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Jackie Evancho. A singer who was known since her outstanding appearance in "America's Got Talent". Also known because of the outstanding number of votes she receives on many lists around The Top Tens! I'm doing this list to her in gratitude. She's responsible of my achievement of 100 votes on a list! And she has an angelic voice. Really. Perhaps the best female voice I've ever heard.

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1 Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

I love the song. Jackie has teached me to be a young singer who. I am on my way to becoming a famous singer and Jackie Evancho has teached me to me who I am. Jackie has the voice of an angel. She is so talented. I am now making songs on the internet and hope some people like them. It has been my dream to be a famous singer from when I was 1 to now and she has teached me to be who I am. So thank you so much Jackie and I hope everyone loves the rest of your songs and all of mine. Jackie I am your biggest fan and you Jackie you are the best singer I have ever heard I love all of your songs. Thank you Jackie now I am 9 years old turning ten october 1st

I vote this for the lovely creator of this list. - Britgirl

Great job, Jackie.

I really like this one.

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2 Lovers

Her blonde hair, blue eyes and her music. Wonderful.
Just like me, I Have Blonde hair and blue eyes and like her outstanding music. - Dreamformusic

The very first number at her very first professional concert, at Houston in February 2011.
She brought the house down with it, and has not stopped since!

Chilling rendition of this song.

What passion and drama, from the angelic-voiced little girl who can portray the deep heartbreak she's never yet had to undergo herself

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3 What a Wonderful World

Worst song ever

I really love her version of this.

During Jackie's "Music of the Movies" concert DVD, she tells a charming story about how she chose this song because the Louis Armstrong version was her dad's favorite when he was a kid, and then he used to sing it to her when she was a baby. In live concerts she always dedicates this song to her dad.

I love the contrast between the Louis Armstrong version and Jackie's version; Mr. Armstrong gives a nostalgic view of an older person, looking back on his life, while Jackie gives a young view looking forward. Both are beautiful.

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4 Ave Maria

Jackie does 3 different songs, all named "Ave Maria", but each quite different, and each one amazing.

Either version, just stunning. - myglaren

Amazing voice and so young.

I said this many times"I'll will say it as many times as it takes, "Jackie can do any thing! she is an Angel 😇 Remember her singing believe," Just believe!

5 Nella Fantasia

I am brought to tears every time I hear he sing this song... I cannot help it - she sings so beautifully.

Jackie's version of this song was used in the 2018 Winter Olympics by German figure skater Nicole Schott for her short programs. Both routines are on Vimeo's website.

Quite frankly, it's very difficult to rank any of her songs as I simply love them all equally. But, I've heard other professionals sing this particular song, and not one of these individuals are in Jackie's league...not even close. But, that's also true of any song. Jackie is my musical hero, and now I can't imagine my life without her amazingly beautiful voice.

My favorite. Check out her video on YT singing this song for Sharon Osbourne on "The View." Perfection. - BobG

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6 Angel

Recorded at age 10, and her remarkable ability to convey strong emotions to an adult audience was as striking as her voice.

This never fails to get the tears flowing from an audience.

Great rendition of a great song.

Great song, but some little kid singing Sarah McLachlan’s very adult-themed tune about a drug-addict's nightmarish struggles with harsh unforgiving world? Very age inappropriate.

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7 The Rains of Castamere

This new release once again proves without a doubt Jackie Evancho is the voice of the 21st century.

From the Game of Thrones.
Jackie's version is so brooding and haunting!

8 O Holy Night

This Song is released in November 16, 2010 and it is best used of Christmas but still good in anytime in the year. Best song Created by Jackie Evancho. - Dreamformusic

Excellent singing brings the feeling of Christmas so beautifully, God bless you.

Also check out the duet Jackie did with Vittorio Grigolo of this song. It is available on Grigolo's CD, along with the "Special Edition" of Jackie's "Awakening".

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9 Think of Me

So Amazing! And to think that she is still SO YOUNG!

Once you hear Jackie sing this, you will never forget it. - BobG

From her upcoming album "Awakening".

Singing this on Americas got talent sept 10 2014

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10 The Haunting

I love the fact that she wrote this one herself.

Her songwriting skill is improving every year.

Songwriting is just another facet of her talents. Hopefully she will do a lot more of it.

Excellent song

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11 Imaginer

This one is really nice

Listening to jackie sing is like going to heaven without dying first.

