Top Ten Things That Are Annoying for Left-Handers

As a lefty, I decided to compose a list of all the things in my life that annoy me due to handedness.
The Top Ten
1 Spiral notebooks

Yes, these are terrible. They hurt your hand to write on, so you have to twist your hand around to avoid writing on top of the spiral ring, which makes it very uncomfortable to write for very long. I usually just tear out the paper from the notebook to make it easier to write on if possible.

Agreed, Fellow left-hander! being a writer is tuff when I do it on a spiral notebook!

2 When you're writing and ink smears on your hand

This is extremely annoying. Every time I have to write more than a couple sentences, I get ink or pencil lead all over the side of my hand. And then you get asked afterwards why you have ink smeared all over your hand, which is quite annoying to answer multiple times as well.

And my handwriting has always been bad...REALLY BAD.
Only one person complimented it...who on the next day compared my handwriting with the most indecipherable handwriting she had ever seen and said - "'s worse than yours ".

I keep losing points on school projects because the ink smudges all over the poster board, or paper, or whatever.

3 Scissors

Right-handed scissors are an extreme pain to use. This is also exactly why I bring left-handed scissors to school so I can avoid most of the troubles of right-handed scissors.

I just use these with my right hand to avoid problems.

4 When people see you writing and say "you're a lefty?!?"

People have said this to me too many times to count. It is very annoying; I'd just like to tell them "yeah, I'm left-handed, so just get over it", because it really shouldn't be a big deal. I don't walk up to every right-hander I see and say "Wait, you're right handed?! ". But I'm usually decently nice about it and try to not get too annoyed. But really, it's not like I'm some rare species or something so that when you see it you have to question it to make sure it's real...does it really matter that much what hand I use to do most things with?

5 Can openers
6 Some people disrespect you because of it

Seriously, what are schools teaching kids these days if this still exists as a reason to pick on someone? People can't help having certain genes that affect what hand they're most skilled with.

This is so stupid. Why would someone thing I'm evil just because I'm left handed? I thought that was over after the Middle Ages!

7 College desks

I've had to use these torture devices a few times in the past. You have to be in such a twisted and painful position just to manage to write anything.

It was worse in Chinese school when there wasn't a leftie desk at the end of the row... Cause there wasn't leftie desks at all. #thestruggle

8 Manual pencil sharpeners

I hate these. I try to switch my hands so I can turn the sharpener with my left hand and hold the pencil with my right, but it's too much of a struggle. So I attempt to use my right hand to turn it anymore, but it still feels really awkward to do so. Which is why I usually keep my own pencil sharpener in my backpack to use.

9 Binders

These are similar to spiral notebooks, the rings get in the way when you write with your left hand and you have to either twist your hand around over the rings or try to write between the rings (which is also quite uncomfortable) to write in the binder. And since papers aren't hole-punched on the right side, you can't just put the papers in where the rings would be on the right side.

This is 100% worse than the spiral notebook.

10 "Have you always been left-handed?"
The Contenders
11 Bumping your elbow with a righty
12 People automatically assume you're right handed and make you do stuff with your right hand.
13 Playing guitar

Guitar lessons in Music class were the worst. I had to sit in the front with the other left-handers.

14 When you write on the whiteboard, what you write gets erased
15 When you write, the print on the writing utensil is upside down

I know I may sound OCD, but this really bothers me, for some reason.

16 People thinking you are of the devil

I've only met a couple people like this, but knowing that there are still people who believe this is nonsensical. Just because I'm left handed, I'm not from the devil or worship him or anything like that...

17 People assume you're going to have bad handwriting
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