Top 10 Craziest Sleepwalking Incidents

When we think of sleepwalking, we usually think of waking up in your backyard, putting apple juice in your favourite cereal, or putting pillows in the oven. But these specific people have gone through terrifying or bizarre adventures overnight.
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1 Kenneth Parks kills his mother-in-law

Probably the most well-known story related to sleepwalking involves Kenneth Parks, who had previously suffered from insomnia due to a gambling addiction. One day, Parks jumped out of bed, drove 15 miles to his in-laws' home, killed his mother-in-law, and severely injured his father-in-law with a tire iron and a knife. He then drove himself to the police station.

2 A 77-year old man falls into a lake full of crocodiles

James Currens, a 77-year-old man, walked into a lake and fell in. It was not just any lake. It was infested with crocodiles. He eventually woke up, yelled for help, and the police arrived to use lights to scare off the crocodiles. He received only minor cuts from the encounter.

3 A girl walks on a crane

At 2 am in Dulwich, a man spotted a girl curled up on top of a crane. He called for help, and a firefighter climbed the crane to rescue her. The firefighter then called her parents, who informed him that their daughter was a sleepwalker. To wake her, they rang her phone. The girl had climbed 130 feet up.

4 An 8 year old falls out of an apartment window

Stuart Millar, an 8-year-old, lived on the fourth floor of an apartment building. One night, he sleepwalked and fell out of the window. Stuart suffered serious injuries to his spine and now uses a wheelchair.

5 A man mows the lawn naked

In 2005, a woman known as Rebecca Armstrong woke up to the sound of a lawn mower. She went outside and found that her husband had been mowing the lawn, completely naked. Knowing she couldn't wake him, she decided to unplug the mower. Nevertheless, her husband continued to push the mower across the lawn as if he were still mowing.

6 A woman has sex with strangers

An unnamed woman in Australia experienced several sleepwalking episodes, including engaging in sex with people she had never met before. This continued for months without her or her husband's knowledge, despite many condoms being found around their house. One night, her husband woke up, discovered she was not there, and found her asleep while having sex with a stranger.

7 A woman sends emails in her sleep

In 2005, a 44-year-old woman began sending emails to close friends while asleep, with some messages making no sense. This incident popularized the term "Zzzzmailing."

8 18-year-old student falls down the window

In 2009, 18-year-old student Rachel Ward woke up and walked straight out of a window, falling 25 feet. Amazingly, after consulting a doctor, she had not broken a single bone in her body.

9 French detective kills the victim of a case

In the 19th century, French detective Robert Ledru was investigating the murder of Andre Monet, who had been shot on a beach. There were two key clues: one being the killer's footprints, which showed a missing toe, a trait shared by Ledru. He also found that the bullet used to kill Monet was the same type he used. Ledru eventually realized he was the killer. For the next 50 years, he lived in exile on a farm, posing no guilt but remaining a threat.

10 51 year old man dies from hypothermia

In January 2009, Timothy Brueggeman from Wisconsin left his house during freezing temperatures and walked into the night. He soon collapsed and was found 190 yards from his home, having died from hypothermia.

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11 Lee Hadwin and the Paintings

Lee Hadwin, from Wales, is famous for his paintings which are uniquely created while he sleeps - he cannot paint well when awake. He has produced over 600 paintings in his sleep, and some of his artwork is owned by Donald Trump. His drawing of Marilyn Monroe was also sold to a museum.

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