Top 10 Most Unintentionally Inappropriate Website URLs

Creating a domain name for a website is a very simple and creative thing to do. It’s always amazing to have a catchy slogan and name that will help sell your products.

However, these particular companies did not think it through, and have ended up with some of the most disastrous results.
The Top Ten

What it's actually called: Pen Island

This just seems really intentional, it's a name for a business that sells pens. We all know that adding an Island after "Pen" for its domain name would just make it sound wrong. How could you possibly mess that up?

This is enough to make me actually double check my websites' links before making them finalize. Don't wanna end up with a url name like this.

It called Penis Land it is probably a porn site with images of male genitalia or sex toys.


What it's actually called: Go Tahoe.
This website is used for finding a vacation in somewhere known as "Lake Tahoe".

This one also seems rather intentional, I don't get how you could mess it up. You could've just at least called it Go Lake Tahoe.


What it's actually called: Kids Exchange
Don't worry guys, this is definitely not what you think. This is a website that's used to exchange, buy and sell children's products, such as toys.


What it's actually called: Speed Of Art
This website is just mainly for looking at art. That's pretty much it.

Here's advice for everyone who's making a domain name, when do you NOT include the word "art"? After an "F" that is.

I bet there's actually someone out there who has a speedo fart kink...


What it's actually called: IT Scrap

This website is used solely on selling scraps off of IT products, like computers, and other digital technologies.
Well, using a domain like "Itscrap" is definitely not the way to go when it comes to advertising your business model!


What it's actually called: Mole Station Nursery
Located in a place called "Mole River" in Australia, comes a nursery with one of the most disturbing domain names in history.
Luckily for the company, the administrators and CEO managed to change the Domain name to simply "Mole River".


What it's actually called: Powergen Italia
Powergen is an electric company used for installing renewable energy stuff like solar panels, and micro grids.
The CEO of Powergen though it was a good idea to combine the company name with the Country of Origin (being Italy), but they obviously didn't think it through, and it only turned into a complete disaster.


What it's actually called: NY Canal
This resources helps you look for informations on some of the most beautiful canals in the STATE of New York.
Remember folks, this is NOT referring to New York City, but the state instead.


What it's actually called: American Scrap Metal
This websites mainly information about recycling scraps of metal, it's definitely not about taking a dump with metal.


What it's actually called: LA Drape
This company based on Los Angeles is pretty similar to Trivago, as it helps you find a place to vacation and look for the type of hotels you want in your preferred destination.
Although the website itself is pretty light-hearted, the domain is just dark.

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It honestly wouldn't surprise me if there were some musicians who referred to their guitars as he or she.

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