought off and well arranged to suit the peoples wants in a video. His skits are always funny and always gives a good mood at the start of the videos. The best thing I like about him is that his very humble and doesn't take all the credits, I mean he will always give his crew the credit they deserve because that's where most of his funny contents come from. If your looking for videos that will cheer you up and make you want to see more then watch VanossGaming.

I don't know why, but there is this strange appeal with Vanoss and his crew. They have the funniest and well-thought-out videos, and I think the fact that we are watching a group of friends just having some fun is what really makes it enjoyable to watch. Also, although he primarily plays open-world games, he knows how to mix it up, such as with his hide and seek videos, where he always has a different seeker as well as a different map, which livens up the content. I think that not only Vanoss, but also H2O Delirious, Daithi De Nogla, OhmWrecker, Moosnuckel, and Terminator should all be high on this list! Also, these guys: Jacksepticeye, BryceMcQuaid, and Cartoonz.

He has been my all time favorite for years. When I first found out about him I watched one video and was craving more so I went all the way to the beginning and started from the bottom now I'm constantly on the edge of my seat patiently waiting for a new video. His videos and his crew make me so happy and distracts me from my troubles and there are some days I would just want to hug him and thank him for making me laugh on my toughest days. We Love you Evan Fong

Vanoss not only likes to make his viewers laugh but he also likes entertain them. With his amazing video editing skills one can appreciate the time and devotion he gives to his subscribers and views. Playing with his friends, Vanoss is able to produce funny contents that are will make any viewer laugh and be entertained.

5 Robbaz

This man is truly a god among men. Hailing from Sweden, claiming that he's the "King of Sweden" and that he is a Viking already places Robbaz, or Robert, on this list. However, his videos can be compared to Cr1TiKaL's except with more emotion, and more serious gameplay rather than goofing around. Similiar to Cr1TiKaL, he says random things suddenly and also loves nipples.

Robert, or Robbaz as we know him is a true inspiration of what commentating on games should be about. He's a nice person that can be serius but at the same time funny. Iv'e watched his videos awhile and I belive he's truly underrated. Commentating should be either fun or serius or those thing's combined together ( which Robbaz brings us ). He should be one of the most subscribed channel's on YouTube along with SeaNanners and other great people.

Robbaz deserves to be Number One! He is hilarious, with a great accent, and a certain lack of serious seriousness that makes him even more funny, while also keeping it real and improving himself in his videos, rather than changing with the flow of the (Unoriginal & Boring) other Youtube Channels.

When a man drags people into his basement in The Sims 3 to be murdered in isolated cells, or builds an Amusement Park with the title "Valhalla" (The Heaven of The True Nords) designed to kill anyone who enters in RollerCoaster Tycoon... You know you have a recipe that can't go wrong. This is Robbaz, King of Sweden.

6 UberHaxorNova

Even though he has 3 million subscribers and isn't know by many, he is my #1 favorite YouTuber of all time. Some of his best game series and playthroughs are Grand Theft Auto 5 Online, Stop it Slender, Happy Wheels, and Minecraft. Sadly his channel grows extremely slow. He deserves many more subscribers because of the hard work he puts into his videos. P.S: He also has one of the best laughs out of everyone on YouTube.

Due to me watching hundreds of his videos and also many other commentator's videos, I have to say Nova is by far the funniest. On top of that, he is in a group called The Creatures which I enjoy watching all of them as well. It just makes him that much better when he is with them. Crude humor+immaturity=100% awesomeness.

While he isn't a hacker, he has managed to hack into my brain and make me ROFL with his "Happy Wheel" series on YouTube. His tendency to fail and to rage at video games, and explore weird places and scenarios in video games, makes him the hilarious, doing Let's Play's of scary games, children's games (Barbie included), and Minecraft.

By far the best YouTuber on YouTube. Been watching him for 5 years and still am to this day. He didn't get popular through "click bait" like pewdiepie. His videos were so funny millions of people have realized and have subscribed to him. I owe him for the years of laughter he gave me.

7 Michael Jones

Ah Michael, will you ever win? Mainly, he is well known for his "Rage Quit" series from Achievement Hunter. In this series, he "plays extremeley hard video games until he has an aneurizm and we have to call an ambulance" says Geoff Ramsey, voice of Grif in RvB. If you want insane rage, swearing, and failure, here's the place to look.

He never has a bad video, one of my favorite people on youtube. Even the stuff he did before rage quit was fantastic.

Michaal is hilarious in his Rage Quit series and the Lets Plays also the Things they Do. Him and Gavin make the perfect duo.

God, I love Michael's content! He's honestly one of the funniest let's players on YouTube!


The Angry Video Game Nerd, aka James Rolfe, is a character who plays not hard but very poor video games, either in quality or design, and proceeds to go on twenty-minute rants on how the game is completely broken. AVGN tends to use ridiculous metaphors for things he would rather do than play a certain game, such as having a buffalo defecate into his ears. Enough said. (NOTICE: CURRENTLY ON HIATUS TO PRODUCE AN AVGN MOVIE)

His videos are so funny and well crafted.

He was the one who started it all.

