Top Ten Most Common Reasons People Bully Others

As I make this list I am mostly speaking from personal experience
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1 They like getting reactions out of the victim

The bullies usually just think its fun to judge random people and bully them to the point where they get angry or start crying. Lots of bullies enjoy embarrassing others like that.

Once this girl in summer school bullied me a lot, she was super bratty (phone, 99999 pets, and an Instagram) and I want to smack her in the face now. Grr. Maybe I will force her to dissect a puppy. I dunno. I think I may be made fun of because I have a unpopular opinion.

Bullies want a reaction. I had a friend that kept getting bullied as she kept giving the bullies a reaction.

2 The bully/bullies have had bad things happen to them in the past

Compassion for everyone. Even for my own bullies. Its not okay, but they're probably not okay either. Consider what they might be going through.

I don't have a dad and I ain't bullying nobody why should I bully someone for my past? That ain't nobody fault I mean I know it can make you feel better but yeah

Forget it, keycha1n! Bullies deserve no compassion because they have none for their victims.

3 They think bullying someone else will make more people like them

At my school the bullies hangout in groups. I mean you can't swing a cat at my school without hitting @ least 1 bully or more. and then when you tell someone they act all innocent or make up some lame excuse.

Going to some random kid and telling him or her something like "nobody likes you"

4 Bullying makes them feel good about themselves
5 The bully used to be the target

This is why the saying "two wrongs don't make a right exists". If you bully others when you used to be a bullying victim, means you're just as bad as the person who once bullied you.

Still. That doesn't give them an excuse to bully others. That is just plain wrong!

I used to be bullied and I didn't bully people after I been bullied...

6 Someone makes a little mistake

Don't judge.
Everyone makes mistakes.
No one is perfect.
Everyone is different.
But we are all human beings.

7 The bully sometimes just loves to create drama

You know what, MissWinnipegJets? You're someone who I sympathize with. To prove it to you, I'll inform you that other many people have spread rumors about me when I was a student in school. And that likely traumatized me. Therefore, I side with those who against bullies as long as their my types of anti-bullies.

As well as the bullies might like to humiliate their victims.

They are just waiting for popcorn for the poor persons reaction instead of leaving him or her alone

8 Pretending to like you

It is very sad that people do that. You just don't listen to them because they don't know what there talking about as long as you know you are beautiful/handsome you are special.

This always happens to me. I think I'm friends with someone who secretly hates me and they try to make more people turn against me. So wmy point is on this one is fake friends

That's just sad. How dare bullies pretend to like their enemies just to victimize them more.

9 Peer pressure

Example: two people are friends. One of them is a bully who's trying to suck the other in. Its like person 1 says "call him/her a name and stop being nice to them or I will not be your friend anymore."

Oh this is very bad. I have this problemo in school. In this situation I would just act casual and say no. And if they say I won't be your friend just don't be. They aren't a true friend anyway if they do this.

People being peer pressure due to bullying is very sad.

10 It's just who they are

No, I'm naively convinced that everyone is born with goodness. I wasn't a mean person ( was I a bully, not really, I didn't go after anyone in particular, I was just mean) because I'm just naturally mean, its because no ones liked me and I couldn't figure out why. If the world gives you nothing but hate, its all you'll ever give back to the world. I really hope I can be the kind of person to reach out to even the worst of the worst, and bring them out to realize that the world doesn't really suck so badly.

Well, that's a stupid reason. Bullying is never acceptable no matter what. If you claim bullying is who you are, you won't get far in life because you'll make lots of enemies.

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11 The person deserves it

I know someone who absolutely deserves all of the pain this world has to offer. This person has ruined several of my friends lives, and treats everybody terribly. He is a sexist, homophobic pig and if people are ever mean to him, I will not stand up for him. I more likely to push to the ground than ever protect him. This person has had such a negative impact on my life, and I will never give him even the tiniest bit of love or mercy.

Absolutely not! No one - I mean NO ONE - deserves to be bullied. Those who claim that's true are liars.

12 The target has an unpopular opinion
13 To divert attention away from their own insecurities

I've learned to have compassion on my bullies even though they're the reason I have anxiety issues and depression yet I'm still very social. They have insecurities of their own but just don't have the motivation to change maybe they've never met someone who they wanted to be like.

It's an inferiority complex to help or make them feel better about themselves.

14 Abusive parents

Sadly this is one of the most common reasons in my school treat their peers as their parents treat them.

15 Not enough love from mommy and daddy

Just because bullies didn't have enough attention from their parents, it doesn't give them the right to bully anyone.

Probably they paid more attention to anime or video games and attending anime conventions

16 They don't have friends
17 They're dumb

Ya a lot of the idiots in my school bully the very few people that are dumber then them or they bully the only intelligent life.

Being a bully myself, I have no other reason for bullying everyone than that I'm very dumb. If I got smart maybe I wouldn't bully, but I'm too stubborn

Bullies/ abusers are nutcases and/ore idiots. There really can't be any other reasons.

18 Jealous

I got bullyed twice in my life. One right now, but I'm older and call it annoying. The first girl, I have no clue why. We were great friends and she bullyed me. :/ Probably Jealous though. The second, is just like, "Stop staring at me! " Only to me. She is jealous obviously because I can interact with people. Thanks top 10's I needed this!

A tall girl made fun of me for being short. She is probably sick of banging her head on the roof so took it out on me

19 They secretly have a crush on you

Reminds me of "The Loud House" when Ronnie Anne used to bully Lincoln with mischievous pranks to catch his attention.

That's reminds me of the T.V. shows "Hey Arnold" when Helga had secretly had a crush on Arnold, she bullies him.

Sometimes people will say mean thinks to you if they like you just to get your attention

20 The victim's looks

Bullies must be full of jealousy of the victims looks.

21 They might be sociopaths

Okay, valid point. But no reason to hate them. If they physically can't process emotion, that's more tragic than scary to me.

FYI, keycha1n, sociopaths deserve to be hated because they lack empathy towards victims. If you're sociopathic to other people,they'll likely get back at you.

22 They want a friend, but are too stupid to know how
23 They don't know what being nice is
24 One of their parents is an alcoholic
25 To get a "bad guy" in their life to constantly defeat
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