Top 10 Most Annoying Things Parents Enforce

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1 Getting off your electronics at a certain time

My parents don't understand that the only time I feel calm is when I'm with my phone or at school. My step-dad especially doesn't understand that the cause of all my stress (and recent anxiety attack) is because he yells at me everyday for doing nothing to deserve it. I was going to rewrite my essay and he told me I had an hour to do it. My brain kind of just stopped so I couldn't write anything down. He yelled at me, threatemed to slap me before I started crying (again, it's already been a stressful day. He doesn't need to keep adding onto it). Went to bed without dinner since I lost my appetite and I'm too uncomfortable to tell my mom my true feelingss since she's only nice to me when that demon of steo-dad is gone...

2 Practicing extreme frugality

My mom and my grandma are always like this. My mom still buys me expensive things sometimes and is smart with money, but my grandma takes frugality to an extreme level, because she won't buy anything that's more than $100, even if it's an electronic. Every time I tell her that cheap doesn't always mean "good quality", she gets mad at me.

My parents are Asian and are very cheap. My mom reuses brown paper lunch bags for WEEKS, and my dad thinks that a $1 box of crayons is too expensive.

My mom might as well be Mr. Krabs when it comes to buying certain things. Hell, she once tried to buy me a chromebook to in June 2020, but I was luckily able to get her to buy me a nice Windows 10 laptop instead.

3 No using social media

Honestly more parents should enforce this rule due to children completely being unaware and naive on the internet. If you are allowed to roam freely on the internet and get involved in social media under the age of 13, then your parents have failed you...

Really? Social media is the biggest waste of time ever! People are so antisocial nowadays, get off your phones every now and then and talk to people in person, social media is pointless like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc., you people need to grow up!

4 No wearing certain clothes

My mom doesn't like it when I get heavy metal shirts, and I have a lot of them. 2 Led Zeppelin ones, 3 Metallica ones, 1 AC/DC one, 1 Iron Maiden one, and I almost got a Megadeth one until I decided to get a video game instead. My older siblings, or aunt has to pretty much buy the shirt without telling my mom, and she gets really angry when I get the shirt.

This is totally okay with me. If parents don't want you to wear something there is definitely a good reason. I agree with everything they say about this 100%. Modesty is important and why would you want to walk around looking like a walking billboard?

5 Going to bed at a certain time

Bed time. I get it. Sleep is important. But when your parent doesn't trust you enough to keep YOURSELF healthy you know there's a problem. Especially when you get older. I keep asking my mom to give me some space, let me figure out my sleep schedule myself. And she does for like a week then says "no it's not working" and goest back to leveraging my hobbies against literally anything I do wrong. Going to bed at midnight? It's the electronics fault. Every time she does this I end up staying up even later because I'm riled up. I went to sleep at 3 last night because I was pissed off. Sometimes I think parenting is just a power trip because "you're my kid and I can" I really don't follow where all the stubbornness and pointless double standards come from. I look ant my mom and sometimes she's more childish than me

6 Showing them what you're doing

Aka "Let us have complete control over your accounts and know everything you do online! Hope you're still sane after this! " The first (and last) time my mom enforced this rule, my Google account was deleted and so were all my videos, all because she couldn't handle me swearing on the internet. I'm sneakier now, but still. I also had her force me to remove my best friend (and only friend) from my Google contacts list one time, over a prank where I told my friend I got a virus on my laptop and couldn't use the internet, and was sending the message from my mom's phone. Needless to say, I'm pretty sure I lost my sanity from that. I literally went from using my laptop in front of everyone, not caring about what they thought of the sites I was on, to being paranoid of people opening my door when I use my laptop, even when all I'm doing is watching Equestria Girls for the 47th time. She'll also think I'm hiding things, even if there's proof that I'm NOT hiding things. So yeah. Sorry for the rant-ish thing. Just needed to get that out.

7 Being "too old" for certain things

Yeah that's true when my dad caught us watching a certain Nick Jr show he says it's for babies but we're just watching it only for our childhood memories and not to act like babies. AGEIST DAD.

Thank GOSH my parents like Looney Tunes... in fact, Looney Tunes isn't just not just for kids, but has several inappropriate material like uncensored Russian Roulette, how many times you can shoot a duck and pro-LGBT messages.

I still watch a couple of Pixar movies, and my Dad enforces this, even though it's technically for all ages.
What's next, "too old" for South Park? Too old for Horror Movies?

