Top 10 Reasons Not to Visit Times Square on New Year's Eve

I've heard Times Square's the most famous place to celebrate New Year's Eve, yet they even drop a giant ball there for the new year, but I also read seriously bad things about attending New Year's Eve there. Some things even sound death defying. It's not for the faint of heart, weary or claustrophobic. Here's the list I thought about. To any of you wondering or wanting to experience New Year's Eve at Times Square, read this list please.
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1 You're herded like cattle

I read if you ever went to Times Square on New Year's Eve you're penned there for nearly a whole day & stuck in that spot with the rest of a huge crowd of ~100,000 people (mistaken for millions) & pushing each other. It's literally a war zone there & a disaster waiting to happen. Yet you have a hard time & can't leave or do anything comfortable or good. You feel forced to suffer through this miserable holiday & it's seriously a claustrophobe's worst nightmare. There's no doubt about it all.

2 You're penned for nearly a whole day

Once you visit Times Square on New Year's Eve, once you get to your spot, you're penned with the rest of the ~100,000 people (mistaken for millions) in a crowd in a pen ring like cattle & spend nearly a WHOLE ENTIRE DAY there (especially if you were one of the 1st there). You could do SO MUCH STUFF in FAR LESS TIME! Yet you can't escape & you push into others & are pushed at the same time. You're trampled with the rest of the crowd & could suffocate especially if you have breathing issues & it's like a literal prison there even if it's only for nearly a day, which is more than enough to make you feel homesick & depressed. The anticipation of the new year's the only thing you can think of besides torture.

3 Below freezing temperatures

Usually at Times Square on New Year's Eve it's so cold the temperatures are even below freezing. For example the coldest New Year's Eve was 1 °F & 2017 New Year's Eve was 10 °F making it the 2nd coldest on record. By comparison water freezes at 32 °F. People spend the whole day there freezing half to death even with heavy duty clothing & some had to be hospitalized for hypothermia. Yet think about possible pneumonia or even death. Yet despite all that, only 3 people there were hospitalized in 2017. New Year's Eve is really the worst holiday in that matter.

4 You can't sit or relax

At Times Square on New Year's Eve, once you get penned to your spot, you can't sit or relax & you're forced to stand on your feet & stay in spot for much of the day, causing serious pain & worse conditions that build up over time. Many people who went there trudge & struggle to walk because of that. It forces blood down your feet & even increases risk of heart problems, which is already a safety & health hazard considering the security & staff want everybody safe, but you can't be safe in poor health & it seriously makes people there feel like slaves & prisoners & security & staff banned chairs & many other things for capacity accommodation & in the wake of terrorist attacks. They check everywhere to make sure nobody's comfortable. It's just pure forced torture that can't be described. Yet as the time goes on you feel more & more tired & beyond exhausted or even feel like being hungover especially if you were the earliest ones in spot. The only thing keeping your energy up is the anticipation of the countdown & new year. At the end of the day you feel like you ran a marathon in freezing temperatures & have a hangover. Some people develop depression & even suicidal thoughts & many have PTSD & mobility disorders & other health conditions as a result of being treated like slaves & prisoners in this so-called party.

5 You can't leave & you can't return to your spot if you leave

If you want to go to Times Square on New Year's Eve, you got to stand in your spot & depending on when you pick your spot, once you're there you could spend much of the whole day there & you can't leave & if you ever were one of those people that left, you won't be able to return to your spot or anywhere in the pen ring. You wouldn't be part of the party or witness the ball drop or countdown to the new year in the best view possible. New Year's Eve at Times Square's a literal war zone.

6 No restrooms

On New Year's Eve at Times Square, there are no restrooms available, not even portable ones & other restrooms are closed off & people who are in their spot are stuck there for much of the day in pure misery & can only wear adult diapers for their restrooms which is so gross but the best thing to think of. Otherwise they'd hold it in, leading to possible bladder or bowel problems. It's literally a nightmare there.

7 You can't bring any large bags

Large bags have been banned from places like Times Square on New Year's Eve in the wake of terrorist attacks & security & staff don't want people to have weapons or mistaken for impending terrorists. That prompts people to bring almost nothing & spend a hellish day in Times Square on New Year's Eve.

8 You can't bring umbrellas

It sometimes rains there at Times Square even on New Year's Eve (yet it did in 2018) & many need umbrellas to keep dry & protected from the rain, but law enforcement makes sure nobody brings umbrellas there, so they're banned &the only thing to keep you dry are plastic covers which have to be clear since weapons are a big cause of worry these days. Umbrellas can bump into one another & can be mistaken for weapons. Many people instead suffer through the rain getting beyond soaked.

9 No meals or drinks

Remember once you're in your spot, you're there for much of the whole day & meals such as breakfast, lunch & dinner are vital for staying healthy & remember large bags there on New Year's Eve are prohibited. Yet there are no food or drink vendors available there on New Year's Eve. So that mean it's practically impossible to eat or drink anything unless you brought your own water bottle & staff handed out food for guests. But think about ~100,000 people attending the pen ring at Times Square on New Year's Eve & they're crammed together at the same time. It's literally worse than any other holiday annually (except for Bastille Day just that 1 time in 2016 due to a truck attack).

10 No beverages

At Times Square beverages, including but not limited to, alcohol or booze, are prohibited. Many people who want beverages, even for having good flavor, can't have any there on New Year's Eve. Water's flavorless though healthier & that's the best option to drink though no restrooms are available.

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11 It's too expensive

Given all these reasons, I don't get why anyone would want to go to Times Square for New Years Eve. But for some reason, everybody does, which is why it's so expensive. Even though you'd have to pay ME to experience all that BS.

It costs lots of money to go to Times Square on New Year's Eve when huge crowds form to celebrate.

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