Top Ten Sexiest Body Parts Ever

The Top Ten
1 Breasts

Big, poofy, and very squishy, the body part a man always is tempted to touch. Warm, cozy, attractive, sometimes even ticklish.

Breasts are better than feet. Feet are just perverted!

How is this not #1? They're so sexy in many chicks!

Stop acting shocked. I shouldn't have to explain why it's number one to you

2 Buttocks

I read a lot of negative comments concerning the number 1 of this list (even from a 12 year old guy).

This list simply tells the truth. Breast, butt and feet (in that order) are the sexiest parts of a female body. This is confirmed by searches (even unofficial). Teenagers and young adults (till 35) should have these in mind. The real men (over 35) know (or at least should know).

P. S. For those who voted feet for number 1, I inform them that there's a UNIQUE LIST for female feet in the top tens.

Closest to the thighs and is part of the fat storage there.

Leggings are pretty sexy

I like to lick it

3 Genitals

What? It should be the one

4 Feet

There's something about the feet, especially for those with the FOOT FETISH. 5 adorable toes, squishy soles, and are very ticklish. And sometimes when you see the face of a girl with being tickled in the feet. Man it's amazing!

Wow. It's 2017 and some people still find the most common fetish in the world creepy. Evolve a little.

Screw the haters...yum feet yum

This is just creepy

5 Abs
6 Stomach

Ticklish, warm, soft, and is where un-born babies are located. The stomach is truly one of the most classic spots to tickle in movies and T.V.. The stomach is truly pretty good.

A Well taken Care Belly is extremely hot to em! Very Sexy indeed.

Personally, I prefer chubby over skinny.

7 Eyes

Acquainting with the hair, eyelashes are long beautiful tiny hairs which are connected to the eyelids. Eyelashes can sometimes have a little shiny reflection. Probably because of the dark, smooth, and attracting colors of eyelashes. Without eyelashes, we'd look like aliens.

With the very attracting glare which can sometimes magnetize a man to the woman or the woman to the man. Eyes have a attracting bright glow which shines bright in the dark.

I don't know why, but I love eyes.

8 Chest

My girlfriend likes to have me lie down on the sofa and curl up next to me while stroking my chest as we watch movies. she finds it sexy so I can agree with this

9 Legs

One of the reasons why women wear so so small jeans is to attract us men, they're usually smooth, hairless (really not like our manly legs), and usually nice and fat with a juicy look. So it's hard not to look at those legs. Also the upper parts of legs and the knees are overly ticklish, so that's even harder not to tickle the upper legs and knees.

A British study of 2,000 men concluded that half of the men pay attention on the female feet at the first date.
Legs are very close...
P. S. I'll ask for one more time for more support in two certain lists.
The bigger one can have a lot of future...

Usually, it's accompanied by skirts.

10 Face

The one and only body part which makes men just quickly take first site at with awe and lust. As women sometimes just can't stand how handsome men can be.

You're gonna see the face for a long time in a relationship.

The Contenders
11 Hair

This is what combines in with the beauty with the face of a women, without the hair. The women's beauty status goes down. It's nice that Christ Jesus The Savior and The Creator made hair, what a great God we have.

The longer, the better.

12 Thighs

It's like buttocks & legs mixed together.

13 Lips

Makes me think of kissing.

I'm a fan of lips

14 Collar Bones
15 Ears
16 Nipples
17 Tongue
18 Neck
19 Hips
20 Shoulders
21 Nose
22 Navel
23 Shoulder Blades
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