Actually not a John Lennon cover but rather a special version of Lara Fabian's "Broken Vow" that Lara wrote the re-purposed French lyrics for Jackie. - myglaren

Actually not a John Lennon cover but rather a special version of Lara Fabian's "Broken Vow" that Lara wrote the re-purposed French lyrics for Jackie.

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12 The First Noel UListen to Sample
13 Nessun Dorma

More than a performance, this was a triumph!

Best performance by a female soprano! Her finish brings tears. And as the song says,Jackie, you will win!

I had heard this song before, but it never registered until I heard it through the interpretive skills of a singer focused on the story and not on showing off. After listening to, and being greatly impressed with Pavarotti's execution, I still feel this song now belongs to Jackie.

Best-ever version of this song by a female.

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14 When You Wish Upon a Star

Odd statement by somebody, Bing Crosby never recorded this song. They must be confusing with with "Swinging on a Star".

Leigh Harline and Ned Washington wrote this song way back in 1940 for the movie Pinocchio, and amazingly it was sung by a cartoon bug named Jiminy Cricket, voiced by Cliff Edwards, and was the first Disney song to win an Oscar.

Bing Crosby song.

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15 Apocalypse

I love listening to Jackie Evancho singing this song, and I also like the you tube video that goes with it, she must have had fun doing it.

Now age 16, Jackie makes a strong foray into the "pop" music world.

She can do it all... In my honest opinion, she just does everything naturally!

Powerful, original... I love this new direction for Jackie Evancho!

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16 Once Upon a December

Jackie just keeps getting better and better and better. People are now finally appreciating the greatest soprano ever. Her genre is infinite.

Jackie began including this great song from the 1997 animated film "Anastasia" in her concerts starting in February of 2015.

17 O Mio Babbino Caro

I did'nt cry at my mother's funeral but I cry when I hear Jackie sing this song.

All I can say is Wow! Such a pure and beautiful voice.

''So impressive. WOW

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18 To Believe


Another great "Let's make the world better" song, this one written by her uncle, Matt Evancho. Jackie's sincere little prayer in the middle brings tears every time!

I love all her songs, but this one reached my soul down deep.

She's fabulous

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19 Think About Me

Heard her do this song live in a concert. It is her best song since Lovers. Certainly her best Pop song. For some reason it wasn't on her new 'Two Hearts' album. They said some songs weren't cleared for the album. Possibly it was because of the political fallout when Jackie agreed to sing for Trumps' inauguration. Maybe Jackie only co-wrote this one and someone else involved wouldn't release their rights to punish Jackie. What a terrible tragedy. She is phenomenal singing this.

Not to be confused with "Think of Me".
This is a new original song [though not written by Jackie] that she has started doing for her new 2016 concert tour.

20 Somewhere Over the Rainbow

When this legendary song was inducted into the "Songwriter's Hall Of Fame" as one of history's "Towering Songs", that organization chose Jackie to sing it at the presentation ceremony.

Jackie's incredible voice makes this song sweet, poignant & emotionally powerful, all at the same time.

Jackie's version was used to officially send this number into the Hall of Fame.

Simply beautiful, Jackie's voice soars with this lovely song.

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21 Attesa

The most fantastic, perfect example of Perfection. Jackie Evancho. - Buggy01

She has attained yet another level with this one.

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22 Somewhere

Her 2019 rendition from the album "The Debut" is spectacular.

As performed on the lawn of the United States Capitol at the "National Memorial Day Concert".

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23 My Immortal

I love that song and even if I prefer the original, that cover is totally amazing. Jackie's voice is as great as Amy Lee's voice (the girl who sang the original). I wish they could collaborate one day because they have both one of the greatest voice ever. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

As with so very many, if not all, of her covers, this eclipses the original, good though it was. - myglaren

I like the original as well because it is what I am used to. Its really not a fair comparison, because the original has so many vocal effects and pitch corrections. Jackie is one of the few (the only? ) that does not record with autotune pitch correction.

Amy Lee song.

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24 Say Something

Her 2019 duet on this number with The Sons of Serendip was amazing.

Yet again, the one by which all others will now be judged! - myglaren

Wonderful duet with Cheyenne Jackson on her PBS special "Awakening - In Concert" and on YouTube.

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26 Danny Boy

For me the best song ever sung by Jackie

Can anyone tell me where the CD for this version of Danny boy can be purchased. The best version I've ever heard..

Thanks! This was fun going through these "Jackie Evancho" songs and seeing how many I knew the artist that really did them.

An old classic that Jackie made even better.

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27 Bridge Over Troubled Water

Fantastic cover of a fantastic song.

