Top 10 Signs that You're a Buzzkill

Buzzkills are people that can ruin a joke, or take something too seriously. Here's some signs to look out for that are common in most buzzkills. Without further to do let's get this list started.
The Top Ten
1 You take everything too seriously

Which will make you not fun to be around. It's okay to take somethings seriously. But don't take everything seriously. Sometimes you gotta lighten up and take a joke every now and then. If you fail to do that then you're probably a buzzkill.

2 You ruin jokes because you don't understand them

By having the person explain the joke. You're ruining the joke and the charm it once had. If you don't understand a joke then try thinking about it. Instead of having it explained because you couldn't understand it.

3 You're not fun to be around

Seems pretty obvious to me. But if you're not fun to be around, then you're probably a buzzkill. Something that's worth nothing despite how obvious it is. Plus I think this can go without saying. For a lot of people at least.

4 You ruin every conversation you're in

One of the most well known signs of a buzzkill. Buzzkills tend to ruin every conversation that they can. It can range from 30 seconds to a minute. Maybe even less that... but it doesn't take long for them to ruin a conversation.

I only make the awkward

5 You're overly obnoxious

Name one buzzkill that isn't obnoxious. Oh wait, you can't because such a thing doesn't exist. Well at least you tried. Which counts for something. Anyway, buzzkills tend to be obnoxious about nearly everything. Some times even the smallest things they'll be obnoxious about.

6 You complain about everything

One of the biggest signs on this list. Buzzkills tend to be upset about everything. So they decide to complain about every little thing in existence. Most of the items here are obvious but notable. In my book that is. But oh well.

7 You come off as annoying

Buzzkills tend to be annoying people. That are very easy to come across. Some of them are more annoying than others. Depends, on what kind of buzzkill you encounter. Again mostly obvious but still worth including in my opinion.

8 You have a negative attitude

Buzzkills tend to have a negative attitude about things. Which can make them hard to deal with. A minor reason but one that I had to include. Well, maybe depending on how you view it. But yeah that sums up buzzkills pretty well.

9 You're the type of person that always argues with people

Besides the other examples listed. This is also, a very notable yet common sign of most buzzkills. Can't name one buzzkill that doesn't do this in the slightest. All of them seem to do this a couple of times. Which can make them unbearable at times.

10 You point out every flaw in a meme

Memes aren't meant to be taken seriously. By pointing out every flaw in a single meme. You're just being pretentious and repugnant. Something that makes you very repulsive to be around. Memes are idiotic but that's kinda the point of them. Don't be a buzzkill and point out every meme's flaws because that's simply boring to say of the least.

The Contenders
11 You hate the whole world
12 You lock yourself in your room depressively
13 Your stories are not entertaining
14 You refuse to try anything new
15 You talk about the same thing all the time
16 You can't look at the positive side
17 You are overly sensitive
18 You get overly emotional over stupid things
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