Top Ten Most Irritating Video Games


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1 Hogan's Alley

This is basically a game where you look at a person, and shoot him if you think he looks like a criminal. It is impossible because not all criminals look the same! - RalphBob

2 Super Meatboy V 1 Comment
3 Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

People lost them for a reason. - RalphBob

4 Frogger

It is very hard, and the sequel is better. - RalphBob

5 Frogger 2

This game is hard! Not as hard as Frogger One, but still difficult. - RalphBob

6 Toy Story Mania

The Labyrinth game is really hard! - RalphBob

7 SpongeBob's Boating Bash

Sometimes I need to get other people to help me do a level. - RalphBob

8 Contra

A hard game with bad graphics. - RalphBob

9 Hetalia
10 The Frycade On

The Contenders

11 Super Monkey Ball 2

All games in the series are irritating but this one stands out as the most aggravating game I have ever played.

12 Cat Mario
13 McKenzie & Co.

Kinda frustrating to play. - playstationfan66

14 Super Mario Galaxy
15 Super Mario Galaxy 2
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1. Hogan's Alley
2. Super Meatboy
3. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels



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