Top Ten Tips to Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions

Making New Year's Resolutions has become a yearly tradition for most people. Unfortunately, most people also have a tradition of breaking those resolutions within the first few months of the year. From the surge in gym memberships in January to the ghost town those health clubs become in March, people have a hard time dedicating to change. In fact 35% of people who make a resolution will break it by the end of January.

Most often the reason is because people get overzealous in making their goals. People also tend to make mistakes in choosing their resolutions and go after the wrong things. Often it's just a matter of motivation and rescheduling our commitments.

Below is a list of some tips to help you keep your New Year's Resolutions this year.
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1 Prioritize your goals

Did you set 5 resolutions this year but having a hard time committing to even a single one? Maybe it's time to drop a few bags and travel light. Pick your one or two most important goals and focus on them. Let the rest take a backseat.

2 Use short bursts of willpower

Spending too long looking at the end goal or destination often leads to feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the journey ahead. Instead, focus on just the next 2 weeks. Give yourself a little extra dedication and be 100% committed for a shorter time period. Once you've hit that time frame, see if you can do it for another 2 weeks. It's easier to travel 1,000 miles by taking them a few steps at a time.

3 Stay positive

There's something to be said for the "mind over matter" mentality. Even if you aren't thinking about your resolutions, try doing something else that makes you happy (watching a funny movie, reading some comics, or any other hobby you enjoy). A positive attitude makes it easier to find that reserve of willpower.

Wonderful, wonderfully motivating list! Time and effort truly appreciated, now... Time to start eating healthy-er-kind-of!

It's hard to do that because my native land is experiencing WAR but that's a very good tip! I'll try

4 Focus on the process instead of the result

Instead of thinking about losing 2 pounds this week, focus on making it to the gym 3 times or going for a 15 minute walk every evening before dinner for the week. Once you start focusing on the steps it becomes easier for the finish line to magically appear in front of you.

5 Make an accomplishment list

Sometimes it's easiest to keep going when you see how far you've already come. That's one reason why AA uses the coin system to reward members for benchmarks of sobriety. Make yourself a calendar and check off each day or week you keep your resolution. Make sure it's in an obvious place where other people will see it as they can help keep you on point.

6 Revise your resolutions with conditions

Going cold Turkey on a vice can be painful and disheartening. Likewise, trying to go full throttle on a resolution like going to the gym can leave you burned out. Instead, make a softer commitment like only eating sugary desserts when you're at a fancy restaurant or only using your credit card for birthday gifts. You'll see just how easy it is to go without (or with) something when you don't hold yourself to a 100% level.

7 Find your personal inspiration

I'm not talking about "thinspiration" or anything negative or shaming like that. Instead, figure out the place you want to visit once you have that extra money or the sport you want to play once you lose that extra weight. Put a picture of your goal in action somewhere you'll see it. Don't look for form (aesthetics) but find a function (action) instead.

Exactly what I do to keep myself going, because these people have proven that doing it and doing it well is possible.

8 Start using "yes" and "no" more often

Instead of using the same old lukewarm commitments to things, start being direct with a "yes" or "no". It's hard to find wiggle room with an answer like that. Remember that saying "yes" to something positive in your life also means saying "no" to the negative that you replaced.

Like I always say: "No is the answer to life! "

9 Think addition instead of subtraction

So many resolutions are about stopping a bad habit or losing weight (or something else). Those are negatives. Instead, think of the additions you can make. Want to lose weight? Start adding in walking, movement, the gym... Then you won't have as much time to sit in front of the T.V.. Want to save money? Start adding in free activities to your schedule or adding ways to make a little extra cash. That will result in less time to spend your hard earned cash on something else.

10 Take a break

Not all vacations need to happen over the summer. Maybe you just need to get away from your fridge for a few days or the fellow smokers at the office who tempt you outside for a smoke break. Take a few days at a local hotel or just see if a friend can put you up for a few nights so you can break your routine. It'll go a long way.

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11 Don't tell anyone

By telling someone your plan, your mind feels a slight sense of accomplishment and this can lead to you not giving 100%.

12 Do it with a friend
13 Make a few that will be easy to achieve instead of many of near-impossible ones
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