Top 10 Signs Someone is a Narcissist

A narcissist is someone with an overly inflated ego. They tend to believe that they are greater than they actually are, and never see themselves in the wrong. We all know a narcissist. Here are 10 signs that we should look out for.
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1 They act superior to everyone

Not a surprise, as this is what comes to mind when most people think about narcissism. They think far too highly of themselves, and act like they're more intelligent, attractive than everyone else. Most of the time, they're not perfect, or as amazing as they claim to be. They are obviously very insecure and need a way to make themselves feel better about their pathetic lives.

What's scary about this list is that most of these signs disturbingly applies to one of my worst bullies back when I started high school.

2 They are always in control

These self-righteous jerks apparently believe that they know what's best for everyone, and therefore everybody must adhere to their standards. They love feeling in control because they get to dominate their peers. Their dictatorship skills will certainly lead to disaster. Unfortunately for them, they'll never admit to it.

3 They get overly defensive

Narcissists always act like they're a victim. Whenever they get called for something, they see it as some sort of threat and will try create an argument over it. It can something really petty, but they'll still try to make a huge deal over it. They cannot handle criticism at all.

4 They are sore losers

Of course when things don't got their way, they'll try to steal the thunder from the winner, or believe that they may have been robbed. They can't just suck it up and be happy for other people. If they don't win, it must have been unfair, or their opponent was cheating.

5 They don’t accept different opinions

They don't care to listen to your ideas or opinions. To them, they're always right so why should they have to go with your ideas? They would must rather hear themselves than other people. And of course, we always have to to listen to them and

6 They don’t listen to reason

To these people, facts don't matter to them. Most of their opinions and beliefs are founded by their feelings. They don't seem to cope with how the people around them feel. We all must accept their decisions even if we don't agree with it, or else they'll lose it.

If they don't want to reason with me ,it's fine.
They just have to live with the consequence of being beaten up.

7 They blame others for their faults

These people can NEVER seem themselves in the wrong, and it's so frustrating. They will try to push the blame onto someone else, or act like they don't care. They will also gaslight you into making you think that you're the problem and not them.

8 They have unstable and toxic relationships

Normally if you have issues with a lot of people, than it's most likely that you're the problem and not them. They tend to cheat in their relationships, or have multiple partners. None of their relationships end passively, and they believe that they're always in the right. At this point, we know that's not the case. If they have friends by some miracle, they may dump you over something really petty. They don't appreciate honesty and just want yes-men. It's like they can't try to resolve things peacefully and maturely. They will hold an unnecessary grudge for a long time, even if you apologize numerously.

9 They live alone
10 They make you believe that you are nothing without them

They have ways of making you believe that you are unimportant to them. They may ignore you, and try to make you you believe that you need them. This is what they want, for you to constantly beg for their attention. In reality, they need you, they are nothing without the people they manipulate. They thrive off of insecure people, to feed their massive egos.

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11 They only talk about themselves

Everything is always about them and only them. They never want to hear about anyone else.

12 They may take advantage of you

Narcissistic people strive for perfection, and will stop at nothing to make them look good. They will only be interested in interacting with you if they get something out of it. And as always, you must be making all the effort. They won't deliver on their end, and expect you to do everything for them, while they get the credit.

13 They refuse to admit that they're wrong
14 They demand respect but they don't respect you
15 They only care about themselves
16 They treat people poorly based on financial status
17 They lack empathy

Narcissists are incapable of feeling empathy. They do not care about the feelings and emotions of other people.

18 They lack remorse

They do not feel remorseful when they hurt other people or do things that are wrong. They just don't care.

19 They act sarcastic
20 They manipulate
21 They gaslight
22 They ghost you for a long time and only come to you if they need something
23 They perceive everything as a slight
24 They're mean
25 They are selfish
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