Top Ten Laws You Would Create If You Ruled the World


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1 Allow Freedom Of Religion Worldwide

Everyone has their own beliefs so you don't need to push them to side with you.

I am Jewish, anyone forcing you to follow certain unpleasant laws just because your a certain religion is racist! Also, people killing you just because you are a certain religion, like Hitler and Don Trump are racist! It is like I'm the Martin Luther king for religion!

Now that's not North Korea - Beckc

I'll allow it. Anyone who kills over religion dies. - Therandom

2 Banning Violence In Any Form, Punishable By Death

Not Punishable by DEATH. 2 Life sintices

Seriously? Even I think that is stupid. If you punch me, I can legally get you killed? - Cazaam

Isn't this too cruel a punishment for such a crime? And people can easily misuse that law (like false accusations).

No, Never. Violence should be responded by violence and the people should be beaten up by bouncers or be lashed on the back 10,50, 100 or a 1000 times but death? No.
Only Murderers should be executed and in special cases, rest should be spared. - yatharthb

3 Having A Group Of People Check All Music To Make Sure It's Actually Good

Nah, I would let anyone listen to whatever they want. Even if it's metal. - Luckys

What If you said you liked Olly Murs One Direction Justin Bieber The Beatles Queen Coldplay.
So that's a bad law to make, people can like whatever they want old and new, a mixture.

It's ridiculous to judge music in this way - pcn

Nicki, Bieber, and Pitbull would be banned. - Turkeyasylum

I agree why can't we have old music back I mean who do you like more Elvis Presley or Pitbull, pretty obvious - simpsondude

4 The Same Education Everywhere In The World

Yes and there should be no grades.schools should be free and there should be a school for everyone depending on how they need to get taught, if they need more on on one then there is school for that, if people need a quiet school there is one for that, if people need a fast paces then there is school for that and more if people need it

This would help indoctrination and authoritarianism to spread great plan.

Would start to level the playing field more than anything!

Come on be real yeah I know lets give everyone in the world a Eton or higher education costing hundreds of thousands a year also the majority of teachers aren't great I'm 11 and even I can see who ever made this is an idiot

5 Allow North Koreans to Have Basic Rights

All North Koreans have basic rights, they can also leave their country or communicate with someone outside North Korea. - yatharthb

North koreans don't need to watch executions, they can leave their country, and can say what they want about their government

6 No Bullying

People can like a mixture of music if they want to they can like pop, bubblegum pop, rock music, punk rock, classical and relaxing like sounds of the sea.

Bullying has taken many life’s. I believe it should be banned and anyone caught doing it should be sentenced.

Exactly. This rule needs to be created. - EpicJake

Bullying is hurtful and affects other people’s lives. It even lead to many suicides so of course. - JoeBoi

7 Ban Religious Law Like Sharia
8 Eliminate Nukes and Chemical Weapons

Genius - Opinionatedarsehole


9 Ban Sex/Gender-Based Discrimination
10 Cancel Big Brother

Big brother is a great show - Luckys

Add that Survivor crap to this list

I never seen big brother - EpicJake

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11 Make Europe Give Back The Wealth They Took From Africa During Imperialism

Africa before europeans & americans came was peaceful and all that but then came the europeans and them and decided oh we are better we will take people as slaves and in replace u can have weapons and cigars and alcohol. The British government decided to start the apartheid if it weren't for Mandela lots of people would have died.

Just remember life started in Africa, not some impossible to find garden with Angels guarding it.

Wait, I'm from Europe and I didn't steal anything, but we do feel bad for the people in Africa who don't have as much wealth as us, so how is this possibly true?

What about Asian countries like China and India? - yatharthb

12 Death Penalty for Intentional Homicide

hell ya

Yes so many people get killed this way but they just get prisoned for a few years.

13 Ban Any Form Of Political Parties

No I won't be a scummy dictator. - TeamRocket747

14 Outlaw Guns
15 Tax religions like alcohol and tobacco

Yes, the church makes all this money and they don't pay any tax, then they ask for donations when they want to build stuff - LiteralCringe

This item doesn’t make any sense. - JoeBoi

16 Ban Isis Flag, Confederate Flag and Nazi Flag

You can't really whitewash/gloss over/change history. - jezza0

17 Ban Horrid Henry


What I liked this show years back. - TeamRocket747

18 Help Stop Diseases Like Ebola


Many people died of this disease and there is still no cure

I'm all in for that - Antonio89

That's just bill gates - Beckc

19 Taxes on the Rich to Pay for Universal Healthcare
20 Ban Meat and Force Everyone to Be Vegan

Yes causing global iron deficiency is a very good idea - LiteralCringe

I would assault on anyone who did that

That would be a law a PETA member would make if he/she ruled the world. - JoeBoi

Seems like a PETA supporter added this - ElSherlock

21 Those Who Say Something Racist Will Get a Fine

Freedom.. of speech - namesnipe

But if your being threatening or inciting violence that's hate speech - Opinionatedarsehole

This one is actually good. - OhioStateBuckeyes


Unless your name is Al Sharpton.

22 Legalize Marriage Equality (LME)



I'm bi THANK U!

