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Jackie Evancho. A singer who was known since her outstanding appearance in "America's Got Talent". Also known because of the outstanding number of votes she receives on many lists around The Top Tens! I'm doing this list to her in gratitude. She's responsible of my achievement of 100 votes on a list! And she has an angelic voice. Really. Perhaps the best female voice I've ever heard.

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1 Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

I vote this for the lovely creator of this list. - Britgirl

What a girl, I had never seen this type of talented girl.

Storybook tale like a David and Goliath. A little girl and the Music World. The Music World is gigantic with the most advanced technology and sound engineer's. Yet, this little girl cast her voice upon the giant not to kill it but to get it's attention. Here I am, down here!

My love ❤ since her day's back from the cave at two years old,till up to date,...The best voice ever! The one and only! Jackie Evancho!

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2 Lovers Lovers

Her blonde hair, blue eyes and her music. Wonderful.
Just like me, I Have Blonde hair and blue eyes and like her outstanding music. - Dreamformusic

The very first number at her very first professional concert, at Houston in February 2011.
She brought the house down with it, and has not stopped since!

Chilling rendition of this song.

Jackie's voice normally doesn't lend itself to a 'lets kill this' approach to singing (think Whitney, Barbara or Mariah), which is a good thing. But this is a powerful song, not unlike nessun dorma, that allows Jackie to stretch her chops a little. The results speak for themselves.

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3 Ave Maria

Jackie does 3 different songs, all named "Ave Maria", but each quite different, and each one amazing.

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4 What a Wonderful World What a Wonderful World

During Jackie's "Music of the Movies" concert DVD, she tells a charming story about how she chose this song because the Louis Armstrong version was her dad's favorite when he was a kid, and then he used to sing it to her when she was a baby. In live concerts she always dedicates this song to her dad.

I love the contrast between the Louis Armstrong version and Jackie's version; Mr. Armstrong gives a nostalgic view of an older person, looking back on his life, while Jackie gives a young view looking forward. Both are beautiful.

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5 Nella Fantasia Nella Fantasia

I am brought to tears every time I hear he sing this song... I cannot help it - she sings so beautifully.

Quite frankly, it's very difficult to rank any of her songs as I simply love them all equally. But, I've heard other professionals sing this particular song, and not one of these individuals are in Jackie's league...not even close. But, that's also true of any song. Jackie is my musical hero, and now I can't imagine my life without her amazingly beautiful voice.

My favorite. Check out her video on YT singing this song for Sharon Osbourne on "The View." Perfection. - BobG

6 Angel Angel

Oh my word! Did I cry on this song... Stunning!

7 The Rains of Castamere

This new release once again proves without a doubt Jackie Evancho is the voice of the 21st century.

From the Game of Thrones.
Jackie's version is so brooding and haunting!

8 O Holy Night O Holy Night

This Song is released in November 16, 2010 and it is best used of Christmas but still good in anytime in the year. Best song Created by Jackie Evancho. - Dreamformusic

Also check out the duet Jackie did with Vittorio Grigolo of this song. It is available on Grigolo's CD, along with the "Special Edition" of Jackie's "Awakening".

9 Think of Me

Once you hear Jackie sing this, you will never forget it. - BobG

From her upcoming album "Awakening".

Singing this on Americas got talent sept 10 2014

A new song she started performing on her tour that started in October 2016.

10 The Haunting

An original song, written by Jackie herself, and first performed in November, 2016 with a rock quartet backup band at the famous Joe's Pub in NYC.

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11 Imaginer Imaginer

Listening to jackie sing is like going to heaven without dying first.

Actually not a John Lennon cover but rather a special version of Lara Fabian's "Broken Vow" that Lara wrote the re-purposed French lyrics for Jackie. - myglaren

Actually not a John Lennon cover but rather a special version of Lara Fabian's "Broken Vow" that Lara wrote the re-purposed French lyrics for Jackie.

Cover of John Lennon's masterpiece, as she performed it for the United Nations children's rights conference on 11/20/14.

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12 Apocalypse

I love listening to Jackie Evancho singing this song, and I also like the you tube video that goes with it, she must have had fun doing it.

Now age 16, Jackie makes a strong foray into the "pop" music world.

She can do it all... In my honest opinion, she just does everything naturally!

Powerful, original... I love this new direction for Jackie Evancho!

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13 Once Upon a December

Jackie just keeps getting better and better and better. People are now finally appreciating the greatest soprano ever. Her genre is infinite.

Jackie began including this great song from the 1997 animated film "Anastasia" in her concerts starting in February of 2015.

14 The First Noel The First Noel
15 Think About Me V 1 Comment
16 When You Wish Upon a Star When You Wish Upon a Star

Odd statement by somebody, Bing Crosby never recorded this song. They must be confusing with with "Swinging on a Star".

Leigh Harline and Ned Washington wrote this song way back in 1940 for the movie Pinocchio, and amazingly it was sung by a cartoon bug named Jiminy Cricket, voiced by Cliff Edwards, and was the first Disney song to win an Oscar.

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17 Nessun Dorma Nessun Dorma

More than a performance, this was a triumph!

I had heard this song before, but it never registered until I heard it through the interpretive skills of a singer focused on the story and not on showing off. After listening to, and being greatly impressed with Pavarotti's execution, I still feel this song now belongs to Jackie.

Best-ever version of this song by a female.

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18 O Mio Babbino Caro O Mio Babbino Caro

I did'nt cry at my mother's funeral but I cry when I hear Jackie sing this song.

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19 Somewhere Over the Rainbow

When this legendary song was inducted into the "Songwriter's Hall Of Fame" as one of history's "Towering Songs", that organization chose Jackie to sing it at the presentation ceremony.

Jackie's incredible voice makes this song sweet, poignant & emotionally powerful, all at the same time.

Jackie's version was used to officially send this number into the Hall of Fame.

Simply beautiful, Jackie's voice soars with this lovely song.

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20 My Immortal

I love that song and even if I prefer the original, that cover is totally amazing. Jackie's voice is as great as Amy Lee's voice (the girl who sang the original). I wish they could collaborate one day because they have both one of the greatest voice ever. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

As with so very many, if not all, of her covers, this eclipses the original, good though it was. - myglaren

I like the original as well because it is what I am used to. Its really not a fair comparison, because the original has so many vocal effects and pitch corrections. Jackie is one of the few (the only? ) that does not record with autotune pitch correction.

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