Top 10 Online Word Cloud Generators

Words are expressive but not every word can be framed to provide the perfect visual expression. If you are planning to create a stunning visual representation of text, a word cloud generator could be the right solution for you. It creates shapes using only words and represents it in the shape of the image chosen. There are many free yet sophisticated word cloud generators from which choosing the best one is not an easy task. However, you can try out all from the list and settle for the one best suited for you.
The Top Ten

It is a free and advanced word cloud generator, developed by the same team who developed inkXE. Although new in the market, it is quickly growing in popularity. It has become the go-to tool for teachers, students, bloggers, etc.

Some key features:

Type-in or copy paste text in the given field. Also, there is an option to add special symbols.
Selection graphics from the give option or upload your own image from your PC.
Set gap between each word
Set font family & maximum font size
Set image opacity
Set text rotation or alignment from the given options.

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This is one of the most feature-rich word cloud generators. It started out under the brand name Tagul and only recently it was rebranded as It creates tag clouds effortlessly and provides various options that users love.

Some key features:

It provides options to enter text manually as well as from a webpage URL
Option to remove words you don't want in the word cloud
Select word colors, Background colors, background images, rollover text color, rollover box color
share the word cloud on Facebook, Twitter, Google+

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It is yet another great tool used by an individual for both personal and commercial use. It is loved for its easy to use tools and simple functionalities. Like it lets you feed your own words or add website URL to extract words.

Some key features:

Set different fonts
Allow multiple shapes
Set background opacity
Adjust gaps between each word
Change word color
Save and share online on various social media platforms

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4 Tagxedo

Created by Hardy Leung, it is a robust and top-rated word cloud generator which is free of cost. It is popular to use famous speeches, slogans, theme etc to create a word cloud of popular celebrities. The words are auto-sized based on the frequency of the word in the input text.

Some key features:

Ability to grab text from multiple channels such as a blog, RSS feed, Twitter, Google search phrase etc.
Adjust font size
Set font family
Adjust text orientation
Create multiple shapes

5 WordItOut

It is a comparatively simple tool to create a word cloud based on the text entered. People use it to create scientific reports, learn a foreign language, create presentations and more.

Some key features:

Facilitates multiple color selection
Ignore words you don't want in the cloud
Adjust font size
Adjust layout
Browse a range of word cloud created by the community

6 Wordle

It once used to be the best word cloud generator and was the undefeated king of the word-cloud arena. But not it is facing some technical problems as it is not able to load on all browsers. The issue hasn't been fixed yet, making it unusable for most. Like other tools, it also enables you to copy/paste words as well as extract words from a URL.

Some key features:

Simply type in a bunch of words and click 'Go' to create your word cloud
Save your file in various image formats


The leader of kids educational game also provides a free word cloud generator. It is specially designed for parents and teachers to create a word cloud that can be used to educate kids. It generates simple word clouds with being too extensive or feature-reach as other online tools.

Some key features:

An engaging user interface to aid learning among kids
Edit existing word clouds
Apply word filters
Choose layouts
Set word limit
Manipulate word cloud in an intuitive manner

8 TagCrowd

It is a simple word cloud generator that creates word cloud in a horizontal block shape by default. It was created by Daniel Steinbock in the year of 2006 and has since been a free tool. Here, you can take words from a URL, upload file or simply copy paste your words in the given box.

Some key features:

Group similar words
Set words frequency
Save as PDF and other image formats
Set font size, cloud size, borders, background color etc.
Use the tilde (~) to keep words together, such as New York (New~York)

9 Tricklar

This is a unique word cloud generator designed for news analysts and news researchers. All you have to do it type-in news category, keyword, time and location to create a word cloud based on the recent and relevant news from other media sources.

Some key features:

Change font
Set word color
Set background color
Adjust word cloud shape

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