Top Ten Best Laura Marano Songs

I made this list because I love and support Laura Marano's passion for singing!

The Top Ten

1 Parachute Parachute

Strong voice and beautiful lyrics!

2 You Can Come to Me You Can Come to Me
3 Don't Look Down

It's one of the best Austin & Ally songs!

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4 Redial Redial

A great and relatable friendship song!

5 Boombox Boombox

Great new single by her! Check it out!

It's the best song I've ever listened and I really don't wanna be the only one...

D song is on no.13... please vote Its an amazing song & lot better than typical Disney songs above the list

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6 Words

Although Laura's voice wasn't the best back then, it's still good.

7 The Me That You Don't See The Me That You Don't See

I love all of her songs! But I can only choose one so I chose "The Me That You Don't See" - MyNguyen

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8 Finally Me

A really inspiring song!

9 I Love Christmas I Love Christmas
10 Me and You Me and You

The Contenders

11 Unaware

Really beautiful, old song by her!

12 Shine Shine

Such a beautiful song!

13 Feels Like Home

That song is so brilliant! I saw her perform it today!

Oh! Amazing performance! She rocks the song! - MyNguyen

14 Dance Like Nobody's Watching V 1 Comment
15 For the Ride
16 Play My Song
17 No Place Like Home
18 La La La La
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