Top Ten Ways Kids Ruin Christmas for Parents

Two years ago I made a list about ways parents ruin Christmas for kids. What about the other way around? This list shows what ruins Christmas for the parents, done by the kids.
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1 Being excessively needy/greedy about what presents they want

Starting with a rather obvious one for the younger kids who dream of getting new and awesome toys for Christmas. They see something and now they want it like mad so they'll beg their parents to get stuff. Sadly, especially at younger ages, these kids have not understood how much certain presents can cost.

2 Not understanding the important Christmas values

This depends on the values of course. Some kids may just not enjoy certain things parents want them to enjoy for the holiday season, stuff like Christmas food, Christian traditions, etc.

3 Not accepting presents they get

Kids'll always get presents for Christmas, but they will always get presents that they either gloss over or reject entirely (most of the ones rejected entirely are joke gifts but still). The thing is, some of the presents kids often get, like clothes, are actually worthwhile to have in the long run, so the kids should cherish the gifts they get.

I used to do it a lot. I remember getting a jigsaw puzzle when I was 4, and for whatever reason, I threw a fit.

4 Not giving their relatives presents

Either they don't give presents to their relatives or they give crummy gifts, either one for this item. In any case, December is a gift-giving month and everyone is out shopping and what not. Parents don't demand as much as kids, but they do ask them nicely to do some gift shopping of their own at some point. Kids should remember this.

5 Opening gifts before Christmas Day

This shouldn't even happen, but I've seen it happen years ago at a December party with a friend, where he opened up two Christmas presents and got scolded for it. I guess some kids can be impatient.

6 Ruining family photos

I'm guilty of this but it's likely that I'm just someone who couldn't sit still. Kids will find taking Christmas photos awkward while parents would try to at least have composure.

7 Eating snacks that were made for Santa

Often one of the traditions on Christmas Eve is to bake cookies and have milk for Santa. Hungry kids looking for snacks will end up eating these things. Shouldn't happen but can.

8 Performing poorly in holiday school performances

This one goes out to all the kids who had classes in music, arts, or drama. There's usually a school play or concert dedicated to Christmas time and parents do expect the best for their child in whatever role they have. If you do it poorly, kids, this ruins their holiday spirit.

9 Not helping with Christmas decorations

This one depends if you are interested in Christmas decorations, whether for trees or for lights or whatever. Parents ALWAYS want their kids to learn how to help others, especially when they get older the parents may not be able to do a lot of things on their own and could use some help.

10 Wanting to do the same thing over and over again every Christmas

This is a strange item but think about it. One Christmas they want a lot, and another they want a lot again. Another example is if kids want to watch the same Christmas movies over and over again, and the list goes on and on. Parents want each Christmas to be enjoyable, but also fun and unique.

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11 Screaming at Christmas dinner

Boy, how many times my sister has done that...

12 Asking to watch kids shows
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