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1 Hardknock
2 Unorthodox

Money ain't a thing, if I got it I won't spend. All I got is my pros, I don't need no friends. Feels like this glory road is comin' to an end, the only soul that won't sin. - TwJaGd

3 Waves
4 Paper Trail$

So dope

Best beat on B4DA$$ (DJ Premier), the lyrics are just chest pumping

5 Survival Tactics
6 World Domination
7 95 Til' Infinity
8 FromdaTomb$
9 Christ Conscious (Toroidal Flow)
10 Christ Conscious

The Contenders

11 Hazeus View
12 Temptations - Joey Bada$$
13 Land of the Free
14 Like Me
15 Killuminati
16 On & On On & On
17 Righteous Minds
18 Curry Chicken
19 No. 99
20 Black Beetles
21 Piece of Mind

Easily one of Joey's best songs on B4. The. $$

22 Pennyroyal
23 My Yout
24 Devastated
25 Big Dusty
26 Teach Me
27 Front & Center
28 Rockabye Baby
29 Legendary
30 Daily Routine
31 Killuminati Pt. 2

Amazing word play in this song, with a space theme.
"I am not the star? In fact I'm planet R,
F*** what the media write (Meteorite),
B**** this is a fire bar (Fire Ball).
Please don't leave your comment (Comet),
If you are not up to par,
No names, putting you in a verse (Universe),
That's too far, (Tufar = a planet in Star Wars).
Your mundane can't obtain, the knowledge of my brain."

32 Long Live Steelo
33 Snakes
34 Escape 120
35 Save the Children
36 Like Water
37 Belly of the Beast
38 O.C.B.
39 This Feelin

This song is from his mixtape, Rejex, which included many of the songs that didn't make it into 1999. However, this song had really stood out and showed that Joey could step out of his comfort zone and write a love song.

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1. Unorthodox
2. Waves
3. Hardknock
1. Hardknock
2. Christ Conscious (Toroidal Flow)
3. Unorthodox
1. Christ Conscious
2. Land of the Free
3. Temptations - Joey Bada$$

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