Top 10 Worst United States Governors in 2020

It seems that a list about the worst governors was made back for 2015. It's now 2020, and with COVID, Antifa, all sorts of events, we have taken notice not just of the president, the election, and Congress, but also what the state governors have been doing. And for those who live in the United States, the governor is basically who enforces much of the state laws, and usually only is superseded by the federal government or the court.

People have taken notice of what certain governors have done this year. Although the year isn't over, the actions of several governors is one to remember.
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1 Gavin Newsom (California)

Honestly the most surprising thing about Newsom is that he just narrowly beats out Cuomo for worst governor in my opinion. Crazy when you think about it, but I'm sure there are a ton of pissed off Californians in the most populous state in America who hate the guy. He's called for the most crazed of mandates, including discouraging of singing, only holding gatherings outside, extreme restaurant guidelines that probably would put many out of business, honestly the list goes on and on. Too much restrictions is going to make obeying the law less acceptable than breaking it.

Oh yeah and there's a recent video of him having dinner at a restaurant with his crew. It's an insult to the restaurant workers and owners that he gets to do things they can't.

2 Andrew Cuomo (New York)

100%, probably the worst politician of the year as far as I'm concerned. Absolutely disgusted at his handling of this virus and his constant refusal to admit he messed up. Because hey, why do that when you can blame it on Trump and politicize the virus so it increases the chances of Biden winning, right?

I don't want to hear one single person attempt to dispute the fact that he ordered COVID-infected patients into nursing homes. And this guy is apparently getting a raise while much of his state is in debt.

3 Gretchen Whitmer (Michigan)

I feel bad for Michigan, since it's full of republicans. They're stuck with this idiot governor who just ignores the rioting and destruction and all the celebrating of Biden's "victory" but says Thanksgiving is too dangerous cause you might get this virus with a 99.9998% survival rate and is trying to shut down Michigan again. And they have to deal with Detroit basically screwing them over and causing them to go blue with their shady business that happened overnight. No way is Michigan pro-Biden. Not after saying he'd end fracking and destroy the oil industry.

4 Kate Brown (Oregon)

Hands down, THE worst governor in the history of Oregon, and one of the top 5 worst governors in the country. She is pro-pharma, pro-Soros, and she's been instrumental in killing independent businesses as well as downtown Portland. She destroyed the good reputation of Oregon and made it into the laughing stock of the country. We can't get rid of her because of the insane rules for trying to recall an unfit psycho governor. Nobody likes this woman.

Poor Leadership and a suppressor of the Truth. Definitely tows the party line and does not consider the consequences on her constituency. Has hurt Oregonians with her George Soros policies than any of her predecessors. So Sad that she is destroying a truly wonderful state.

5 Tom Wolf (Pennsylvania)

Did nothing, I am democrat. Schools and kids is all he ever caught for and charged the homeowners that money. Worst ever

Add this to the list of governors who apparently and atrociously sent COVID patients to nursing homes, along with Whitmer and Cuomo.

6 Ralph Northam (Virginia)

Ralph's worst year was 2019, with the whole racism controversy. But in January of 2020 he wanted to pass legislation to outlaw the second amendment. People protested outside of Richmond wanting to keep their second amendment rights, and they didn't fire a single shot. These are the Virginians against the possible tyranny that could come without the second amendment rights. Not to mention, his stance on late-term abortions is incredibly controversial.

He should have been driven from office by the 'blackface' scandal.

7 Jay Inslee (Washington)

Worst thing to ever happen to WA State. He is a communist and hurt his own home state. There is a special place you know where for this man. He lines him and his friends pockets and does not care about the people. His own family members have to change their names to go to school and college. Sad.

This man was a horrible governor. He was so bad I moved to Florida from Seattle

Same as with Kate Brown but with Seattle.

8 Tim Walz (Minnesota)

Much like Kate Brown and Jay Inslee here we have another governor who downplayed the violence in his state and instead passed police reform legislation.

He is a criminal along with his AG Keith Ellison. They run MN like a communist country.

9 J.B. Pritzker (Illinois)
10 Brian Kemp (Georgia)
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11 Greg Abbott (Texas)

Closing off my remix of this with Greg Abbott, the Republican governor who's a known RINO and is also anti-LGBT. He had the shortest stay-at-home order compared to every other governor and is strict on socially liberal values.

His mail-in ballot voter suppression tactic was pretty awful.

12 Mike Dewine (Ohio)

Wow, ninth item on the list and the first Republican governor on this list. There's quite a few reasons why he's here. Like Northam, he's hated by gun lovers, mostly because of the assault weapons ban. He's also against same-sex marriage and legalization of marijuana, as well as being okay with net neutrality.

13 Tony Evers (Wisconsin)
14 Ron DeSantis (Florida) Ron DeSantis (born September 14, 1978) is an American politician and a former military officer who served as the 46th governor of Florida. Ron DeSantis also once represented Florida's 6th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives from 2013–2018. He is a member of the Republican... read more

What a horror. Grandstanding, tows the party line without consideration for the states welfare and publicly excoriated young men for wearing protective mask during a pandemic. Hope he drifts into obscure oblivion.

15 Doug Ducey (Arizona)
16 Phil Scott (Vermont)
17 David Ige (Hawaii)
18 Kristi Noem (South Dakota)
19 Roy Cooper (North Carolina)
20 Phil Murphy (New Jersey)
21 Kevin Stitt (Oklahoma)

All he cares about is cutting taxes and services to the state. He a business man who recently dissolved a state agency overseeing homelessness in the state. He's known for blatant cronyism and heavy handed handling of slashing state programs as well as being blatantly partisan to the core.

22 Andy Beshear (Kentucky)
23 Charlie Baker (Massachusetts)
24 Tate Reeves (Mississippi)
25 Mike Parson (Missouri)
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