Top 10 Best YouTube Poop Videos

If you're not familiar with the world of YouTube Poop, let me give you a quick rundown. It's a style of video editing that takes existing footage, usually from TV shows or movies, and remixes it into something completely different. The result is a bizarre, surreal, and often gut-bustingly funny mashup of pop culture references, inside jokes, and random nonsense.

But not all YouTube Poops are created equal. Some are pure genius, while others are... well, let's just say they're not for everyone. Some of them are so bizarre and nonsensical that you'll be scratching your head wondering how anyone could have come up with such a thing. Others are so cleverly edited that they feel like an entirely new work of art.

But the best part of YouTube Poop is that it's truly a community effort. Anyone with a computer and a sense of humor can make a YouTube Poop, and some of the best ones have come from the most unlikely sources. So if you're a fan of weird, wild, and wacky internet humor, you're in for a treat.
The Top Ten
1 Weegee Forest
2 Spongebob and Patrick Sell Poop

This is one of the only decent YTPs that is on the top 10. It's not simply Spadinner, like the other top 10.


Spaghetti. Also, after I retire from the site, my main job is making YTPs.

4 Skellington's Revenge

Wow, a noob must be picking this list. The whole top ten is just ridiculous and boring. Spadinner! However, it actually has good creative sentence mixing with lines like, "Bad news, everyone. Our Halloween special is canceled!" "This is a machine that can shoot the president!" and "What do you want for Christmas? A new YouTube poop!"

It also has a well-developed storyline about Jack Skellington destroying Christmas with an evil robot Bugs Bunny, and it includes iconic cartoon characters from shows like Ed, Edd, n Eddy, SpongeBob SquarePants, and strangely, My Little Pony.

If you wasted your time reading this because you're a spadinner noob, too bad. If you're not a spadinner noob and didn't waste your time, thanks for reading. Please do me one last short favor by liking this comment if you agree.

5 Escape From HOH SIS

One year later, and you want the JOJ even more than the first time, right?

6 Donald Trumps Everything and Everyone

We need to improve Obama's hair.

7 Angry Grandpa Destroys The House Over Cookies
8 The Haunted Hotel of Weegee

Very good classic poop from the king of poops: Hurricoaster. Much better than Weegee Forest.

This YTP was good for its time. It's a good nostalgia poop. That's why I like it.

9 YTP - Michael Rosen Chocolate Cake
10 The King - Madanonymous
The Contenders
11 The Shrekoning
12 Obama Will Not Tolerate Children
13 Wow! It's Made

This should be higher. Why are all the spa-dinner poops at the top?

14 Link - Madanonymous
15 Weegee Stays at a Hotel
16 YTP - Let's Sing Along
17 The King colonizes Africa
18 The King Gets a Car

The vast majority of modern YouTube Poop videos have failed to make me laugh, mainly due to such superfluous randomness! We need more YTPs like this where the context of the video is focused on mainly one ridiculous idea! Ridiculous as in, unlocking creative potential to program edited videos so the characters - depending on what the material comprises - are depicted to execute unpredictable actions! Since when would anyone imagine medieval-style characters being so heavily exposed to the modern ways of living?

19 Donald Trump Loves ISIS
20 Gumball and Darwin spread the SimSimi virus
21 Ash's Island Adventure
22 The Sky had a Weegee

I like the YouTube poops that are funny and have little or no bad words, so I like this YouTube poop.

Squidward! The sky had a Pokemon from my cereal box!

This is an OG classic poop. You can't say that you're a fan of YTPs without having seen this at least once or twice.

23 YTP - Chowder and the Super Monkey Ball Tournament

The reason I watched this is because of Super Monkey Ball, but I liked the jokes.

24 Dicknuts: A Charlie Boner Dickmas
25 Dying To Lie
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