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1 Rachel

She is great; she is very smart, brutally honest when she wants to be, the kind of person who uses CORRECT GRAMMAR! And she is beautiful on a whole other scale! She is the kind of person I would hang out with and she has so much going for her in the future! I wish her the best of luck in her life and I wish her a lot of luck in college... I know how hard that is, take that luck and run with it Rachel because you'll be glad you did in the long run!

Honest, smart, awesome, beautiful, what else? Oh right. Awesome.
Rachel's the kind of person you will want to hang out with because of her personality, her killer good looks, and she's funny. I doubt anyone would get bored hanging out with her. Rachel = Fantastic.

She has smart opinions, she's downright honest, she's unique with her expressions, and God Damn it her face and voice just makes me go ballistic! What's not to like?

2 Lia Lia Marie Johnson is an American actress, singer and Internet personality notable for appearing in a various web series created by the Fine Brothers, including the Emmy-winning web series Kids React, and for her own vlogging and social media output.

Oh my god, I could goon for days about lia! To sum her up a stunning girl who is also extremley funny. Her smile is perfect as well as her amazing accent and laugh! She is never not positive and smoling so keep it up! I'm a huge fan of her individual youtube channel too, so check her out! I have always had a crush on you lia, and it seems to just get bigger every day! I watch the show because of you lia! Thank you beautiful good luck! P. S I'm 13 :L :) x

She gives Teens react something that no one else does. She is always the most noticeable on all episodes. Her positive and emotional feelings for each video is something that others cannot match. Teens/Kids react wouldn't be the same without her.

She's the most beautiful creature I've seen. I love her expressions so much...
I also love her pretty face and sometimes she makes want to come all the way to america to kiss her beautiful lips.
I guess I'am in LOVE!

3 Eric

He's so adorable, like really! I love him so much, like he's smart, and funny, and so cute! If I knew him in real life it would be amazing! Could someone tell me what his last name is so I can look him up on instagram?!

Every time he speaks I like him more than I did before! He is the coolest most awesome dude ever! He makes the funniest comments on Teens React, Alexis G. Zall's videos, and on Twitter! He's so cool that he even has a Doctor Who onesie! I wish I could meet him so bad!

He seems very unique and always has hilarious comments. He tends to be very light-hearted and looks at things with a humorous perspective, but also knows when to be serious.

4 Victor

He seems to be a very calm and independent man (someone you would want to chill out with). He also has an awesome sense of humor. He also has a sexy voice and is quite handsome/charismatic.

What is there to say, he's cute, love his voice and he seems like an all around good guy! Definitely my favorite. I just wish he was in more episodes!

He iChat's the sexist half smile and he's super built and strong and attractive and funny and seems so chill! He seems like a guy I want to be friends with I love him so much

5 Madison

She's incredibly beautiful, and consistently offers thoughtful and composed opinions. I also love her adorable jokes.

I love Madison there is literally not a single video where you do not see her smiling or laughing.

Madison is my favorite, she should be number one on this list! She's very pretty and sweet.

6 Adam

Adam is really cool person with awesome opinins. He even has a band that's really good. He's always funny and says the things that you always deep down want to say. He's just pretty cool if you asked me.

Adam is so great because he always answers the questions well and he can always make me laugh. I also like how he is a bit of a geek and the way he talks is really cool too.

The dude always makes me laugh. He always seems to be very touch with the internet and his comments are pretty hilarious most of the time.

7 Jeannie

Out of all the people, Jeannie is my favorite since day one. I have a serious girl crush on her. She's just so sweet, funny and lovable! She always has something interesting to say. I also love her unique fashion style.

She's so funny and nice, and I really love her laugh! Her eyes are so pretty, and she's really stylish, and has great taste in fashion, and whatnot.

It's so funny when she plays scary games, she always drops the headphones, scream or curse.

8 Tom

How can someone be so bloody adorable?! His the type of guy who you just feel like hugging all the time.._. Maybe I have a problem. And in all the scary game videos, the cuteness gets to this extreme level for him. His the funny nice type of person. Type of people always make me smile. Uh.. I guess I love you Tom?!

He is SO ADORABLE. And smart. Yeah. I be like *-* sad part is he'd be 20 soon and then he can't be in teens react anymore. Or maybe he is 20 already. I don't know. He seems so nice and all. Like aw. His 5 years older than me. Just saying'.

Ever since I first saw Tom on teens react, there was something about him that made me REALLY like him. He's really cute PLUS he has a good level of humour.

