Top Ten Best Laura Marano Songs

I made this list because I love and support Laura Marano's passion for singing!

The Top Ten

1 Boombox

Great new single by her! Check it out!

It's the best song I've ever listened and I really don't wanna be the only one...

Great music video!

Laura's my BOOMBOX baby

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2 Parachute

Strong voice and beautiful lyrics!

3 La La
4 You Can Come to Me

Best Auslly duet and song from A&A!

5 Redial

A great and relatable friendship song!

6 Shine

Such a beautiful song!

7 The Me That You Don't See

One of her best!

I love all of her songs! But I can only choose one so I chose "The Me That You Don't See" - MyNguyen

8 Don't Look Down

Gives a positive message!

It's one of the best Austin & Ally songs!

9 Me and You
10 Me

So dopeee...!

The Contenders

11 Words

Although Laura's voice wasn't the best back then, it's still good.

12 Finally Me

A really inspiring song!

13 Dance Like Nobody's Watching

This is a very good song

14 I Love Christmas
15 Feels Like Home

That song is so brilliant! I saw her perform it today!

Oh! Amazing performance! She rocks the song! - MyNguyen

16 Play My Song
17 Unaware

Really beautiful, old song by her!

18 For the Ride
19 No Place Like Home
20 Me

Best song evah!

21 Let Me Cry

I love it!

22 F.E.O.U.
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