Top Ten Laws You Would Create If You Ruled the World

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Allow Freedom of Religion Worldwide

God is the reason all things are possible and the freedom to follow the path he has set before us is our most important value of living life.

I am Jewish, anyone forcing you to follow certain unpleasant laws just because your a certain religion is racist! Also, people killing you just because you are a certain religion, like Hitler and Don Trump are racist! It is like I'm the Martin Luther king for religion!

This is extremely important, but the religious people need to respect the rights and liberties of another country such as taking of your burka so you can be identified by the police. I'm sorry, but that's my opinion.

Everyone has their own beliefs so you don't need to push them to side with you.

Ban Violence in Any Form, Punishable by Death

Banning violence and if someone hurts someone else sentence them to death because this innocent person shouldn’t have hurt them so hurting this person hurts there family so we should hurt them back.

I hate violence, you just shouldn’t do it and it has no place in this world. Punishable by death? Maybe that’s a little bit too far...

No, Never. Violence should be responded by violence and the people should be beaten up by bouncers or be lashed on the back 10,50, 100 or a 1000 times but death? No.
Only Murderers should be executed and in special cases, rest should be spared.

Any lethal murder, unless it's self defense, the convict dies. It's the only way to inspire fear and end crime. One of my major rules for my rulers hip.

A Group of People Check All Music to Make Sure It's Actually Good

It is illegal for bad singers to be played on the radio and the artist of dance monkey will be arrested for attempt to make people love to hear her screeching and she gets pulled off the radio!

I listen to both pop and rock music, and who cares if someone listens to Metal, Pop or EDM? Just let people listen to whatever they want without interfering with their lives.

If someone hates metal? They hate metal. Simple as that.

What If you said you liked Olly Murs One Direction Justin Bieber The Beatles Queen Coldplay.
So that's a bad law to make, people can like whatever they want old and new, a mixture.

This is above no bullying? Bullying is a hugr issue and you're more concerned about people's taste in music?

Require The Same Education Everywhere in the World

This means that the gov must take over education and that means that they have complete control over what is taught to each generation. Indoctrinating them in whatever they choose. We need diversity in order to reach the truth for which we are all searching.

Yes and there should be no grades.schools should be free and there should be a school for everyone depending on how they need to get taught, if they need more on on one then there is school for that, if people need a quiet school there is one for that, if people need a fast paces then there is school for that and more if people need it

It’s not fair that people miss out on learning because they can’t afford it or the don’t have enough supplies for it so it should be even and maybe even free around the world as well

Education is power and key to survival. Where education is lacking so is the growth and development of our people.

Allow North Koreans to Have Basic Rights

All North Koreans have basic rights, they can also leave their country or communicate with someone outside North Korea.

It’s not fair Koreans to get treated unfairly

North koreans don't need to watch executions, they can leave their country, and can say what they want about their government

No Bullying

Bullying kills our younger youth mentally, physically, and spiritually. We can not allow the future of our growing generation, to be hindered by such lack of parenting.

People can like a mixture of music if they want to they can like pop, bubblegum pop, rock music, punk rock, classical and relaxing like sounds of the sea.

Bullying sucks! I was bullied as a kid too... And it only made me feel left out...

Exactly. This rule needs to be created.

Eliminate Nukes and Chemical Weapons

Well if we don't vote this out well the whole world would be at war! Then the government would not be able to "evacuate" us since really it's not like we don't need are to breath.

We can never find peace with the future of mankind existence laying at the brink of disparity of another. If we all seek a betterment for our world and people, we shall sit at the table with weapons of love, peace, and prosperity not one's of destruction and death.

We would have a safer less harmless world

I don't wana die

Ban Religious Law

It is a infringement on Canadian rights.

I dunno what to say about this.

Ban Sex/Gender-Based Discrimination

It is not for one to pass judgment on another's actions and decisions in life. It is our duty for the love God showed us all, to be careful whom you turn away, for God won't remember you when you stand before him on judgment day.

Because people get really hurt by this and the might even commit suicide.

ban discrimination all together

Death Penalty for Intentional Homicide

This would free up the prisons and would probably cause less crime. Also we would pay less money to the prisons.