8 No cursing

This doesn't apply to me anymore now that I'm 15, but when I was little, I once got my computer privileges taken away for the night all because I said a certain swear word even though my family said it all the time. Hell, I wasn't allowed to say the word "dork" at one point after watching a certain episode of Monster High.

Kids really shouldn't even be swearing. I don't think they should even use alternatives to swear words. Parents can swear because they're mature enough and have the experience to handle such immense power. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can cause chaos beyond our control.

9 No dating until a certain age

If you're still middle school, then I understand this rule, But in high school and above, it's dumb. Some parents and religions even have rules on dating and marriage when you grow up such as marrying a certain religion or culture, arranged marriages, being forced to marry, or only allowed to be straight.

It's so annoying! Honestly, I have had the biggest crush on this boy for 10 long months, and the week after I told my parents, we were all chatting about the seating plans in classes.
My mum was like,"What about Spanish?"
I sat next to him so I said"c/n(his name)"
So she joked,"I wonder what he might say to you!"
My dad said"Yeah,in three years!"
I was so annoyed, especially when he started going on about not dating until year 10( I'm British) at least mum told him to stop being protective.

10 No expressing your emotions

I can NEVER be mad or sad in my house, like, I'm gonna cry idiot, but they don't understand that. Like, would you rather me start cussing in your face of just let me cry?

When I get scared, mad, feel pain, or is hurt, I want to cry. When I get very angry, I want to scream and yell in another room, vent, and punch and hit pillows and other soft objects, but my mom won't let me and insists that I keep my feelings hidden >:(

Some strict parents depress their child so much that they feel they shouldn't express their emotion. My parents never did this tho so I am grateful

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11 No being in the same room with members of opposite gender

I'll admit my dad has definitely loosened up around the whole "guys hang out with girls" thing, but he still gets annoyed when I hang out with more guys (I'm a girl) then he sometimes paints me as a crazy, obsessed, delusional, lunatic who's desperate for a boyfriend. And every time I mention a guys name apparently to him it's a crush. Once I talked about one group of my guy friends, and he actually said this to me: "I think you're desperate for a boyfriend." Yeah they're pretty fine, but everything is strictly platonic, and I wish he'd understand it better. He's better than he used to be, and he lets me hang out with a couple boys, but he still thinks I like them in that way sometimes

12 Letting your younger sibling get the better pick

They just spoil their sisters. Both olders and youngers are equal.

13 No video games on school days

I'm allowed to play 1.5-2 hours on Fridays-Sundays. I don't complain about it too much on school days because I have so much homework, and even on the weekends too! I sometimes don't even get to play on the weekends. But what's annoying is that the rule stays on long breaks too like summer and winter break when I should literally be able to play however I want and whenever I want! It's even more annoying because I want to get better at the game and place in tournaments and make money and make content rather than play for fun. Maybe after 11th grade ends this year, they might let me play longer on summer and long breaks, and on school days and weekends whenever I finish my homework and get good grades. I hope that happens.

14 Making you clean your room

I agree with my parents at this one. I always make my bed in the morning and I hate when things getbout of order in my room. I usually put the things I used to the place where they belong, so I can find them.

15 No having a YouTube channel

I am not allowed to have a YouTube channel, but my YOUNGER cousin is.

I have a YouTube channel but I don't post anything on it.

I want to be a YouTuber, but my parents won't let me!
Why, Mom and Dad!? I want to be extremely popular!

16 Making you write thank you notes after holidays

Luckily we don't need to do this. Just telling them (either in person or by phone) or sending an email is fine.

Can't you just say thank you in person? Also who the hell mails letters anymore?

I mean, it's polite, but can't you send your relatives texts instead?

17 Doing something you're uncomfortable with

I agree. I want to drive because it is important but my parents literally think it is not normal for someone who is 20 years old to not be driving but they don't understand that it is my choice to start driving lessons and letting me be in my comfort zone and see if I'm ready. Yes, driving is important because you can gain experiences outside but if I am feel I am not ready to drive, I am not going to do it because I don't want to put myself in a situation when I will be in a potential accident. My parents think I don't take my life seriously because I don't know how to drive but I work my ass off in school, treat everybody with respect, and accomplish my house chores. They literally think I am lazy. SMDH.

