Top Ten Unofficial Holidays That Should Be Celebrated

Alongside Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day, and every other traditionally celebrated holiday, there are quite a few holidays that are obscure for obvious reasons. However, with a little determination, they could be celebrated across the world. Everyone can agree that the following would fill out a very strange calendar.
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1 May 25: Nerd Pride Day

From Star Trek to Doctor Who, from photosynthesis to polygraphics to knowing how to use a slide rule, many things are thought of when the words "nerd" or "geek" are brought up. If all these nerds came out of their closets for just one day, it would be a day of peace on Earth.

And 4 days before my birthday, too. I can read the Wheel of Time to my heart's content and listen to every Doctor Who theme in consecutive order. Wait, I do that almost every day.

2 November 11: Heavy Metal Day

That's why the metal documentary Metal Evolution was released on 11.11.2011. The series has 11 episodes. It's probably the best metal documentary by far.

3 September 22: Hobbit Day

From the mind of J.R.R. Tolkien, the Hobbits from the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the self-proclaimed Hobbit book, Hobbits are mythical creatures that resemble humans but have very small stature. Plus, they stereotypically live in holes beneath hills and eat much more than an average human (without becoming too plump). This holiday is in remembrance of the lovable creatures. Perhaps you could hold a "Hobbit party" in which you dressed as them (with typically tight pants).

4 September 24: Punctuation Day

When you read a book and there is a typo, do you have an irresistible urge to click on it and correct it? If so, you're either spending way too much time on your computer, or you are a grammar Nazi (or OCD.) As a representative for grammar Nazis everywhere, I believe we should celebrate this holiday because no one likes errors lik this

Every one can get vary sick and tired of grammatical error's.

5 November 2: Cookie Monster Day

This holiday celebrates the blue, furry creature from Sesame Street who had an insatiable craving for cookies...or just that one friend that can't get enough of cookies. Next time this date comes around on the calendar, celebrate by making a batch of cookies and offer them to passersby on the street (in your best impression of Cookie Monster.)

6 December 26: National Whiners Day

Notice that this holiday takes place the day after Christmas. On this day, you'll see that lines are full in supermarkets, with people scrambling to return unwanted or unneeded gifts. In most occasions, the objects are returned because a picky child (or child-like adult) refused to take it. If we as a society returned half of our Christmas gifts, not many people would bat an eye. Oh, how I fear for the human race.

What a great list! :)
We absolutely need a National Whiners Day! A day where we can whine, stamp our feet, scowl at anyone who appears remotely happy. The one day in the year we can really let ourselves go on a full on whinge-fest! The one day where we can say "Cheer up! It's National Whiners Day! "

7 April 19: National Hanging Out Day

This holiday celebrates the well-known pastime of simply chilling out with friends. Of course, you probably wouldn't be excused from work on this day, but it's equally possible to hang out at work too. Just look at what they did in The Office!

8 January 16: Nothing Day

The name says it all. It's a holiday meant to celebrate not being a holiday. Is it actually a normal holiday or just an ordinary day? You decide.

Ironically, I once actually celebrated this day on Thursday, 1/16/2020 when I decided to skip school that day. I had a nice, relaxing day at home.

9 July 31: National Talk in An Elevator Day

The next time you want to maintain a healthy level of insanity, you can enter an elevator and strike up a random conversation with whoever's in there. However, if you do it on July 31, they won't be annoyed--because everyone knows that day's National Talk in An Elevator Day, right?

10 September 13: International Chocolate Day
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11 May 4: Star Wars Day

That would be cool, they usually do something on may 4th for star wars

12 September 16: National Meme Day
13 March 21: Corn Dog Day

Today is the day that we unofficially celebrate the delicious, small wieners that are fried, breaded, and eaten on a stick. Host a competition of all things corn dogs, like corn dog costume races, corn dog making contests, and of course, corn dog eating contests. (Don't judge me.)

They look disgusting thank god they don't exist outside Yankland.

14 February 15: National Singles Day

Funny how it's right after Valentine's Day.

15 November 19: Have a Bad Day Day

This "holiday" revolves around celebrating supposedly having a bad day on purpose. Why exactly, you would want to celebrate it, I don't know. However, you could mention it to your friends in a conversation. See how they react.

I just asked my friend this. He told me not to be so stupid. I think he's celebrating it early.

16 September 9: National Bad Singers Day

I, like many people feel bad when we sing and are told to "Put a sock in it" because our singing voices aren't quite up to scratch. On this day, we can let ourselves go and warble badly and no one can moan.

17 March 14: Pi Day
18 No Internet Day
19 January 24: National Vine Day
20 February 31: nonexistence day
21 March 1: Derpy Hooves Day
22 November 26 - National Panned Media Day

November 25 - Aladdin, The Good Dinosaur, NFS MW (Europe), and The Regular Show Movie

November 26 - Flubber, The Haunted Mansion, Penguins Of Madagascar, and The most hated MLP episode that I can't remember the name of.

November 27 - Frozen, Flubber (original), FHFIF special, Yin Yang Yo, etc.

Which of those is the worst day for media, such as horrible T.V. episodes, video games, AND movies?

November 26.

23 May 6: National School Nurse Day

They do so much! My friend's mom is a school nurse!

24 March 1: Justin Bieber Day
25 December 4: Cookie Day
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