Top 10 Most Annoying Anti-SJW YouTube Channels

These channels are the most annoying anti-SJW channels because they bash the left and call all liberals SJWs, but give the right a pass as much as possible. Let's begin.
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1 Paul Joseph Watson

This guy is just insane! He's not quite as bad as his boss (Alex Jones), but he's still extremely dishonest. He seems to think all the world's problems are caused by lefteys who run the illuminati, and blames things that were not caused by sjws, on sjws.

He does have good points sometimes at least but unfortunately he is a huge jerk to those that disagree with him.

Go look at the likes of any generic anti-SJW, and you'll almost always find multiple videos from this guy.

He is pretentious, a liar and all he does is complain about how he hates modern culture just to be edgy.

2 Black Pigeon Speaks

This guy is hilarious. A white supremacist who is convinced that women are greatly inferior in terms of intelligence, and that they should not have the right to vote or make important decisions in general. Also, he lives in Japan despite being against legal immigration.

Stereotypical 4chan-style news reporting Alt-right, uses Pepe and the NPC meme in all the thumbnails long after they died, supports cancel culture, etc.

This guy thinks we should go back, to a Christian society, just because "it would mean we would have less sjws, and muslims! ".

Should be higher than Paul Joseph Watson. PJW is annoying but BPS is a racist and sexist. At least PJW isn't a bigot despite how annoying he is.

3 Sargon of Akkad Sargon of Akkad, also known as Sargon the Great, was the first ruler of the Akkadian Empire, known for his conquests of the Sumerian city-states in the 24th to 23rd centuries BC.He was the founder of the "Sargonic" or "Old Akkadian" dynasty, which ruled for about a century after his death until the Gutian conquest of Sumer.

This guy says he's a liberal, but that's kinda hard to believe, because all this guy does is talk about how sjws are bad, and tries to defend Donald Trump as much as he possibly can.

The only good thing he did was excel out the treacherous Anita Sarkessian and defend the MAGA hat kid from bullying, but other than that, he hates gays and lies about his political opinions by saying he's a leftist

So retarded I just laugh and also basically left in the wasteland by the anti sjw libs/left

4 Angry MGTOW

MGTOWs in general, fam.

Thank god I got out of that camp while I could!

5 Shoe0nHead

Although people see her as an anti-feminist, her views are incredibly similar to those of third-wave feminists and SJWs.

Her political views are quite confusing.

6 No Bulls**t

Dude is the biggest hypocrite on YouTube. He comments on athletic fitness being important and key to alpha males who succeed, but he's overweight and claims he's an alpha male. He's the worst debater I've ever seen, just resorting to name-calling, and it's hilarious how petty his concerns are (I.e. his Avengers: Infinity War SJW moments video was downright laughable in how idiotic it is). Epitome of the worst of anti-SJW content.

I'm a conservative who's against SJWs and even I hate this guy. He's annoying, dumb, hypocritical, petty and overreacts to little things. He also attacked YouTubers like Sh0e and Blaire White for no reason, and he even kept asking Sh0e personal questions about her relationship. He's extremely obnoxious. If a conservative version of an SJW ever existed, it's him

This guy's name is inaccurate. He sounds intellectual in his videos, but when you hear him really talk, you can immediately tell how stupid he is. He reminds me of why I don't like YouTube anymore.

This guy is definitely a racist. He was disrespectful toward Lilly Singh's culture and also calls non-white people in movies "token black" or "token Asian". He bodyshames others despite being morbidly obese.

7 The Amazing Atheist

This is guy is actually the most insane individual on the internet, and he doesn't even make up for it by being funny. He is also very obnoxious about the fact that he's an atheist.

I only really watch his old Justin Bieber videos, which were pretty funny.

He's an insane person.

8 Hunter Avallone

This guy is one of the worst political YouTubers of all time. When he was a conservative grifter, he was an unfunny tryhard ripoff of Steven Crowder who wasn't funny and had bad arguments. Now he's a leftist grifter and he's an unfunny tryhard ripoff of Vaush who isn't funny and has bad arguments. And he's a nasty person.

He needs to be number one! He thinks EVERYTHING is an SJW conspiracy to ruin everything. He makes conservatives look bad (I'm a libertarian), and he's such a smug prick.

Says liberals getting triggered over everything.
Posts videos ranting about liberals. Only calls out the liberals who are mentally insane.

He's an actual prick to everyone who doesn't think exactly the same way he does. He's brutally ignorant who doesn't know how to tell a good joke.

9 StevenCrowder

Aside from Crowder's blatant hipocrisy about SJWs(In that he criticizes them, but whenever someone disagrees with the bible, he flips), He is a huge racist(He has done extremely offensive impressions of Chinese and Latino people) and homophobe, which I should not even need to explain myself on, but you know what he said about Carlos Maza. He is also an egregious transphobe, calling gender re assignment for children Child Abuse.
Also I just cackle so hard that I choke, when he defends Christopher Columbus, who single handedly reduced the population of Haiti by 95%

This guy just like PJW, is also extremely dishonest. He straw maned Bill Nye The Science Guy, as an sjw, just because of the gender section of his new netflix show. He also made a video supporting conspiracy theories about the aids out brake of the 80s, and 90s. And makes extremely, fake, and biased videos, trying to make all left wing people look bad, and much more.

