Top 10 Things Kids Lie About

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1 Doing their homework

And grades, progress reports, report cards, tests, quizzes, and everything from school.

Mommy! I did all of my homework! Can I play Barbie Dreamhouse?
What's this here email I got about you not turning in your worksheet?
But one plus one is so hard!
I don't care, no Barbies for an hour.
That's the worst punishment ever!

I'm school homework intolerant and I won't do homework because it will waste my time.

2 Where they are going

I told my mom I was going to a friend's house but I lied and went to a club instead.

I didn't really do that. That was just an example.

3 If they have a girlfriend or boyfriend

I know someone who does that all the time. It was a little annoying.

The most common lie ever told in the history of humanity.

4 How old they are

A lot of kids really want to be older for some reason. What's so good about having a high age?

5 If they have ever bullied anyone

Bullying isn't a joke, so kids shouldn't lie about it.

Another reason why bullying is a thing now.

6 If they ate their vegetables

My brother lied that he ate his vegetables and threw them away. That was a big mistake, and our mom wasn't very happy about it. Not at all.

I don't do this! I eat my veggies on my plate!

7 If they know Spanish

Spanish is a very popular foreign language to learn. Many many kids know it. Plus, who lies about knowing Spanish? It's not impressive enough to lie about, really.

Everyone knows: Spanish or vanish.

8 That they're not scared of scary movies

I never watch scary movies anymore since that movie with that scary doll. Was the movie called Chucky because I can't remember what was the title.

I'm never really scared of monster movies, but I'll get freaked out when watching a horror movie. Cross my virtual heart.

9 If school is fun

School isn't fun, you can enjoy school, but that doesn't make it fun! So anyone saying this is lying!

School... I hate school for personal reasons. Tell me how many kids like school. About 5% do.

I hate the learning but the fights and parties. GREAT!

10 If they hate little kids shows

My worst enemy claims that she watches Home and Away (which sucks anyway), but her mum says that she actually watches Peppa Pig. Just say that you like kids shows and enjoy it while you can! I still watch SpongeBob and Yo-kai Watch, and even My Little Pony (although I recently got into that). She even says that Sonic is for babies.

She's trying to ruin my life, because I was able to play that when I was three and I have loved it ever since. However, I'm forever getting into a new anime series and slowly being dragged out of the world of kid's cartoons. I still watch the shows I love.

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11 If they love their siblings
12 If they farted
13 If they’re innocent
14 Having to go to the bathroom
15 If they have friends
16 Their race
17 Theft
18 Monsters / the boogeyman
19 Their vacations
20 If they like something because their friend likes it
21 The Tooth Fairy
22 Skipping school
23 If they watched TV
24 If they’re well behaved
25 Santa Claus
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