He's the original YouTube gamer.

9 TobyGames

Toby is 100% NOT a gamer but he's going to try his hardest. He pics hard and scary games, puts them on different difficulties and then dissolves in the carnage. It's common to hear "I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead" shrilly while running from some monster. Some of his great ones are Dead Space 2 and Amnesia, especially Amnesia where he's so afraid that he shrieks every few minutes. However he's also endearing playing Minecraft running from creepers, creating strange 2 person conversations with himself based on the background music or singing songs about Diamond Swords and Safety Torches. Or how he always talks to the female leads in any game "What you doing girl? " "How you doing? "

He's easily the most fun not serious gamer on YouTube.

Bro, he is better than PewDiePie and his little 9 year old army, because most of HIS viewers/subscribers are immature six year olds who like swearing at the top of their lungs. TobyGames is the best because he says jokes that are hard for little toddlers/kids to understand, drawing the kids closer to PewDiePie, while the teens are laughing at everything that TobyGames says. I had a fever of 102.2 degrees fahrenheit, and when I started watching TobyGames, I felt better. His jokes make me laugh so hard that my mom always asks "What's so funny? " or "Are you ok? ". Unlike PewDiePie, TobyGames (Toby Turner) has been on T.V., on an annoyingly funny show called "The Annoying Orange". PewDiePie only has YouTube going for him, while Toby Turner has 2 or 3 YouTube channels, and is an actor.

I think TobyGames is the funniest of all YouTube gamers. When he does the Happy Wheels voices and freaks out playing Amnesia and Slender, it is the most Hilarmoose thing and sometimes can't stop laughing for several minutes. I don't understand why he is number 14 on this list.

My all-time favorite by far! Even though he lost some respect when he went on "Annoying Orange, " he's still the most original commentator to date! What's also nice is that he's child friendly, because he doesn't cuss (unless you count "God-Damnit" as a cuss word ). I love you Tobuscus!

10 MarkiplierGAME

I've been watching a lot more of Mark lately, and he started a new gameplay of Mist Survival. After doing some searching to find someone near as funny and personable to watch while I wait for Mark to upload again, I have found nobody; Markiplier is simply on of the funniest youtubers I've watched, and he makes a conscious effort to get to know his fans and allow his fans to know him. He shares what he's thinking about and give the viewers ways to reach him so they can talk. His humor isn't the only thing that makes his dialogue fun, however. He brings the games to life with many techniques, and I don't think he even realizes the utter joy that he brings people even on the most depressing days.

Mark should be no. 1 on this list. He is a funny guy and cares so much about his fans. He does tones of charity livestreams and has great friends who support him. He has helped lots of people including myself and my friend through the darkest of times. He is really sad right now because he isn't able to reach out to everyone in the Markiplite-Community. He wants to keep in touch with all 8million subs, but he knows he can't. But he isn't hiding this fact from us. He asked us to help him, to reach out to those who are in need, those people he can't reach out to. And there are so many people who want to help, who have gone through tough times with his help and want to give him something back. That's why I'm proud to be a Markiplite and hope you guys are too =)

Mark is the best. Not only are his video streams hilariously entertaining, but he's also sincere in the way that he tries to contact all of the millions of subscribers he has or has had, which is troubling to the point where he needs help helping others. If more people knew about Mark and his channel and if more people helped him accomplish the goal of reaching out to every subscriber, he should be in no doubt a better spot here and a more comfterable situation in his life

Mark is such a great person who never fails to make anyone smile. I have so much respect for him because he is always himself and genuinely cares about his fans. He has learned to ignore the haters and Laughs at people's rude comments. He has taught me to be myself, ignore the haters, it's good to laugh at yourself, and to show your friends and family you care about them. He is a great role model for all people out there

The Contenders
11 SmoshGames
12 Chris Smoove

He's #2 for me behind Cr1TiKaL for me, even though his style is the polar opposite to the former. Great quotes and a soft style really encompass the "smoove" mood.

He is one of the best gaming commentator I've ever seen. He is so hilarious, funny and has trademark catchphrases and autotune which makes his videos even funnier

Funny and not really a pro gamer. Yeah he's good but he'll call out noob moves on himself. Chris Smoove is making all the moves... Hahaaa. He's just a funny guy to listen to.

Very funny and creative with his videos and catchphrases, and uses autotune well SPLASH!

13 CinnamonToastKen
14 Jacksepticeye Seán William McLoughlin, born February 7, 1990, better known by his online pseudonym Jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube personality, known primarily for his comedic Let's Play series and vlogs. His most popular series include Happy Wheels, Five Nights at Freddy''s and Fortnite.

Is there a more genuine and honest lets player on YouTube? I submit that there is not. Upbeat, relatable, hilarious and diverse, he is also in possession of possibly the kindest YouTube community of fans in his or any genre. Opinions are tolerated even when they differ among his fans and haters/trolls are ignored or kindly asked to leave that garbage at the door. Sean aka Jacksepticeye is a daily must-watch.

He's certainly 'my' #1 YT personality: A funny, genuine, and all-around nice guy. (Who also happens to be every bit as dedicated to his followers as they are to him.)

