Top 10 Reasons Not to Visit Disney Parks on New Year's Eve

Disney parks are often cited the Happiest Place or Most Magical Place on Earth & Where Dreams Come True. Unfortunately that's never entirely true & especially not true on New Year's Eve. here's why.
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1 They're too crowded

I am guessing this is the same thing that is number one on the list about New York Times Square. If people absolutely can't resist going at that time then it is OK but I do think it is a good idea to point out reasons why they should consider doing something else I will just be going to a normal park.

Disney Parks are too crowded, so I won't visit any of them because I will get uncomfortable by being touched or pushed by anyone + they have long lines and make anyone wait for too long also Security is crazier and there's Too much demand, I'm not going to visit any Disney Park because they are too crowded.

2 They're too expensive

Disney Parks charge extra money on New Year's Eve due to the growing popularity for the New Year celebration. It's overpriced madness. Everything costs too much including the tickets themselves & even merchandise & food. Yet paying so much money for a Disney trip is ridiculous & especially so on New Year's Eve.

3 They're at capacity

On new Year's Eve the parks are so crowded they fill capacity. For parks a half mile in diameter or more those dozens of thousands of people can fill them up. Yet that means they're crammed together & trample together. Think about it, you know Times Square's extremely crowded on New Year's Eve & people are crammed together & it's the same with Disney parks. Yet in worse cases people can trample together which is a safety hazard. All this takes away the fun.

4 They have long lines

On New Year's Eve lines are extra long & so long wait times often exceed 3 hours & sometimes go up to 4 or 5 hours or more for attractions. Think about it, long lines for attractions. Yet there are lines pretty much everywhere at this time of year, including long lines just to get into the park or even to the restrooms. It's basically like an outdoor convention at that time of year. Nothing but crowded madness & extremely long lines. Yet the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train had a 4 hour wait & Slinky's wait was the longest since opening day, at 5+ hours & Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout had 3 hours 20 minutes which was the longest since opening (7 hours) & same with Radiator Springs Racers. Yet Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom had waits 1/3 hours past 6 hours on New Year's Eve in 2017 & more than 4 hours in 2018 which means standing that long which increases risks of back & neck problems when warnings tell you to avoid on such attractions like it. No wonder New Year's Eve is such a big deal for them.

5 People make you uncomfortable by touching & pushing you

You know in such crowded environments you're more likely to get touched & pushed on by others, yet you could do that to others at the same time. It's just indescribable chaos & more than an annoyance. It's just pure creepy horror. Yet it's chaos & people can crash into on another & even fight like it's Black Friday. Nothing but pure chaos.

6 You wait hours for the fireworks & countdown

With so many crowds & chaos you have to wait hours even just to watch the fireworks & the countdown to the new year. Many cases guests who are done with the attractions have to wait up to 6+ hours just for the fireworks. It's just beyond crazy & that's an understated description as it's indescribable.

7 You miss out on so many attractions

New Year's Eve at Disney Parks is so busy & crowded that many guests are unable to make it to the desired attractions & many even miss out on them. It's just pure chaos & can be miserable to people who wanted to go on those attractions badly.

8 They have frequent ride breakdowns

You know when Disney parks get so crowded on New Year's Eve, more people try to ride & some cause so much chaos & rides are more likely to break down more frequently. New Year's Eve is NOT a good time to go to Disney.

9 Security is crazier

When Disney parks get so crowded on days like New Year's Eve, security's placed under more stress from the demand & security measures can be even more strict & especially crazy. They're trying their best as possible to keep the place & guests safe, but it's extremely difficult at a time like this.

10 Too much demand

Disney parks are so crazy the demand is out of this world. Higher than the sky. People gather up beyond historic levels cause chaos to the parks even when trying to have fun. It seems almost impossible to have fun at Disney parks on New Year's Eve with all the crowd demand & it's just so demanding that it practically takes away the fun. Disney advertises people to go & even the price is demanded, meaning very expensive tickets. Fastpass is in extra demand too as people try to flood the fastpass lines trying to avoid long standby waits. New Year's Eve is NOT the best time to go to Disney.

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11 People might get drunk and could hurt themselves
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