Top Ten Kollegah and Favorite Collaboration Songs

Kollegah and Favorite are two German rappers. Kollegah is a gangsta rapper who is both popular and acclaimed for his highly complex lyricism, and has often been called the best writer in German hip hop. He became highly influential in the 2010s and released several chart topping albums. Favorite is an anarchic semi-horrorcore rapper who is known for his intentionally bad taste, politically incorrect humor. He doesn't have the huge god-like status Kollegah has but is still quite successful and has received mostly positive reviews over the years. May I say that I am a massive fan of both and think they are in the top league of German hip hop for different reasons. For a long time, both artists were signed to the independent hip hop label Selfmade Records (Kollegah from 2005 to 2015 and Favorite since 2005 and is still signed to it as I write this text), thus having had several collaboration tracks that despite their different styles work out pretty well. Most notably the two were part of the "Chronik" albums, samplers featuring artists from Selfmade Records. There are 3 of them as I write this, maybe there will be more in the future, but probably without Kollegah. Kollegah left the label on good terms, so more collaborations are possible in the future.

The Top Ten

1 Dampfwalze
2 Mittelfinger hoch
3 Weg nach oben
4 Shotgun (Selfmade RMX)
5 Selfmade Endbosse
6 Westdeutschlands Kings
7 Selfmade Kings
8 Sanduhr
9 Pyramide
10 Ghettoboyz

The Contenders

11 Bossrap
12 Nasatruppen
13 Jebiga
14 30
15 Selfmade Legenden
16 Shotgun
17 Kaputt Gemacht Kaputt Gemacht
18 Selfmade Legion
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