This Isn't A List About Religion

PositronWildhawk I do not mean to be disrespectful, but several people are missing, or simply dismissing, the point of this list.

Checking my list feed, I have seen numerous comments opposing the scientific standpoint which is the underpinning of this list completely, including "It's not true because God made everything." or "How can you say everything is decided by particles?" People attempt to add things to the list such as "There Is No God" or "Nothing In Nature Was Designed By Anyone". And more, which chastises us scientists for expressing what we think.

I respect all religions, and all beliefs, whether or not I agree with them, but this conflict is being taken too far. If we all challenge the idea of science on this list, the list becomes meaningless. As the fundamental analysis of everything in nature, science is a crucial subject in understanding our universe. This list outlines common misunderstandings in the field of the sciences, and is not meant to contradict the entire basis. If that was so, wouldn't I have made a pointless list instead like "Reasons Why Science Is Stupid?" Emphasis on "pointless". It would be as meaningful as a list criticising religion, because it would only amplify the conflict and get both sides to the argument nowhere. Therefore, the least one can do is assume that I do not intend to create a fight.

You all have the right to believe whatever you want to believe, or is that not the purpose of this site? But seriously, you shouldn't enforce us to agree with one theory unanimously, as much as you'd like us to do it to you. If you have a different opinion, make a rational point, and not an arrogant and one-dimensional approach. Do a list. Do a blog. Do anything but criticise for having an opinion. I don't invade lists about religion and say it's all wrong and that they're all idiots, so I expect the same from you.


Thank gods you actually said about this. At this type of time, you say one word about science and you get yourself an Athiests vs. Christian battle. - visitor

It's also the other way around. Whenever someone says even just a tiny Bible quote, the notorious YouTube atheists attack. Honestly, let's all stay out of the largest flame war ever and believe what we choose to believe. No one's going to stop you. Plus, you can't prove or disprove God with evidence. - ethanmeinster

I believe in whatever I want, but people need to stop fight over religion. - visitor

Agreed. I am becoming sick of the whole Athiest vs. Christian thing. - visitor

I think people misunderstood the humans not coming from monkeys item (because they overlooked the "They have common ancestor" comment by Positron). Atheists started attacking that item, and religious people started criticizing evolution as a whole. Which is all pointless because they didn't see the common ancestor explanation. - Kiteretsunu

I could see a flamewar coming when you made this, which is why my only comment was directed at an anonymous who seemed to think your list was religiously biased. If only people wouldn't assume anything scientific is anti-Christian. - PetSounds

That's something both sides need to work on for sure. I've had Atheists go up to me and straight up tell me God doesn't exist and that my beliefs are stupid.
However, Christians sometimes find the need to rebuke people left and right when its not their place to do so. We should just stop persecuting each other and respect other beliefs. God told us that we should be His witnesses, but I think Christians are harming their entire image by being obnoxious and preachy. Its all about respect. - keycha1n

I'm Cathloic but I'm not going to battle about my faith. I respect those who aren't of my faith. We don't need to fight if we are not the same religion. Who cares? I have a ton of friends who aren't Cathloic and I'm fine with it. - visitor

I first found this list because of this post. So I thought that there was some flame war going on in this list. When I tried to take a look at it, a person would normally talk about scientific misconceptions. But when I saw someone talk about religious people making this list, I got pissed. Why? Because these stuff were not even meant to criticize Christianity through science. What is the point of all these Christianity vs Atheism debates? You can't win anyone to believe in your belief if you are just making arguments anyway. I have some negative opinions on some Atheists and some Christians. But I believe that negative opinions about religion, sexuality and race should not be expressed in public. This has been some mistake that people on both sides have done. If you'd say that Christians shove God and Jesus down people's throats, that's true. Some people do that. But I don't believe that they should do this in debates. Christians are called to preach, but forcing it on a person or threatening is just not the way. They won't learn the value of loving God with all their heart anyways. But Christians have the right to defend themselves whenever provoked. Such matters should be done privately, though. After all, we still have to respect other people's religious beliefs. - visitor

You have to keep in mind that people DO believe creationism and God are real, so therefore evolution becomes a lie, or a universe where God isn't in control becomes a lie to them. That's going to be the first thing that comes to mind when the question is asked. You could probably word around it by making the title something like "Top Ten Scientific Misconceptions we're Told in School," the phrase "scientific misconception" sort of evades things that fall under the domain of religion (though you could probably come up with a better title if you put some thought into it). - airbb

"Lies Taught In School ABOUT SCIENCE". That should be enough to convince anyone that religion, which has no scientific influences, is irrelevant. - PositronWildhawk

This list is actually more educational than my school. - Skullkid755

I knew what the list was suppose to be about just from the title. - Skullkid755