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1 Iori Yagami

His moves can stop anybody... Everybody

If he isn't your favorite there is something wrong with you

Iori combo is easy to use also his skill so cool

Lori defeat kyo terry bulu diamond k benimaru nikaidu shermie tizoc Joe Kim choi

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2 Kula Diamond

She is really fun to use and strong too.

Kula is my girl.. OH YEAH..

I love Kula Meow

I think kula's moves are easy to use

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3 K'

Honestly, he's really fun easy to play as, and in my opinion he beats Kyo and Ash on all fronts.

The alternate protagonist of KOF. - Allizdog

He is coolest and already undefeatable

Nothing is more fun than k',he is dark hero and attitude is the absolute best!

In my opinion k' is the greatest of k,o,f characters specially k' is greater than iori and kyo and all the bosses,but I think k,o,f needs to improve k',he should be the face character instead of iori&kyo or any other.I don't know that why jhoon noon misused a lot of episodes but he is ten times better than kim or andy

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4 Benimaru Nikaido

He has one of the best fighting style in the history of fighting games. It is so complete and fun to play with

Really easy to fight with benimaru.

2 words:
Cool hair and awesome attacks

My favorite

5 Terry Bogard

Terry and Ryo are the only fighters in the series who actually have fighting skills and not relay on their inherited super powers.. Terry defeated Ryo so he is definitely strongest

Terry Bogard, The Hero of Fatal Fury. He has his own fighting style. He was raised in the streets of the city and that made him so tough. He is better than Kyo Kusanagi ( the school boy ) and clones like K etc. and he has a winning streak as well.

The coolest player in the series and the most acessible. The original King of Fighters hero (Art of Fighting and it's sequels didn't take place during King of Fighters tournaments, but Fatal Fury and Fatal Fury 2 did. )

Terry is the loser and lazy and boring and dog and donkey and so dirty and. so very very weak

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6 Kyo Kusangi

What Kyo must be the most powerful character. At least he should be placed at the 2nd rank

He is the coolest character after k' and easy to make combos

He is the strongest character in the world and he beats iori in one second

Beaten iori numerous times

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7 Shermie Shermie

Interesting imagine and the most sexy/hot female character with an mysterious look

The most powerful female in KOF when she becomes orochi, also she is the most sexy of all the females!

8 Tizoc
9 Joe Higashi

One of the few characters that actually fights like a martial artist, not to mention that he very complete and has a great personality

He is a japanese guy that learns muay thai and hwa and king learns muay thai too

10 Kim Kaphwan

His moves are lightning fast and his style is different enough to be interesting

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11 Athena Asamiya

The character that has the most outfits of all fighting series. - Allizdog

Goddess Athena Is The Full Power Of Athena And She Can Defeate Anyone By Her Powers

12 Choi
13 Leona Leona

Leona's history and internal strife against her Orochi heritage has been a very unique and intriguing trait to see amongst other female characters in the series. The other characters know that Leona may be well-disciplined and reserved, but also very deadly.

She's got one of the coolest specials in the game.

A true war machine!

What Leona is the best!

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14 Sie Kensou

He deserves to be a mascot to share with Athena on psycho soldier and can learn new moves to make a good rival with Terry and kyo

Kensou even though he's strong, but dislikes training he is probably the most will powered and he won't stop until he's completedoing what he has done. He is probably the the 2 or 3 strongest charcter after terry (2nd) or after terry and iori (3rd).

Kensou has good attacks,could rival terry,kyo and lori and his popularity is off the hook. He could have rank 3rd and his powers are too much for athena. His power is like lui kang,but stronger

15 Mature

She's a hot babe!

16 Mai Shiranui Mai Shiranui

She's the perfect epitome of femme fatale!

Wow she is the most hottest and pretty female fighter

The female babe in the SNK Universe. - Allizdog

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17 Elisabeth Blanctorche Elisabeth Blanctorche

She has very unique skillset and very nice desing

18 Yuri Sakazaki Yuri Sakazaki

I love her, she's so funny and entertaining to use!

19 Rugal

Love him or hate him, but there's no such thing as luck, when you're facing Rugal. He's still awesome.

His moves have an answer for everything and a few unique statements as well.

This is my greatest player in I love him

Hey, ya'll listen the best of the bests is RUGAL BERNSTIEN. I love to play his combos,highly powerful kicks as much fun to play with this char:

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20 Chris

I love when he transforms into orochi because I love orochi! lol

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