I might add that he appeals to a very wide age demographic, and not only the preteen/teen crowd. My family, alone, boasts a 29 year-old (myself), a 36 year-old, and a 60 year-old who enjoy his work. In my case, looking forward to his videos when I get home from work is part of what gets me through the day.

I'm not a video game person, and I never understood why people would 'watch' someone else play. Until Jacksepticeye.

Jack is one of the few people that, although changing, can stay in touch with who he is and why he's on the channel. He makes sure that he himself loves his videos so that he never gets bored. He hilarious and in my opinion deserves at least #3 on this list. He's so inspirational and kind hearted. He's talked about suicide and how you shouldn't do it (Unlike most YouTubers) and he's just a great funny guy

He's the funniest YouTuber I know of, I used to watch a lot of Pewds, but his humour has gotten a bit too childish for my liking. I think Jack will gradually gain subscribers faster and faster as he is already doing, he's already at 5.1 million subs and his channel is fairly new

15 AzuriteReaction

This guy is really underrated. Also known as Desmond, Azuritereaction has some really great videos and commentaries on YouTube about games he plays, tended to rage in various occasions. Some of his series include Happy Wheels, and Facade.

Plays some of the rarest games and has one of the rarest senses of humor. You can tell he's a great guy.

His content is extreamly unique, with games ranging from LSD Dream Emulator, Facade and even strange indi games.

16 CaptainSparklez

Captainsparklez is the best commentator ever! He makes the best minecraft videos! I would recommend his minecraft survival series. Although if you want to watch his skyblock series skip the first three episodes.

Great music videos, hilarious, survival games also meet other minecraft commentators like antvenom, syndicate project just name a few. He is the second minecraft commentator views

One of the best Minecraft YouTubers of all time he is awesome and hardly ever swears


He's has great commentary and makes the best Minecraft video. His Modded Survival series are the best. He also play Gmod with other YouTubers such as Dlive, Seannaners, Gassy Mexican etc.

17 Nostalgia Critic Nostalgia Critic is an American web series created, written, edited, directed and performed by Doug Walker.

Basically, the AVGN of horrible movies. The only major difference is that he tends to parody the movies rather than straight rant on them, but he does that to. If you have seen AVGN, you need to see Nostalgia Critic, especially since they are semi-partners.

The Nostalgia Critic almost in number 20,... yeah, alright, fine I'm fine.

18 Chuggaaconroy Emiliano "Emile" Rodolfo Rosales-Birou, also known as Emile Rosales and best known as Chuggaaconroy, is an American internet personality and prominent Let's Player.

I am surprised that no-one added this. He takes the cake when it comes to Let's Play commentary, and he's easily able to hold his own and perhaps beat the top few guys on this list.

He's amazing when it comes to commentary and is really funny at times. He can make you laugh easily. Should be higher on the list!

He's better than Pewdiepie.
I like him, but I think Chuggaaconroy's better.

He should be a lot higher than this position!

19 PeanutButterGamer

I grew up with him. He makes amazing content still and is extremely underrated. One of the best Nintendo YouTubers you can find.

This guy is as funny as it gets. Skip his first few videos and you will be in video game heaven.

This dude is living proof that you don't need to curse to be funny.

Breath of the Wild hacking is hilarious! Peebs deserves much more credit!


Is definitely the best. His humor is more mature, but still lends itself some immature moments. He is primarily sarcastic, so some may not understand his humor. Best in the biz and definitely a diamond in the ruff among the crappy comentators such as Pewdiepie and markiplier
TLDR: watch him, he is a cool guy and funny if you are older than 6

I love this guys commentary. I saw his RE 5 series and I almost died laughing.

He is the best to ever do it.

Best in my opinion

21 Danny Gonzalez

Check out his videos on the Johnny Johnny channel, and Greg is the fastest growing army on the internet. (don't look that up) He writes songs jokingly, ut they always turn out to be bops.

Greg is the fastest-growing fanbase on YouTube. Don't look that up.

I am truly Greg

22 JonTron Jonathan "Jon" Jafari, best known by his internet pseudonym JonTron, is an American comedian, reviewer, and internet personality.

One of the best gaming channels out there. There are only a few videos of his that aren't completely funny.

Skip his first four videos, along with the monkey song, and you will find pure comedy gold!

This man is the only reason I started using YouTube I have 1mill subs (imagine meowth saying that)

23 Achievement Hunter

These guys are hilarious especially Gavin.

The best type of chaos

24 Smosh Smosh is an American sketch comedy YouTube channel created by Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla. Anthony Padilla created a website called in 2002. He was later joined by his friend Ian Hecox.

One person wrote "Nice boobs, Anthony" as a comment
Smosh replied "Thank you! "
Need I say more?

25 KSIOlajidebt

KSIOlajideBT is unbeatable. He is hilarious and his reactions to his every loss on FIFA just makes me uncontrollable.

He is pretty hilarious in an angry sort of way.

He's the most funny user in YouTube, its impossible not to laught watching his videos. I love him laugh out loud. Just great

At the end of his Jeff the killer game play I literally couldn't stop laughing ohh my ass ohh

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