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It's January 10th as of the time I make this list, which means today is Butch Hartman's birthday. In case you all don't know, Butch Hartman is an American animator, director, writer, producer, actor and voice actor best known for creating the Nickelodeon cartoons The Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, T.U.F.F. Puppy and Bunsen Is a Beast. And since joining YouTube on August 8, 2015, Butch Hartman has been making several YouTube videos, most of them mainly him drawing characters pertaining to those from his own shows to other aspects of pop culture like comic books and even anime. So in commemoration of his 53rd birthday, I've decided to make a list of the best Butch Hartman YouTube videos. Feel free to vote and add to this list.
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1 Danny Phantom 10 Years Later

If there was one video that introduced me to Butch Hartman's YouTube channel, it would have to be this gem. You all probably knew I was going to put this at the top, and for good reason. It goes without saying that Danny Phantom is one of Hartman's most popular shows, and according to Hartman himself, he stated that Danny Phantom is arguably his most popular and acclaimed work.

Considering it was many years since Danny Phantom ended with its series finale Phantom Planet prior to this video, many Hart fans were left in excitement when Hartman drew Danny and the gang as if they were 10 years older than they were by the series's end. That 10 years later part is also a pretty good callback to The Ultimate Enemy where Danny has to stop his evil future self 10 years from a bad future.

Anyways, Hartman gets off to a pretty good start in this video, drawing different variations of Tucker, Sam, and Danny as if they were 10 years older. And I got to say, I love the designs he makes for each character! Whether it be Tucker being a tech-savvy drone pilot, Sam being a kickass mix of Lara Croft and Black Widow, or Danny Phantom becoming a good version of Dark Danny, Hartman's ideas are all creative. The possibilities are endless! Probably the best video Hartman ever made.

2 Danny Phantom 10 Years Later PART 3: GHOST ZONE EDITION!

It seems this list commemorating Butch Hartman's 53rd birthday has rewarded us with a gift from the heavens! Ladies and gentlemen, the day we thought would never come is finally here! Butch Hartman has now recently released the third installment in his Danny Phantom 10 Years Later series!

We've seen Tucker, Sam, and Danny aged 10 years later. We've seen Jazz, Jack, Maddie, Vlad, and Dani aged 10 years later. And now, we get to see all our favorite villains: Box Ghost, Ember, Skulker, and Dark Danny aged 10 years later in all their ghostly glory!

Whether the decade-long absence has taken a toll on their bodies or they look even more ghastly than ever, Hartman doesn't disappoint in this video. First off, he gets off to a good start on his creativity drawing the Box Ghost 10 years later as a tattered hulk to a cubic creation and eventually a haunting swamp ghoul.

After that, he comes and draws Ember 10 years later by initially drawing an overweight version of her reminiscent of her future counterpart from The Ultimate Enemy. Things get better when he draws her as a multi-armed musician capable of playing several instruments at once in an all-in-one package. She becomes music in ghost form, with musical notes as her tail to play along with, and finally her just rocking out like the punk she is.

Following Ember is Skulker, who in almost all of his drawings, is illustrated as a rather scrawny old-timer biker who's lost all his muscle tone. It gets better for him in his final drawing when he's shown to be a more broody and grim future counterpart of his past self, complete with a lost eye and a hook as his weapon.

And last but not least is Dark Danny! Here, Butch Hartman sparks his creativity once again by drawing a prototype final version of him having taken on Vlad's physical traits more prominently than Danny's. Then he has a Thanos-esque build, a cybernetic version of him as a cyborg acting as a hybrid between himself and the thermos... more

3 Danny Phantom 10 Years Later PART 2

Wanted more Danny Phantom 10 years later? Well, here you go! Butch Hartman gave us a sequel to his original Danny Phantom 10 Years Later video! And there's even more characters this time.

This time around, Hartman draws Jazz, Jack, Maddie, Vlad, and Dani aged 10 years later! And I got to say, based on the character drawings, it goes without saying 10 years must have really done a lot on the rest of the Fenton family and Vlad Plasmius himself.

First off, Jazz seems to have gotten quite a bit more tech-savvy a decade later, even going as far as to have a stationary gadget suit for her to monitor Team Phantom. As for Jack, like Hartman said, Jack just went full-on Cyborg 10 years later.

