Top Ten Things Not All British People Actually Do

This is mostly American's fault. We English love you Americans to pieces but you've gotta get it right. Oh by the way your definitely right with us saying bloody and bloody hell but it's a swear word
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1 Have posh accents

Well...this is true. I am very well spoken but only because my mother said I wouldn't get anywhere in life if I spoke like my father (he has a rough North London accent). My background definitely isn't posh but a lot of people think it is purely on the way I speak.

I know, right? I would say I didn't really have an accent, but I know a guy who has a thick middleton accent (I think it's that) and The Beatles are scouses, I would like a cockney accent, like Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer.

This likely comes from the Queen, who talks like that. It was likely popularised by Stupid Downton Abbey

2 Dislike golf

Actually I never did think British people liked golf that much. I always figured that was why the British Open is always held in Scotland.

Yes we love cricket ill give you that but golf bores us.

Thank goodness. I have a very excessive golf hatred.

3 Be wealthy

Where did us being rich even come from?

Comes from history; kings, queens, whatevs. Q. Victoria, mostly.

Where did us being rich even come from?

4 Drink tea

Not a lot of people drink tea at all. Personally I'm addicted to tea but most people are suprised I drink tea because its not very common

I hate tea but I love coffee. I drink coffee every morning with my breakfast cereal.

Just whereabouts in Britain do you live? Everyone loves it in London.

5 Have large teeth

Oh I know, me and other pupil voice representatives from school went all the way from Southampton to London to go to the Houses of Parliament. I saw some pictures with politicians with massive teeth. They're probably just playing around with that.

I've never met anyone with massive teeth to the scale of British stereotypes in American films. (sigh)

What made foreigners even say this?

6 Eat cucumber sandwiches

If you went up to an English person and said would you like a Cucumber sandwich they would laugh in your face because its weird.

At school, for the queen's birthday, we had to eat cucumber sandwiches and I said I hated it out loud, and I was told that I was ungrateful -.-

Well, I like sandwiches. I like cucumbers. Let's put em together!

7 Be charming (men)

A number of people I know are nerds, and they can find it hard to get girlfriends because of this. However, if they meet an immigrant, she immediately falls for the accent.

8 Drive Mini Coopers with British flags on the roof

My family's always preferred Volkswagen and Volvo cars.

Nobody drives mini coopers any more excelt from a really small percent.

We don't even do that! Where are you in England.

9 Wear knitted wooly jumpers

Whenther I watch an American show if an English man is on it they all wear woolly jumpers.

10 Be fitness enthusiasts with a Cockney accent

A true Cockney is he or she who is born within the sound of Bow bells in Bow, East London. Nowadays people in Essex think they're all Cockneys.

Barely anybody has cockney accents any more to my knowledge anyway

The Contenders
11 Be movie villains

What is with people with British accents being casted as villains?

12 Smoke pipes

I hate smokers, it is kind of committing suicide, as it takes off 11 minutes off your life

13 Eat crumpets
14 Live in London
15 Agree with Brexit
16 Eat fish & chips
17 Dislike France
18 Be proud of the Empire
19 Eat jellied eels
20 Eat Pie & Mash
21 Discuss the weather
22 Have a Cockney accent
23 Have a Londoner accent
24 Talk to dogs
25 Avoid talking to strangers
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