Top 10 Words to Describe Your Parents

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1 Hard-Working

My dad gets up early every morning to go to work. Then, when he comes home, he helps my brothers fix whatever in the house needs fixing. He comes home with a headache a lot of days, and that doesn't stop him from working hard at his job and at home.

My mom stays at home with us kids, and you might think that is easy until you hear there are eight of us at home without jobs (there were ten). She teaches us school, she takes care of us when we're sick, and cooks for us. Of course, she often has help, but still, she works just as hard as dad. After work, they still have time to love us, nurture us, and teach us what is right and wrong.

2 Loving

My parents can be a little nosy and overprotective at times, but I still love them. After all, without them, I wouldn't be alive.

I agree with this one 100%. My mom is the most loving person in the world, and she loves me more than anyone I know.

Helps me in need, be by my side. Show that you love me. Do things for me even if hurt or not. But you still can be loving even if you don't do anything.

3 Amazing

Parents are always amazing. Just look at what they are doing for you.

4 Protective

My mom is ridiculously overprotective of me and takes it up to eleven. I'm 26 years old, and she will not allow me to leave the house unsupervised, even if I just want to go to a store that's across the street from my house.

My parents are protective and loving. Even my older sister is not allowed to play video games anymore because she's being too pathetic. Yep, my parents will send her to military school if she keeps this up. My older sister isn't going anywhere.

Mine are ridiculously overprotective about what I do on the Internet. It's annoying, really.

5 Wonderful

Party-pooper? More like the head of enjoyment! Mum, I absolutely love you!

They are as wonderful as they will ever be!

6 Inspiring

They do things that make me want to be like them.

7 Strict

Parents are strict because they fear for their children's future, and they had no other choice. It sometimes could be the child's fault.

Yes, my parents are strict. This friend of mine has parents who let her do anything she wants as long as it doesn't hurt her. I'm envious of her.

Eh, my parents aren't really strict, but they are more strict than the parents of most kids in my grade.

8 Kind

My parents are very kind because they gave birth to me and didn't throw me away. You should love your parents more than anything.

9 Narcissistic

This describes the woman who gave birth to me (I choose not to use the word "mother" because I believe you earn the title). 100%. Ever heard of NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)? Describes her to a T! My sperm donor (same explanation as above) is the enabler. He would rather carry out the Queen of All Narcissists' wrath on us children... I take that back... on ME (the scapegoat), than to take it himself. Sister is the Golden Child. Brother is the Lost Child (has special needs).

Today is Mother's Day. The evil sicko who has made my life a living hell planted lies in my own daughter's head about me without my knowledge. I had no idea until it was too late. This Mother's Day, I have NO family. ZERO. ZILCH. All because of the lies. Do you know why? Every time she tried to hurt me, I just ignored her. Little did I know, that this small act enraged the narcissist MORE! It has come to the point now where I fear for my life over her pure evilness. Yet, to others, she is a kind, caring retired nurse who is a strong Christian woman that helps out whenever she can at the church and feeds those people in our community who are less fortunate.

Yes. Please read about NPD. It is NOT curable. In fact, I expect nobody to believe me that knows her. However, I do hope to spread the word about this horrific mental illness that I believe afflicts MANY people - not only in families, but in ALL kinds of relationships. Sending everyone that has dealt with a narcissistic parent peace, love, and light (light). Kiss

10 Talkative

Mom, can we go? "No. I'm talking."

*insert SpongeBob transition here*

"Ok. Let's go!"

*sees someone else and starts talking*

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11 Awesome

My mum is always helping me even when I have touched all her nerves, even when I don't say sorry.

12 Ignorant

I'd rather not explain why, just to save myself a headache.

They don't understand my perspective of things.

That's what my parents are fit for!

13 Funny

Ahh... my mum... She is funny without trying. Today, we took a taxi to a part of town we very rarely visit. The friendly driver asked, "So where are we going, love?"

My mum, bless her, replied, "I don't know exactly where this building is, but it's cream-colored and has steps leading up to the door." She honestly didn't know why the taxi driver and I laughed.

14 Hypocritical

My parents will say "Homophobia is bad," but yet they use "gay" as an insult and distort and manipulate my opinions. Example:

*sees naked headless mannequin dolls*
Me: Eww! They're naked and headless!
Mum: So what if they're naked?
Me: Little kids will see them, and it is inappropriate for them!
Mum: So what? *suddenly changes topic to LGBT* You can love the same sex.

I wasn't talking about the same sex, I was talking about how I thought the mannequins being headless and naked is inappropriate. But NO! My mum assumes I'm homophobic and tries to distort my opinion into that so she can explain LGBT to make herself look smarter and nicer!

Then she uses "gay" as an insult and to describe things she thinks are ugly.


15 Overprotective

There have been so many occasions when my parents were overly protective:

1. My parents would never let me hang out with my friends last minute or have a sleepover, always creating an excuse that there's too much dog hair in the house when we haven't had a dog for months, and I just cleaned the house last week.
2. My mother has asked for my friends' parents' phone numbers so she could check in on me almost every hour.
3. My father would monitor my internet history all the time.
4. My mom made me promise I wouldn't get a tattoo before the age of 30.
5. My mom overloads me with floaties when I go swimming. I'm 18 and was on the swim team...

I feel like most of this is my mom.

16 Irritating
17 Loud

YES! My parents constantly yell at me over every little thing, and when my dad is furious, he screams the house down!

They assume we "just don't understand anything"! We understand so much more than they think.

My dad is loud. He even looks loud!

18 Arrogant

When I ask my mom something, she discourages me when she's angry or busy.

19 Cheap

My parents are Asian, and they are very cheap. They try to save money in every way possible, like if it's dark out, I have to turn the light off. Why can't I turn it on when I write or draw? Doing it in the dark is BAD FOR YOUR EYES!

Also, my mom reuses those brown paper lunch bags and takes a bunch of stuff like soaps from hotels and napkins from fast food places. Also, my dad thinks that $1 for a box of crayons is "too expensive." My parents said that they would rather live a simple life and would probably take extreme frugality up to eleven at this rate.

You know the T.V. shows "Extreme Cheapskates" and "Extreme Couponing" where the people featured take extreme frugality up to eleven by doing things like buying groceries for the family on like $5 a week and reusing disposable items constantly (my parents already do this)? What if my parents turn into THEM? I know saving money is good, but forcing me to also be very cheap is getting a bit extreme!

20 Annoying
21 Bitch

My mom doesn't want me anymore. She says I'm too much for her to deal with.

22 Superior
23 Nosy
24 Dramatic
25 Relentless
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