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The Top Ten Best Kim Hyun Joong Songs

1 Unbreakable

This song sure fills you with hype and even the video is fantastic. During the rap, the background music makes you feel you're reaching the climax of an epic. Listen to it between 3 normal songs and feel the adrenaline rush - vrfmlyanne

This song is so amazing.. it fills you with hype.. and the music video is awesome - MaryBelle

I really love this song... I'm from India... Kim hyun joong fighting...

I love this song so much

2 Break Down

The first time I listened to this song.. I fell in love with it - MaryBelle

Whenever I watch this video, I fall deeper in love... His dance moves... Man! He's awesome!

What a dance moves... Great music with awesome dance moves

I love this song...His dance moves and the way he rap...He's totally awesome.

3 Kiss Kiss

Just him saying "Kiss Kiss" a lot is enough to let me love the song - MaryBelle

I love Kim hyun joong so mich

Please kiss me dear, I am waiting for your kisses.

Listening to this makes me happy.

4 Imademo

Ima demo ofcors it's the song that drive me to kim hyun joong can't believe I'm addicted to Japanese song but it's really global track

I still love you too kimo and l'll support you to the rest of my life

I love this song so much!

Beatiful song, I feel it in my bones.

5 Gentleman

It's so cute.. and the suit he wore it when he performed the song was so god - MaryBelle

My favorite song from "Round 3"

What a nice song.

What a fun mooded song! Really loved it. The dance steps whoaa I loved it #khjforever

6 Because I'm Stupid

I always listen to this song when I'm sad. I don't understand the song though since I'm not Korean but it's beautiful. His voice is so beautiful!

I think that this is the best song in the whole BOF OST - MaryBelle

For those who don't understand Korean, must surely listen to this song with subtitles. The lyrics and the tune is actually great. I like both the versions, the original one as well as the acoustic, but the acoustic version's got more feel to it.
Someone said it was the best song from BOF. I totally agree with that person, the song won several awards for the best oat of the year - vrfmlyanne

Such a beautiful song I can't stop myself from listening the song repeatedly the whole day

7 Please Be Nice to Me

Love the video... Not sure if it is the official one but even if it is fanmade it is actually quite good

Yes please be nice to him.

You are so nice guy

Best song of khj no doubt

8 Let's Party

The colorful stage he used when he performed it was so awesome.. and the song is so addictive - MaryBelle

Suppose god asks me what u want I ask him in my next life I want to become Kim hyun joong wife

All I know he's hot.. Super cute... Smile

I love thist song,and dance,talented artist Kim Hyun Joong! - ZsuzsannaAndreaVarga

9 Marry Me

Marry me hyun joong!

Love his voice the music a round up of great talents.

I want marry u

I wana marry u Kim hyun joong

10 Cappuccino

I love this song sooo much.. and the music video is the best

This song is my sms ringtone...I love this song.

I love it & my frd also looks like you this is bhavana

My frd karimulla is also looking like u

The Contenders

11 When Today Passes

I like your all songs

This songs Just kill me.. (T-T) cap 23

La verdad todas me gustan, es una decisión difícil pero me inclino más por ésta ya que la letra tiene mucho sentimiento y con la interpretación de Kim Hyun Joong la hace sumamente especial.

12 Lucky Guy

Lucky guy - the chorus will actually make you feel like jumping high in the sky. And the video - seriously KHJ, is there a look that doesn't suit you? I saw his pics with blond hair and I was like " What has he done!?!? " but after I seeing the video I'm sure he got that name for a reason - a WALKING STATUE, with perfect features and nice songs. - vrfmlyanne

I like your style

When I'm down and blue, really bring back my joy

I wana marry u

13 Love Ya

I really like that song very much. How I wish to all his songs. Kim hyung joong figthing

Woaah this song move me

I want u &I wana kiss u

14 A Song Calling For You

Kim hyun joong fighting

Its really funny. I like the clip so much that i•••• Something

15 Unlimited

This is too much.

16 Heat

I Love this song,

No offense but I don't no dis kind of heat his singing of I wonder. Am not a Korean but I hope this heat is a good one. I hate what your tinkin of

17 Your Story

Too sad they are only 10 songs, I like allot all his song, especially 'I can't erase from my memory', 'like before' ' merry me ', 'i'm your man ', 'i'm yours' and so on

This song is equally beautiful and sad.. all of his songs are amazing

I love this song. It is already tattooed into my brains

My best song ever!

18 Please

This song is my one of my favorites.

I cry every time when I hear this beautiful song

I love this song

19 I'm Your Man

I love this,your always mine. Love you very much

Love this song very muchhh...

Dis is an amazing song... Love you hyun joong.. Sarangae

20 Hot Sun

More than sun your looking to hot

Hot sun hot sun maka you hot hyun joong!

21 Like Before

I Love all your songs. Very beautiful voice

22 Kimidake O Kesenakutte

Whenever I hear this song its like a Bell ringing in my heart..
No matter what I can't erase you from my memory..

23 Beauty Beauty

Beauty no wonder he's so handsome F four.

I love you sweet heart

Great rythme want to make you go wild and dancing all night.
Lol if I still could I would with this song.
Looking great khj.

24 One More Time

I like this song mush better in playful kiss.

It very very interesting and nice

This song moved me so mch, with his gentle voice

Lovely no. From Playful kiss. KHJ rocks

25 Thank You

Please listen to this song if you haven't! It's so beautiful. Almost like a balm! Loved the song since the first time I heard it! And please vote! Love you KHJ!

About this I got nothing to say.

Awsmmm song ever

This song is so unbelievable... I love the liric n the voice of KHJ in this song. Its like sing to someone who have a pure heart, say thanks just being be with even in the hurt n hard time...
I love this song...

26 I'm So Fortunate

A great song and very romantic


27 Smile
28 I'm Yours
29 Sometime

This song is so sad and heart touching! Must listen!

30 Save Today

I like all of Kim Hyun joong's songs buh I love

31 Do You Like That?

Beat song! I love it!

32 Love Like This

It is actually SS501's song but I'll include it in the list because it is my favorite...

33 You Are My Heaven

Actually SS501 song,
This sung is fun, nice to hear hyun joong's rap

34 Black Glasses

I don't know if it's the tittle of the song

35 Bye Bye
36 Yes I Will
37 Intro (Let Me Go)

I like kim hyun joong

38 U

Really nice song and want to listen more n more

39 His Habit

Simple song but AWESOME

40 Nothing On You
41 Want to Say

This is now my favorite song ever.. I keep repeating it over and over, his voice is so beautiful

This song is beautiful

42 Lotte Duty Free

Is the very best ever.

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