Top 10 Reasons Why Hoarding Supplies For the COVID-19 Outbreak is a Big Issue

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The COVID-19 outbreak is insane which has caused more problems than one. Not the least of which includes hoarders. People who go over the top buying way more than what they need which makes things harder for everyone else. We don’t have to go to Black Friday extremes just to get basic supplies! Here’s why hoarders are a big problem
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1 People who actually need supplies can’t access them

This is the biggest problem right now if these people can't access what they need they may not survive causing the death rate to increase meaning more panic and more of the situation were in right now. Is that what you want? Do you really want to live the rest of 2020 in quarantine? I don't think so

How about you hoarders donate half of your purchases to low-income areas?

Yeah this is the biggest problem.

2 The price will only increase

It's simple economics people! Learn to pay attention in high school economics class. It's called supply and demand. The more demand the more costly it is due to a decrease in supply. If we lower the demand the price will fall as well.

My family has started making hand sanitizer at home I wonder how much I could make going from door to door selling it. .

Economics class teaches this.

3 It’s selfish

It wouldn't be so bad if people actually gave these supplies to those who need it so in that case it's a good cause however let's be honest most people aren't going to do that they'll put themselves first and then they might donate a few dollars to those who may need it. That's not the answer and that's not how we get out of this

And proof Americans are obsessed over buying things.

4 Stores can’t restock fast enough

Yeah this is a big issue that's why you go to a Walmart Target or practically any supermarket and you're bound to see empty shelves or nearly empty shelves. That's what happens when you have a bunch of people stock up on excess supplies they don't need. The store employees can't restock fast enough. Some will survive like Walmart Dillons and Target but the local markets may suffer greatly having to close or shut down completely

Yeah that's why Walmart is cutting hours, so they have time to clean and restock.

5 It causes holdups

In the time it takes to scan 20 things toilet paper 15 bottles of hand sanitizer and 4 gallons of milk a cashier could probably help like 4 more customers. That's why if you have to buy something during this time expect a wait. Of at least 7 people most of the time

6 It’s a waste of supplies

Let's be honest how much will you actually use? More likely than not you'll use it until you run low and then you go back for more just stop it! You don't need that much! A little goes a long way. Just get what you need for the week and move on

Yeah, some people that are getting tons of milk and bread will probably end of spoiling it.

You don't need that many paper towels. COVID-19 doesn't give you diarrhea.

7 It’s a waste of money

Imagine spending all that money on hand sanitizer and toilet paper. There are other ways to spend your money. Yes you need those things but not an excessive amount. And I thought spending 200 dollars on a pair of shoes was outrageous. Just think of what else you could spend it on instead of hoarding supplies

I've seen people stocking up on bottled water. You have a sink for a reason. And even if you were worried about the sink water, just buy a water pitcher with a filter and save yourself a lot of money.

8 It doesn’t help anyone

The only way we get out of this mess is being smart and being on the same page hoarding essential supplies doesn't help anyone. It doesn't help employees scrambling to restock shelves or truck drivers desperately trying to deliver the supplies to stores or those who actually need those supplies or yourself because you're wasting money on things you don't need. If we want to restore our society back to normal STOP. HOARDING. SUPPLIES.

Yeah it doesn't even help yourself.

9 They don’t conserve supplies

The most important thing in a crisis like this is to conserve what you have. It's hard but it's necessary if we want to get out of this. The more we conserve the more we can give stuff to those in need and get out of this faster. You need to budget and only get what you need for the week. Which means Maybe don't get 20 things of toilet paper unless you ABSOLUTELY need it. Same with hand sanitizer. A little goes a long way

10 Most people stock up on one thing but don’t get enough of something else

This is an odd issue to have but think about it if you stock up on toilet paper what do you plan to eat? It's not like there's a lot of options due to restaurants closing as a precaution. You get so much of one thing but you leave out other essentials

Yeah like seriously how are these people who are getting shopping carts full of toilet paper going to eat.

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11 It’s a waste of time
12 The grocery stores will stay open
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