Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Always Help Others

Helping others is very beneficial to not only you but to everyone else. The more you help other people, the better you will improve everyone's lives. Here are the reasons why you should always help others.
You shouldn't just help other people for your own benefits, you should also help others for other's benefits too!

Of course, you should NOT use this list as an excuse to do anything inappropriate or immoral (that would ruin the purpose of this list, by a lot). It also is important to be very humble in this situation, as this will give people an even better impression of you when you help others!
The Top Ten
1 Helping others can make new connections with people

When you help other people, you can form new connections with other people. This will make a very positive impact on their lives.

Help People can make them to be your Friends. I seen People want be my Friends on Online because I Help them. Good List, Flare!

You can even become friends with those you helped since they would highly appreciate it what you have done for them. Good list Flare

2 You never know what they could be going through

It's always good to show empathy for others whenever they are going through something so they give you an idea how you could help them. If someone feels sad, you can give them a hug and comfort them which is the best way to help a person who feels sad

Sometimes, you helping them might be all they ever need to help get through their day.

Depression sometimes it's our best friend.

3 Helping others will improve your current relationships with others

You will get better Relationships if you Help People. I have Good Relationships because I Help People.

When you help someone else, you will have a better relationship with other people.

4 You will make people's lives easier

The more friends you make, the more people you help when they really need it, the more connections we can make. Making other people's lives more easier can also make a friendship and create a friendlier atmosphere.

Lovely list, Flare. I've always been puzzled by how some people can't see the logic and advantages there are in realizing that we are all here to help each other. The world would by far, be a much nicer place to live.

It's very true. You should strive to make someone else's lives easier, not harder.

5 They might help you in return

I often helped my mom and she helped me in return. Like I helped her with cleaning and she helped me with with clearing out the dishwasher for example

So basically summing up the "Treat others the way you want to be respected". Haven't we all learned this at preschool?

If you help someone else, especially in a tough time, there is a very good chance that they will help you in return.

6 You will be more grateful

When you help others, you will learn to be more grateful for what you have and so will everyone else.

7 Helping others is very contagious

When you help other people, others who see you doing it will be more likely to follow through and help others as needed. This is especially true for younger people who see you as a role model.

8 You will be happier

What a great list. Kind and considerate. I'm sorry I've only caught it just now... Yes, helping others is a great way to feel happier, we are rewarded by the satisfaction we have done a good thing. It feels good to help.

Helping out those in need makes me feel good and I always feel proud of myself after helping someone out it also comes with a lot of benefits.

When you help other people, you will feel happier because you are doing good for someone else.

9 Helping others can help you live longer

Helping others can reduce your stress levels and therefore increase your lifespan.

It is True. It make your Stress Lower and make you more Happier.

10 Your help can make a difference

Without realizing it, if you help other people, you can definitely make a great difference in someone else's life.

That's very true. I find making a difference in someone's life, whether a minor or a big one, can be very rewarding.

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