Top 10 Funniest SuperMarioLogan (SML) Characters

If you're a fan of SuperMarioLogan (SML), then you know just how hilarious and entertaining the show can be. With its unique blend of crude humor and silly antics, SML has amassed a massive following of fans who eagerly tune in to watch the latest adventures of their favorite characters.

And when it comes to funny characters, SML has no shortage of them. From the zany antics of Mario and his friends to the misadventures of Bowser and his minions, there's always someone causing chaos and making us laugh.
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1 Jeffy

Jeffy is an idiot. All he does is bad things for no reason. He is so annoying that he swore at Mario. Ha, he deserves coal because he has been doing bad things for no reason. Ha, so funny that Mario told him that he is not allowed to play video games, so he is not allowed to play video games.

He is funny. However, he does curse often, as does everyone else. Logan should at least make him and everyone else not curse or make him family-friendly because his videos will get demonetized if he includes mature stuff in his videos.

2 Black Yoshi Black Yoshi is a deuteragonist of SuperMarioLogan. He is a stereotypical black gangster and one of Mario's friends.

Black Yoshi is, for some reason, the funniest character in the show. He's a stereotype who plays Call of Duty, drinks that purple Kool-Aid, and speaks in a ghetto manner. The weirdness in the guy is what makes it shockingly good.

It says something about "The WiFi is disconnected"! Favorite line from him.

3 Bowser Jr.

I love how Junior calls pigs, cows, whales, etc., "Cody's Mom". I actually hate when he says the sun is a planet. It's a star!

Even though Logan overuses him and Jeffy, I hate Jeffy, but I still like Junior, though.

4 Cody

His mom even makes it funnier because of how embarrassing Cody is when he does all that weird stuff.

5 Brooklyn T Guy

I like this guy so much! Favorite characters are Jeffy, Mama Luigi, Cody, and Brooklyn T Guy!

6 Charleyyy
7 Chef Pee Pee

My favorite SML character, he's so relatable.

8 Goodman

I love how he uses so much money on stupid things like taking a piss on the moon.

9 Shrek
10 Bowser
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11 Jackie Chu
12 Mama Luigi

I've seen a couple of SML's super old videos with Mama Luigi, and he instantly became one of my favorite characters. I need to watch more old-school SML. Too bad he died (I haven't watched that episode yet).

13 Doofy the Dragon
14 Drawing Jeffy
15 Craig the Devil
16 Mario
17 Toad
18 Tony The Tiger (Frosted Flakes)

Basically, Jeffy's precursor. Unlike Jeffy, he was actually a very funny character. Tony should be number 1 instead of Jeffy

19 Woody
20 Principal Steinbeck

The way he pronounces things, everything about him is both evil and funny. The best villain ever. If I was a character in SML (probably a Corrin/Kirby plush or something), I'd be both scared and laughing at the same time.

21 David Winkle
22 Joseph
23 Scooter
24 Judy Nutkiss
25 Tyrone Nutkiss
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