18 Going to school even though you are sick and don't feel well

Once when I was little I said I felt sick but my parents didn't believe me. But they took me home because I was whining. Five minutes later I literally threw up all over the floor.

So yeah.

I tell my grandpa I don't feel good, that I feel like throwing up. And all he says is this... "Aw, your fine, you're going 2 school." Sometimes he lets me stay home when I feel the same. I go to school feeling like puking all just for an "education" *facepalm*

This will get other people sick and will cause the school to shut down, my parents have done this before.
How narrow-minded could you be?

19 No eating junk food

I have a fast metabolism and I can eat lots of junk food without gaining weight, so clearly my parents don't give a crap about my eating habits.

The no snacks before dinner rule stinks!

My mom makes me eat a toddler-sized portion of food for lunch, and then she would not let me eat any snacks during the afternoon, even if I get really hungry. I am 26.

So sometimes I have absolutely no choice but to starve myself to extremes until dinner (which is around 7-8 PM) :(

20 No getting earrings until a certain age

well I could not get my ear's pierced till I was 25 yes 25 my mom kept telling me no you will die if you get you ear's pierced. I know this girl that was in my school and she died from getting her ear's pierced do you want that to happen to you?. I really didn't care I just wanted to have pierced ear's my family gave me so many earring's not knowing that I didn't have pierced ear's. so one day my mom said ok we will go have it done. and you know what? I didn't die. what? my mom was wrong? wow!

I'm 15 and I have 11 holes in my body. I have 5 holes on both ears plus one in my right nostril. I'm planning on getting my septum and snakebites done in 2023 when I'm 17 (since that's when my piercer will be willing to do those piercings on me).

21 Having to eat all your food

I can understand the argument. Food cost money and if you have to throw it away it's not fun. On the other hand everybody knows that when you have enough it's unhealthy to eat more. If you know that your child isn't a great eater, just make less food.
Comment from a parent.

This is nothing to do with the topic but it's about food, every Saturday we buy McDonald's and buy chicken selects and fries but for some reason mom keeps yanking out my chips so annoying!

My parents don't force me to eat my food. By the way, I eat all of my food mostly, unless it doesn't taste bad. My parents say if I don't like the food, then I don't have to eat it.

22 The oldest child is automatically being responsible for everything

An angry dad comes to the living room looking at me? Did you broke my guitar? Me looking all annoyed...

Me saying no it was my little brother... Dad saying (Are you lying?) Me saying: NO! If you're lying, you are the son of the Satan, tell me the truth... Me rolling my eyes facepalming saying I did... My dad about to punch me on the face but I blocked his crappy punch. I responded, so you're telling me that I'm a liar? AND YOU'RE TELLING ME TO TELL THE TRUTH BY SIMPLY LYING? Dad saying, are you calling me a liar? I don't lie. Me saying, excuse me? You said to tell the truth and my first 2 responses are true, but the third response is a lie that you said "tell the truth" Young man, I am tired of arguing with you. You need to accept my response and none of this will ever happen, father.

23 Not watching TV at a certain time

When my dad is watching sports I can't watch YouTube on the Fire Stick.

My mom won't let me watch CERTAIN T.V. SHOWS at certain times. For example when I want to watch paranormal shows and horror movies, she only allows me to watch them during the day and not at night

I can't use Apple T.V. if my parents watch T.V.

24 Not going outside in the rain because "you are going to get sick"

So ' annoying. I love playing in the rain! Like jumping up on the back of the truck and getting soaked with water. ( Yeahhh I'm so weird ) But when it's seriously pouring outside, they say your gonna get sick and then you won't be able to go to school. Even though they're gonna make you go either way so what's the diff? They say you're gonna get hit by lightning but they say it like this, " Oh yeah go outside and get struck by lightning. Hope you live! " Yeah. #1 parents of the year. I'm sure they don't really mean that, it's just a way to get your attention and get you worried. Some people have really strong immune systems and don't get sick as much so there are chances...

25 Treating the younger ones better

This is totally obvious. My younger sister gets money on her high school graduation. When I graduated high school, I got NOTHING at all. When my sister and cousins do bad stuff, they are immediately forgiven, but when I made one TINY minor mistake, my parents yell at me and act like it's the end of the world. MY cousins get 20+ "happy birthday" messages every year. My sister gets at least 5 every year (she has friends), I only get a maximum of 3 per year. If I get 4 or 5, I am considered extremely lucky that year. This is just a small sample of my life...

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