10 Lauren Southern

She is essentially the same kind of Muslim fundamentalists she claims to hate.

The typical dumb blonde. All she does is pander to the salt-right.

Who is that woman?

The Contenders
11 Candace Owens

Vile human being. No sense of empathy or reason in her at all. Just exists to spread hatred against minorities and collect a fat check doing so.

She thinks black people had it better the first 100 years after slavery, and that socialism was at fault. Like, socialism was never actually implemented in the US. Yes, MLK was a socialist, but was the government? NO! She needs to do better research next time

She's a black woman, there's nothing racist here, since anti-SJWs are against attacking whites.

She's gotta be the blackest person to think they're actually white.

12 The Armoured Skeptic

This guy used to mainly talk about extremist christians like what most of the skeptic community talked about, until around 2015 or 2016, but he sold out, and now only talks about sjws, and defends extreme right wing politics. He also jumped on the Bill Nye hate band wagon.

13 Blaire White
14 RageAfterStorm
15 H3H3 Productions

Ethan used to be a good anti-sjw but in one of his recent podcasts he said he doesn't think that John McCain is a hero because he supported some of Obama's policies.

Used to be Good, but now he sucks, because he's became a generic Anti-SJW.

16 Computing Forever

This guy actually makes pretty decent tech reviews, but he's become so conservative, that it's not even funny. It's now to the point where it's hard to watch all of his political videos. He honestly should of just stuck to making tech reviews.

As I said in my last comment, it's an artifact name, and it shows, no computing is done at all

He has no soul.

17 Chris Ray Gun

I have a conspiracy... He WAS the MAGA kid. Due to the media not wanting his name (ironic, as it shows conservatives win) and the likeness of conservatives, he actually was the maga kid of 2019.

This guy used to be decent, and just like sargon, he calls him self a liberal, but he only attacks sjws non-stop, and defends Donald Trump.

Does he even talk politics anymore?

18 The Golden One

Odenist who claims to love Sweden and Europe, but has an enormous hate to all the Freedoms of His Home and His Continent."

19 SomeBlackGuy
20 Stefan Molyneux

He's basically the conservative version of Steve Shives.

21 Aydin Paladin
22 Laci Green

Not an alt-right but a terrible alt-left, a few decades ago, seemed like yesterday, they played music videos and Beavis & Butthead instead of her indoctrinating propaganda, 1.4M idiots subscribed to her, clickbaits by making her video thumbnails look like alt-right yet the contents are alt-left, while she is slowly becoming less alt-left and more centrist, she hardly uploads anymore, making her perminately alt-left, most of her most recent videos are not political and sometimes inconsistent in leaning now instead of being alt-left, one video she says there are only 2 genders, another says woke feminism is A-OK! She's surely going for the better by pandering to both sides, but her older and most popular videos are no doubt alt-left with titles like "Let's Lose Virginity" (obviously a sarcastic title) "I'm Pansexual" (no member of the alt-right is pansexual) and "Fat Shame" (you know it), but overall, she is most famous for 7 years ago being a huge alt-left.

Laci?! She left the whole SJW thing behind, but I don't think she's gone full fledged anti SJW.

Wait but isn't she a feminist? She dates an anti-sjw?

23 Bearing

Voted no for gays, anybody with ever so slightly died hair (even cosplays) is automatically an SJW feminazi, "Greta Hates Boats" sounds like a funny YTP, but it's not, sadly. Spammed his keyboard with random letters with his "Inclusive Language Guide" parody, It seems like a parody video with SpongeBob music in the background and TTS narration, but it's not. Complained about Australian internet for censoring 4chan, which does a bunch of illegal stuff. There's more to the problems but for now, That's All Folks!

This guy chose to vote no on gay rights in his country, just because it would "cause people to arrested for expressing that they're against gay rights", which has been proven not very likely to happen in his country. This guy also seems to think that the right can do no wrong, and freaks out over anybody who remotely looks like an sjw.

Can't come up with good counter arguments in his response videos. All he does is attack.

24 Just a Robot

The only good thing was his character design, in fact, in the YouTube Contest 2017 (fake by the way), he won best character design, which made SJWs triggered. He does the same stuff over and over.

In one of his recent videos he made a video correcting Buzzfeeders even though these videos have been roasted a million times by other anti-sjws.

He's the only anti-SJW YouTuber who ships cartoon characters, and for that, I hate him.

25 The Dishonoured Wolf

A typical one. Hates recent Star Wars movies and complains about female characters not being feminine, but is not the worst.

He's sometimes annoying, But not all the time. He's not a bad YouTuber.

Typical anti-sjw and is also a furry.

He hates tomboys.

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