Top 10 Most Annoying Things About Being the Oldest Child

Ugh... Being the oldest child is torture sometimes. The Oldest by far has it the hardest. The amount of stress, pressure, and hard work you have to do for your parents is a nightmare. Here’s some of the most annoying stereotypes commonly associated with the oldest child. If you are the oldest child you can probably relate and I apologize for all this you have to go through. I have to suffer through it as well. If you’re not the oldest you’re lucky
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1 Never getting a break from your parents

Sometimes you just cannot catch a break whether it's another annoying errand you have to run to the infamous "text me or call me when you get there" Or " where are you at? What are you doing? When will you be home? Who are you with? Why are you with them? It's like a full on press conference all because your friends invited you to go out to dinner and a movie. Look I am my own person I think I can handle myself leave me alone!

Welcome to my world, everyone... I'm getting out of this house when I am older and spend 85% of my time with nature and animals.

2 Always getting in trouble even when you did nothing

Whenever there's an argument, the blame always goes on the oldest, regardless if they are in the right or not. Someone please explain why every parent ever believes this logic!? Just merely trying to defend yourself is a cardinal sin punishable by death! Not really but you get the point. I also hate the reason along the lines of:

"They're X years old! You're older and more mature you should know better!"

Oh yeah because their age is a valid excuse for trying to attack me! Defending yourself? What kind of bizarre concept is that?

3 Having to play with your little brother or sister

Regardless if you want to or not you have to! No matter what. This includes taking your younger siblings along with you when you do get a chance to actually hang out with your friends. Refusal to do so is also the equivalent of a Cardinal Sin punishable by death! Well that's a bit over exaggerating but still! Why does every parent do this? Can I please have some time away from my siblings? I don't think it should be a law that I have to take my siblings in order to hang with friends

Younger siblings are an absolute wast of time and oxygen. I know that sounds mean, but let's face it: Pretty much all they do is annoy you, invade your privacy, and hog attention. Then you're constantly forced to do pointless things with them. Sickening.

4 Dealing with younger siblings who don't leave you alone

This includes while you are enjoying alone time trying to sleep or when you're in the car doing every single one of your pet peeves at the same time. It's just enough to make your blood boil like UGH CAN YOU SHUT UP ALREADY!

5 Setting the example for your siblings

Are you a perfectionist? No? Well that's too bad because you have to essentially be one as the oldest. You have to set the path for the younger ones to follow! Want to have fun with friends on a Friday or Saturday night? Well no later than midnight because you have to set the example! Even just the slightest failure to be perfect or getting a 75% C in a class is like a felony! What do you expect we're only humans too!

6 Being responsible for everything

This may sound fun at first, but don't let your parents fool you. It's pure torture! When I say everything I mean absolutely literally EVERYTHING! You're essentially the cleaning maid, lawn service, Uber, Uber Eats, babysitter, and grocery go-getter all at once! Trust me, I know the pain. It never stops and you also have to stay on top of grades and any extra curricular activities. Oh and saying no is not an option. If you do, then you are basically dead.

7 Enduring the stress and pressure of doing everything first

Since you are the oldest child you have the disadvantage of not having anyone to look up to. Your parents are still in the process of learning as well so you basically have to do everything on your own and I mean everything from getting a job, learning to drive, getting a car, graduating high school, going to college, paying taxes, handling finances and so on. oh and you can't mess up either. Good luck with that

8 Facing strictness from your parents

This is something I'm sure every oldest child can relate to. Younger Siblings essentially get a free pass for EVERYTHING. But if you come home a minute too late or you have a C in a class oh yeah you're in for some punishments! Now sure this depends on the family situation but for the most part you have the highest expectations placed upon you and one slight error and all hell breaks loose. Think the overprotective parents... that's what you have to deal with...

Reason number one I want to pursue a single life.

9 Putting in hard work for everything you own, only to see your parents buy things for your siblings

Whenever you ask your parents for anything remotely expensive they will always say something along the lines of. "You have to earn it" it's so annoying yet if your sibling wants a tablet or phone it's always "Oh sure we can get that!" The double standard is insane. Either buy things for everyone or make them work for it.

Oh, yeah it's like(Fake names) "Ellen do this so you can have your new book" but then "Hmmm, Lilly, I'll by you you're new thing if you give me hug." COME ON.

I actually would say that while it seems like my sister gets a bigger advantage, I do say I get some good stuff from my parents

10 Having your younger siblings steal your stuff

Seriously younger siblings will just barge into your room without warning and steal your stuff without asking to the point where you could probably convict them of a felony. They will steal anything and everything from clothes to phones to chargers and everything in between some of which you will never see again. You shouldn't have to lock up every single possession you own just because your siblings are thieves!

I don't know how many times my Nerf darts have been eaten by Lily.

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11 Being unable to hit your younger siblings back when they hit you

They are allowed to beat you to death essentially but God forbid you even lay a finger on them.

12 Waiting years to do something, only for the younger sibling to get the same thing or something similar

Shawn: waits 5 years to watch a football game

Benny: gets one for his birthday

13 Lending your belongings to your siblings

Luckily you don't have to deal with hand me downs but at the same time you have to give your little siblings EVERYTHING from clothes to Chargers and most of the time you never see it again. So be ready to kiss every last one of your possessions goodbye

14 Bearing the brunt of your parents' anger for something your siblings did

I was a good younger sister so I never get my sister into any problems, I mean. not bragging

15 Being blamed by your parents instead of your younger siblings
16 Watching your younger sibling always get better room conditions
17 Dealing with constant tantrums

Like, when I was in eighth grade, my second grade sis was throwing huge tantrums in the car and ripping the magazines that I had to stay in the car instead of going to Walmart with Mom. It sucks.

Well yeah, only when your younger siblings are young. Once the turn 8 they become pretty cool (most of the time).

18 Feeling unnoticed and lacking attention
19 Being constantly compared to your younger sibling
20 Filling in for your parents whenever needed
21 Frequently babysitting your siblings

It's annoying when they don't even take you seriously and ignore you completely.

22 Experiencing the frustration of your siblings telling on you, while your parents punish you but ignore their actions
23 Living up to endless expectations
24 Going easy on your younger siblings during games
25 Being considered "too old" for something just because your younger sibling happens to like it

yeah like if I want this one shirt mom says "your sister has one like that your too old for that design." like mom that has nothing to do with anything! Then your friend wears the exact same shirt and your jealous. True story

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