For Maddie, she sure seems to have gone Mad Max and has taken a liking to not just hunting down ghosts, but taming them as well. And remember when Vlad was left stranded in space and hit by the ectoranium asteroid? Imagine him 10 years later as a prisoner escapee really out to get revenge on Danny Phantom now!

And for the finale, we have Dani, who honestly looks pretty hot 10 years later, if you ask me! Another job well done, Hartman!

4 Danny Phantom Ghost Zone Secrets REVEALED!

I really enjoyed this one. The Ghost Zone filled with ectoplasmic energy has always been the coolest source in Danny Phantom. This video answered one of my questions, like how monstrous ghosts are formed with ectoplasm.

It also makes us more attached to Danny Phantom, as it shows other spaces in the Ghost Zone than we've seen in the show. I really, REALLY wish Nickelodeon would try to continue the series with Butch Hartman! Maybe we'll be able to see more high-level ghosts like Clockwork or just explore new vast refuge places and forests! I can't wait!

5 The Fairly OddParents Anime (Original Animation)

Move over, The SpongeBob SquarePants Anime! The Fairly OddParents Anime is the next big thing in the anime medium! In this epic fan-made action-packed anime battle, Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda go toe to toe with Mr. Crocker Dragon Ball-style!

Timmy and Mr. Crocker seem evenly matched as they clash together, fist to fist and elbow to elbow! But wait, what's this?! Mr. Crocker is transforming into his ear-to-his-neck and hunched-back form, complete with a deadly butterfly net! Thanks to Timmy's fairies, Timmy is able to take down Mr. Crocker shortly and have him transported back into non-anime reality, now faced with his angry mother!

Kuro the Artist, thank you for collaborating with Hartman for this one-of-a-kind FOP anime.

6 Anime Characters in the Fairly OddParents Style

It's official. Butch Hartman is an anime fan. And I LOVE IT. What makes this video really good is how he goes all out in drawing tons of anime characters ranging from those in the shonen genre to some from anime movies like My Neighbor Totoro and Ghost in the Shell.

Got to say, he's got some pretty good tastes in anime! From recent characters like Saitama from One Punch Man to old-fashioned classics like Goku from Dragon Ball, Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro, Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell, Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto, Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece, the Colossal Titan from Attack on Titan, and Speed Racer from Speed Racer, Butch Hartman is probably one of the few American animators I know who likes anime other than Genndy Tartakovsky.

To me, Butch Hartman seems to be into shonen anime the most, while Genndy Tartakovsky is into mecha anime. That said, this was a great video for both Hartman fans and anime fans alike.

7 Nicktoons Unite - Movie Trailer (ANIMATED Justice League Parody)

My only gripe is that he actually used a Nick Jr. character for a video meant to be centered around Nicktoons. I understand Dora can be seen as a Nicktoon, but she's more of a Nick Jr. character rather than a Nicktoons character. Other than that, this movie trailer parody was epic.

With the title being a callback to the Nicktoons Unite video game series and the entire trailer being a Nicktoons parody of Justice League (2017), the results are bound to be exhilarating. Surprisingly, Dora is actually really badass in this trailer parody! Here, she stars as Wonder Woman, while Timmy Turner is Batman, Danny Phantom is The Flash, Jimmy Neutron is Cyborg, and SpongeBob is Aquaman!

Whether you love Justice League (2017) or not, this was a pretty fun trailer parody nonetheless, pitting iconic Nickelodeon characters in the same situation as the members of Justice League. Along with Vlad Plasmius being added in as the main antagonist while Dudley is comic relief that either has you laughing your butt off or leaving you in complete annoyance, the entire trailer parody is fun, clever, silly, and action-packed all at the same time in one package of Nickelodeon greatness. Bet a lot of people would like a Nicktoons Unite movie more than Justice League (2017).

8 Anime Characters in the Fairly OddParents Style 2 (Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cowboy Bebop, Voltron & more!)

Yay, another anime characters in the Fairly OddParents Style video! And this time, it's with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Cowboy Bebop, Hunter x Hunter, Fairy Tail, Voltron, and Pokémon!

We got Jotaro Kujo having Jorgen von Strangle as a stand-in partner, Yugi Moto pulling out a duel card with Timmy's face on it, Spike Spiegel just doing his thing while Cosmo is being... a literal cowboy, Gon Freecs about to fish Cosmo and Wanda out of their fish bowl, Happy hanging out with... that accursed Sparky, Timmy and friends in a Voltron mech suit, and Ash Ketchum and Timmy holding their Poke Ball and Poof out to the camera respectively.