9 Tori

Best reactions to everything!
Always positive and smiling, can't even get deep in the don't laugh challenges.
She's also really smart and open to new experiences. Some reactors are there just for the video, but you can see that she's one that really absorbs the information that is given

There are no words I can explain how much I love her. Tori is the most beautiful girl I ever seen in my entire life and has the best personility. If I ever have the chance to ask her out I definitely would. And everyday I'm hoping one day I will run into her.

I would also love to be friends with her because she would be a good friend and she always makes me laugh. She is very unique and is honest about it which is the reason she is my favourite on the react channel.Tori is always so positive and I love that about her.

10 Kostas

Tom has an endearing quality to him, and he also always takes positive stances on every serious issue. He has a perfect character and seems to voice my thoughts while on the show. Also, he's intelligent in both his opinions and his gaming strategies.

He is really really funny and shares comments on videos that most people think. And he seems really smart, which I like. I am always interested in his comments.

He is seriously really cute and has a lot to offer to people and isn't boring and looks like he can hold a conversation.

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11 Ethan

Ethan has such an uplifting humor and he is always straight to the point, which I love. He is so cute, and one of the main reasons why I watch the show. He is impeccable with lots of implicity and the total opposite of a halfwit. Sorry I'm using such big words, I'm an honors student and a goody toosue.

Ethan is always so funny! He seems like a really cool person. I just love how he jokes about the topics and either way everyone can laugh about it. His facial expressions are hilarious!

I love how he is so blunt about stuff sometimes! And the afro... Gasp* so cute
He has the weirdest sense of humour, which for me is the funniest.

12 Ethan James

Totally dig his smile! And has anyone checked out his instagram.. Like I'm in love!

Ethan James is the cutest! Especially in the scary game react video's I just wanted to hug him

I love Ethan James because he onlike some doesn't have to put on the cool guy atitude but can just be himself!

13 Sam

He makes really good points that would really make you think.

Adorable and sassy! How could you not LOVE him?

He sometimes think of food!

14 Rumor

Rumor is the perfect example of quirky. She may no longer be on teens react but I can watch the videos she is in and smile. She is not afraid to be different in what she looks likes or in her her opinions. Over all making her the perfect roll model for girls everywhere.

Rumor is a sweet person. And she's very genuine. I wish I could be her friend in real life?! I believe she has a very open minded and positive personality.

I love Rumor. She's got contradicting characteristics. She's all "Vive La Femme" but then goes fan-girly with every other guy shown. Haha.

15 Devin

The Bronie and the Dad shooting the laptop were the episodes that made me a Devin fan!

So cute and adorable! He's really smart but not boring.

16 Seth

His smart. My personal favorite is Tom. But I think seth has awesome opinions. His like near my age so I love him. I wish we could meet and become friends.

He voice out his opinions properly and I love his reaction when he's scared or freaked out.. Plus he is a good looking fella to be honest

I voted for Tom because he's my favorite but I also really like Seth and Rachel because of their style and wit.

17 Brianna

She is really smart and insightful and seems to be quite dignified. She is usually the one who makes me watch Teens React.

She gives comments of good taste that have some thought behind them and is incredibly intelligent and beautiful.

She is really cute and just seems like an all-around sweetheart.

18 Alix

She's gorgeous and has amazing opinions on everything. And a Legend of Zelda shirt. And her tumblr is fantastic. And she has fantastic style and just she's perfect okay

She is very beautiful, has the best reaction, is very smart and you got to love that smile.

She is gorgeous... The most beautiful girl on the show. Plus I love it when she laughs.

19 Rebecca

Gorgeous sweet girly.. I just love her

Holy. This girl is really gorgeous!

She is so sweet and innocent!

20 Sydney

Sydney was really great. Plus, she's cute though. Liked her reaction so much.

Sydney you rule

21 Thomas
22 Chelsea

What is there to say about Chelsea expect I love her and differently my reacter out of all the different variation. I'd say she my future wife. Whenever I'm iffy about an episode I know once she pops up I know it's gonna be a good episode.

She is so cute and has a beautiful voice. Her opinions are in a very didactic way and she is always happy. I love the way she dresses and her expressions are unique.

She's not in the top 10? Hello? She's one of the cutest and smartest teens on the show!

23 Riley

She's really hot. I miss her on teens react.

24 Morgan

Full of lovely sarcasm and not to forget noticeably pretty.

She is so funny! I love her so much

She is the best and cutest!

25 Shant

Smart, calm and is in tune in what's happening in the videos he is shown. By the way, his suggestion on how to be good at Flappy Bird is priceless.

What I like about Shant is his intelligent and funny opinions. He is definitely one of the best teens in the show.

I think Shant should appear in more episodes because he is honest.

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