Yes so many people get killed this way but they just get prisoned for a few years.

Kill them for what the have done

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Tax the Rich to Pay for Universal Healthcare

if it wasn't for rich people then unemployment would be through the roof and the standard of living way down. The rich drive the economy. They buy fancy cars, build houses, remodle their home, buy all most of the stuff most of us make. It is becuase of the rich that people are able to bring a paycheck home to their families.
And as far as Universal health care, think of all the times the government screwd up and has taken advanage of people. It is far better to be independant of the government. I want to be responsible for my own health care.

Make Europe Give Back the Wealth They Took from Africa During Imperialism

The things nation's possessed through God's grace and mercy should not be taken by force. It was given unto them for keeping thee love and commandments 1st! By what right or authority did you deprive them of God's #1 principle and gift to his people?

Africa before europeans & americans came was peaceful and all that but then came the europeans and them and decided oh we are better we will take people as slaves and in replace u can have weapons and cigars and alcohol. The British government decided to start the apartheid if it weren't for Mandela lots of people would have died.

One thing I really wanna share with you, countries like europe or uk they rule all over the world now the time
every single human will eat them. next decade there will be african arabis and asian in europe or uk they looting all the countries with clever mind to became rich.

Wait, I'm from Europe and I didn't steal anything, but we do feel bad for the people in Africa who don't have as much wealth as us, so how is this possibly true?

Ban ISIS Flag, Confederate Flag and Nazi Flag

You may as well ban the Soviet Flag (hammer & sickle), LGBT flag (rainbow colours). Equal opportunities right? Point is history is history regardless of whether its good or bad.

Don't go banning history it never ends well. by the way the Confederate flag is not a symbol of slavery but of states' rights. It's a reminder to the Federal gov. that if they get tyrannical we're clocking out.

You can't really whitewash/gloss over/change history.

Nazi’s shouldn’t be happy the should be sad and miserable for what they did to them people

Outlaw Guns

As a TopTenner said, people who protect us, such as officers and soldiers, need guns. Also, criminals can still illegally get their hands on guns.

it is a bad idea, people are still able to get guns in countries that ban them, and then do crimes with the guns knowing that no one but the police would be able to stop them, I'd like to be able to protect myself

If you don't have an effective way to protect yourself then anyone that is stronger or more powerful can control you

Guns. Kill. People.

End Discrimination Against Young People
Tax Religious Organizations

I can't understand what this item says.

Freedom of religion?

This item doesn’t make any sense.

Yes, the church makes all this money and they don't pay any tax, then they ask for donations when they want to build stuff

Ban Political Parties

No I won't be a scummy dictator.

never ends well. the best result is when everyone can speak. It is then that we will find the truth

abolish the two party system

Ban Racism

Racism comes with consequences

This one is actually good.

Unless your name is Al Sharpton.

Freedom.. of speech

Legalize Marriage Equality
Tax Carbon and Ban Fossil Fuel Vehicles

The more fossil fuels we use them there will be NO more when we need it the most

All for it, can't just ban petrol though you need to wein society off it gradually or else nobody will have a car for a while

Ban Meat Consumption

That would be a law a PETA member would make if he/she ruled the world.

Butcher vegans to provide meat for everyone.

Yes causing global iron deficiency is a very good idea

I would assault on anyone who did that

Ban Horrid Henry

This thing has terrorised generations of young defenceless minds and must be stopped

What I liked this show years back.

I don't know why or who this person is..

Free Speech Does Not Protect Symbols of Hate

Freedom of speech represents a movement for equality and diversity. It can not be obtained through the constitution protecting such acts.

Make Education Optional

So you want to make learning necessary skills in life such as reading and writing optional? Good luck not being able to get a job if you become illiterate.

Yes! If you want to devote your entire life to a specific cause, you should be able to drop out whenever you want.

What a stupid idea. In the long term, that would only lead to people having a slight increase in their IQs.

I feel like kids don't need to go to school they should have a choice

Remove the Need for Passports

Passports, they are important or then how would we be able to track people or identify them. Th only thing that anyone can get a visa if he has his passport at the time of border crossing just by filling a form instantly

That's stupid

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