23 End Discrimination Against Young People
24 Free Speech Does Not Protect Symbols of Hate
25 Make Education Optional

What a stupid idea. In the long term, that would only lead to people having a slight increase in their IQs. - JoeBoi

Yes! If you want to devote your entire life to a specific cause, you should be able to drop out whenever you want. - benhos

So you want to make learning necessary skills in life such as reading and writing optional? Good luck not being able to get a job if you become illiterate. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yep, I would do that - pcn

26 Remove the Need For Passports

Passports, they are important or then how would we be able to track people or identify them. Th only thing that anyone can get a visa if he has his passport at the time of border crossing just by filling a form instantly - yatharthb

That's stupid - smill

27 Imprison Everyone Who's A Psychopath

Actually you can't control being a psychopath just give them mental treatment and they good. - XxembermasterxX

So I would go to jail I hate you guys

Any person who isn't a murderer or rapist will be imprisoned based on the type of crime and how extreme it is. - Therandom

Uhm, you know a psycho is born and not made right? You can't imprision someone for being born like that... - Internet-User

28 Tax Carbon and Ban Fossil Fuel Vehicles

All for it, can't just ban petrol though you need to wein society off it gradually or else nobody will have a car for a while - Opinionatedarsehole

29 Passing a Decree, Making You Permanent Ruler of the World and Restricting Democratic Rights, Forming a Socialist Republic

I honestly think a dictatorship is the best form of government if the ruler is good. Why should a group of 399 congressman or a majority of the population decide what is good for me when u really only need one good leader to do it.

I actually like the idea of Socialism in a way. As long as there's not one dictator, I'm fine with it. More than one opinion needs to be voiced. - Turkeyasylum

I would do that for sure, just as Hitler did, Socialism is great giving free housing, education, healthcare and government jobs to all the people. - yatharthb

30 Ban The No Hitting Girls Rule

Who ever thinks that women can hit guys is WRONG - CartoonCriticizer


What's so good about that?

Guys can hit girls, girls can hit guys, another rule of mine. - Therandom

31 Ban The List "Most Hated Countries"

YES. - SnowWang

It's an offensive list


32 Cancel WWE

WWE is bad for the minds of kids and all those people getting hurt for entertainment when they could be doing something much more useful

33 Invest More Money Into Healthcare (Treatment, Prevention, and Research)

We need more improvement in the medical field, so it's a yes for me.

34 Get Rid Of The N Word

Noo keep it - Luckys

How do you plan on erasing a word - Opinionatedarsehole

Then what would we call NERDS?

I think they meant the racist word

35 Students Under 16 Must Have Free Bus Service

Good idea

36 Kill All Bronies

This a great law

Isn't this too far? - ElSherlock

This is highly offensive!

Okay, that is just downright discriminatory. Even if I don't watch My Little Pony, this item is just petty and inconsiderate since it's saying people should die just for liking a show. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm very sorry if this annoyed you but the reason I added this is that all of these haters always getting the upper hand inspired me to become a low-key troll when I first saw this website. I apologize for any annoyance. - Neonco31

37 Make Everyone Listen to Justin Bieber

Please no that's so stupid


38 No More USA Policing the World

Sounds great to me, and that should include no asking for help from the US if you are getting attacked or invaded.

Well if your ruling the world I assume countries are dissolved so no need for this - Opinionatedarsehole

39 Make Seat Belts Optional

What idiot thought seatbelts should be forced on people.


40 Ban Shoelaces

Let's face it, this entry is a little ridiculous - there's always slip-ons and velcro shoes as an alternative. People who like the style of lace-up shoes should still have the freedom to wear them. - Entranced98

These things are getting on my last nerves. - MinecraftHater


41 Ban Islam

NO! As a christian, I think that religion is not allowed to be exculded. So then, instead to the anti-s-word thing, it will be anti-Islam. HOW DO YOU THINK I A CHRISTIAN WILL FEEL? - SnowWang

This is racist! - pcn

Wait who add this? - CerealGuy

Just wipe out all those who follow it instead

42 Every Human Must Watch Gravity Falls


A Gravity Falls fanboy added this - ElSherlock

You can't force everyone to watch Gravity Falls. Not everyone will like that show

What about kill everyone who doesn't watch Gravity Falls, better? - Neonco31

43 Make All Drugs Legal

No! - Userguy44

Please no - ElSherlock

Marijuana is one of the biggest health benefits in world history... Believe it or not... It's true. - benhos

Drugs are killing people every single day I wouldn't even think on this I would ban all drugs

44 Legalize Adult Prostitution

Nordic model. - emraldYE

Joking right? - Opinionatedarsehole

45 Ban Sikhism


But I love those colorful turbans.


46 Make Cheating Illegal


Where is cheating legal now?

Great one!

47 Ban Internet Stalking and changing it into following

It is baned - Beckc

48 Ban Stupid Taxes

E.G. water taxes! We all NEED water to live. - sryanbruen

49 Force all pop singers to play guitar

Make them watch Niall Horan. He plays a guitar.

50 Let People Be in a Relationship with Whoever They Want
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