Wow, it only makes me want to know what Hartman will draw next! Maybe he can draw My Hero Academia characters in his third anime characters in the Fairly OddParents style video! How about characters from light novels, visual novels, and the Magical Girl genre?

Actually, considering Hartman's tastes and preferences, I don't think we'll be seeing that anytime soon. I mean, it'd be fun if he could draw someone like Kirito, Saber, Sailor Moon, or Madoka Kaname in the Fairly OddParents style, but I don't think Hartman is really the type of person to be interested in those series. Eh, we can only see what he has next in store for the future.

9 Drawing Danny Phantom characters as THE AVENGERS!

I haven't forgotten this one! Here, Butch Hartman draws Danny Phantom characters as the Avengers from Marvel. He starts by drawing Sam as The Wasp, which is honestly not bad, but I feel Sam fits more of the Black Widow persona.

Next, Tucker is drawn as Spider-Man. Again, not bad, but as one YouTube comment said, Tucker seems better suited as Iron Man since he's tech-savvy. Following Tucker is Jack Fenton as Captain America, which makes sense since Jack is full of American pride. Then comes Vlad Plasmius as Doctor Doom, and man, I am really digging Vlad in Doom's outfit.

After that comes probably my favorite of them all, Skulker as The Hulk. This makes the most sense since they're both huge brutes with green color schemes in one way or another. The final one is Danny as Iron Man. Again, Danny should have been Spider-Man, and Tucker should have been Iron Man. Regardless, this was another great video by Hartman and a fabulous representation of his love of comics.

10 Drawing Cuphead IN REAL LIFE (on *actual* cups)!

Dang, he's a fan of Cuphead as well?! This guy truly is a man of great taste!

The Contenders
11 100+ Cartoon Impressions IN 5 MINUTES!

He was awesome at doing Denzel and Rip.

12 Deadpool Invades Disney

Have you ever thought to yourself what would happen if Deadpool made random appearances in Disney movies? Well, Butch Hartman does just that in this video. It's kind of funny that now Disney owns most of Fox's entertainment properties, they own Deadpool too.

Deadpool is just a delight to see everywhere he pops up as he uses his greatest superpower to invade Disney universes: breaking the fourth wall. Stealing Mickey Mouse's spot as the boat captain of Steamboat Willie, replacing characters' scenes in movies like Frozen, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Aladdin, The Jungle Book, Lady and the Tramp, Zootopia, and The Lion King, Deadpool is the ultimate troll of Disney classics.

Want more Deadpool invasions? Check out the Christmas edition where he invades Christmas specials. Can't wait to see what's next in store for everyone's favorite fourth wall-breaking mercenary anti-hero!

13 Modern Cartoons in the Fairly OddParents Style
14 TUFF PUPPY characters as HUMANS
15 Overwatch Characters in the Fairly OddParents Style

Butch is a fan of video games as well as anime? Coolest guy right here!

16 Nintendo Characters in the Fairly OddParents Style

I like how he put Sonic in it, and he said that Sega is just Nintendo's cousin.


Hartman really does his research when it comes to animated media. He knows his cartoons and anime! A true man of culture!

18 Fairly OddParents DELETED SCENE

If there's anything the Fairly OddParents fandom and the general audience can agree on, it's that Channel Chasers was arguably the best Fairly OddParents TV special ever. Maybe even the best Fairly OddParents episode of all time.

But on top of it all, there was an incredible deleted scene originally meant to be in Channel Chasers but cut due to time constraints. A hidden gem, as said by Hartman himself, the deleted scene is just an all-around fantastic musical by Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda singing about the joys of television and channel surfing. The voice cast truly puts on a show with this one in this extended musical worthy of being live on TV, especially Tara Strong as Timmy Turner. She doesn't deserve the hate she gets on this website.

All in all, while it didn't make it into the final product, this was a great deleted scene to watch and listen to.

19 Unreleased Cartoon Network Pilot: DYNAMICE!
20 100 Layers of Cartoons (ft. Nicktoons: Fairly OddParents, Danny Phantom, TUFF PUPPY, & Bunsen)
21 NICKTOONS cosplay as NICKTOONS - Halloween 2016
22 Knock-Off Danny Phantom Characters (ft. Drawfee)
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