Miss Evancho performed this only one time, at the "One Drop" charity event in 2013, in conjunction with Cirque Du Soleil.

Paulie and Artie are definitely smiling after hearing this.

I love her version of this song.

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29 Happy Christmas (War is Over)

Duet with "Acapella King" Peter Hollens on Peter's 2016 Christmas album.

30 All of the Stars

This should be higher. This song is beautiful! - PhoenixAura81

Just released. Another stepping-stone, another facet to the Jewel.

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31 Your Love [Once Upon a Time In the West]

I was surprised this one was way down here. Its in the top 5 in my opinion. There are only a handful that could even hit the notes cleanly and very few could do it effortlessly with perfect control and intonation. Which is probably why so few have attempted to record it.

There are those who may disagree but again, Jackie's rendition is now the definitive version of this beautiful song. - myglaren

The bit where she changes key and repeats the words with added depth is just sublime. It makes me shiver.

32 Someday at Christmas

Performed on the America's Got Talent "Christmas Special".

Ich bin einfach nur gespannt.

33 A Thousand Years

Performed as a duet as a special guest star with Fernando Varela during his "Coming Home" T.V. concert special, recorded in November 2016.

34 Mi Mancherai

Listening to this glorious performance makes me believe that humanity is worth saving. If Jackie can create such beauty, can't we at least try to be better people?

Heartbreakingly packed with emotion. Jackie's is the new definitive version of this song, as are so many of the songs she takes to her heart. - myglaren

In my opinion Jackie's performance of this on DWMIC was the greatest ever performance of any song by any artist ever! I'm staggered it's so low in this poll. Just remind yourselves again fellow fans and come back and vote for it!

35 Vocalise

This must have been one of the hardest songs for her to learn. To learn a song from memory, the words help to cue you to what comes next. Having no lyrics she had to just learn the melody completely rote since she's said she can't read music.

They said she would never be able to sing this, but she did and made a masterpiece of it. - myglaren

36 Coming Home, Pt. II
37 Memory UListen to Sample
38 The Lord's Prayer

This is the song that, when sung by that angelic young lady with that God-given voice of an angel, brings many people to tears of joy - even some non-religious people! Amazing
:-0 :-)

God's song.

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39 Go Time

Full of energy and just plain fun! - Trancas

Just released as a video clip for the clothing brand Justice, and Jackie's first foray into pop music with a major record label.

I'm listening to this right now. it's just plain fun to watch and to listen

40 Fix You

Cover of the Coldplay song.

Another new addition to her 2016 tour setlist.

41 Pie Jesu UListen to Sample
42 My Heart Will Go On

I'd always thought this song was mostly wishful thinking, until I heard YOU sing it Memorial Day, Jackie, like an angel of hope, consolation, and love!

As performed on May 25, 2014 on PBS-T.V. 's National Memorial Day Concert.
The perfect tribute to our fallen heroes.

I think see sang this song better than Celine dion... This song deserves a better place than this... at least in top 10

Just fantastic, I love it.

She kills this song, I cry every time.

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43 Time to Say Goodbye/Con Te Partiro

The second appearance on "America's Got Talent", which proved she was not lip-synching, and the duet in St. Petersburg with SumiJo were both amazing performances.

Her duet with Andrea Bocelli during their concert in Thailand topped them all!

44 Moon Over the Ruined Castle

AKA "Moon Over The Ruined Castle".
Sung in Japanese, and available in the US only as an Import on the Japanese release.

Sung in the original Japanese; according to many native speakers, her pronunciation was close to perfect.

Her Japanese is perfect, very beautiful.
She completely expresses a susceptible heart of this song.

AKA "Kojo No Tsuki" or 荒城の月

45 To Where You Are

The unrehearsed version of this in the café before performing with David Foster, completely off the cuff and a capella is outstanding.

The control that she has over her voice, especially at that age, defies credibility and puts to shame many far more experienced singers. - myglaren

46 Blank Space

Cover of Taylor Swift's pop song, as performed at Jackie's sold-out Las Vegas concert January 31, 2015.

47 Writing's On the Wall
48 America the Beautiful

Performed during her appearance on the "Wizards of Waverly Place" T.V. show.

49 La Vie En Rose - Jumaane Smith

Jackie's guest vocal on Jumaane Smith's album, performing this traditional French number is transcendent.

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50 Dark Waltz

The very best version of this song in my opinion. Filled with emotion and an unmatched depth and fluidity. - myglaren

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