Top Ten Ways to Feel Happier

This list needed to be made. Far too many people nowadays are trapped in their own mind, a prisoner of themselves and encumbered by too many unnecessary negative emotions. Life is what we make it; it's as difficult or as simple as we want it to be. Obviously, there are unavoidable situations we have to deal with such as a death in the family, ill health but other times we put ourselves into situations we know will make us unhappy (I have a list: Too Ten Avoidable Situations We Voluntary Put Ourselves in (it's worth a look)
Life IS complicated but it can also be simple if we learn how to manage certain aspects of our lives. I'm not preaching (okay, maybe I am a little) but it's only because I've been around long enough to know what I'm talking about. This list is only designed to help to feel happier. Feel free to add anything I've missed that works for you or vote for an existing item.
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1 Disassociate yourself from things that make you unhappy

Social media as an example. My niece's friend came to me in tears, when I asked her what was wrong she told me she felt pressured by social media, the pressure of competing with other girls her age to be "cool" but she was still bombarded with negative comments. I asked her why she still uses facebook etc when it clearly makes her unhappy. She replied "Cause I havta." Well, no you don't! Isn't it better to seek out things you actually enjoy doing? This was nearly nine months ago. Thankfully she took my advice and deleted her accounts. She has since joined an amateur dramatics club and is much happier expressing herself in a more positive way.

2 Help others

Those who are less fortunate: Homeless, elderly, lonely, sick and vulnerable. A simple good deed not only makes those you are helping feel better but you'll find it helps you to feel better about yourself too.

I help others but don't help those who give you an insult in return as they don't deserve that help.

Making others feel happy makes me feel happy.

3 Go outside more often

This is something that's saved my life.

4 Write

This website actually was where I'd write my thoughts on things I like. I can't really talk in real life because I have a stutter and social awkwardness. I like to write and draw sometimes.

Someone from the heaven did advised me and ever since then 've been finding myself ascending up towards the seventh heaven...Great list Britty...Will aid tons of depressed souls.

Whenever I write in my diary, it just makes me feel better. It's the only place I can truly express myself without anyone judging me.

5 Get enough sleep
6 Smile more

No, you don't have to walk around wearing a fixed inane grin; just the act of a small smile makes you feel better. Try it! Smiling encourages others to smile which make you feel better and not only that, it makes you feel more confident, which can only cause you to feel happier.

7 Concentrate only on the good things in your life

Don't tell me there is nothing good in your life because I won't believe you. There must be things you enjoy doing. Surround yourself in those things. Why waste time and energy on anything else?

8 Be hopeful

If nothing seems to be going right today, think "Maybe tomorrow" and if tomorrow isn't the day then think "Maybe tomorrow" your tomorrow has to come. Maybe your tomorrow is tomorrow? Isn't that a good enough reason to stay hopeful today?

I think this is a problem for me. I spend so much time saying that I will do something later and to be hopeful, but I never get around to it.

I hope hopeless changes over time.

9 Read

Keeps you alert and positive... but it depends on the book. As a young boy I read Miners and The Hunger Games at the same time and it put me into a state of depression

10 Find a partner

Not everyone needs a partner and it sounds high-maintenance and exhausting for some of us.

You don't need a partner just to be happy and some people are actually happy being single.

My boyfriend, Adrian, does really help me through life.

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11 Let go of negative emotions and learn to live with the things you can't change

Like if there's a celebrity or a movie that you really love and somebody saids something bad about your favorite thing, just ignore what they say & go on with your life. That's much better than getting triggered & upset over someone's opinion. Eeverybody is entitled to their opinion. Like for example, I don't like Jennifer Lawrence or Forrest Gump, but doesn't mean you can reply to me back in caps and call me stupid for not liking what you like. You think I call people who don't like Goodfellas or Natalie Portman stupid? Of course not. We can all get offended sometimes, but some things you just have to let go in life. You can't continue the rest of your life upset about somebody's own negative statement towards something you really love.

12 Find a friend

I'll admit that I've always had trouble finding a good friend. However, on this site I found the right people to become friends with and they know how to cheer me up. Most important quality for friends is that they care about you. If they don't, they aren't real friends and they probably only care about themselves

Isn't that what friends are for? If you are sad and you don't know how to feel better, just go to them and they'll comfort you. If you want, you can hug them, and you'll feel happier. If they don't comfort you, then they are not friends.

13 Ditch the news
14 Remember life goes on whatever the circumstances

Death, setbacks, health... Life goes on and you HAVE to move with it. You can't stay still, sitting on your bed crying about things. If you will yourself to get up when you're at your lowest point, if you overcome your worst feelings, you WILL feel better and more quickly.

15 Browse memes
16 Accept changes in life

We can't live in the past, life doesn't allow us this luxury. Change is inevitable. Life's waves pulls us into its current and we have to decide whether to sink or swim - and where's the fun in sinking? And if you can't swim - learn (it all adds to your list of achievements).

17 Study

I like studying chemistry and grammar. And horology. And also astronomy.

18 Stay away from toxic people
19 Think of life as a game

No one likes losing. It's you against life. Face its challenges head on and tell yourself you can't and won't be beaten. Believe me, you WILL feel better with everything you overcome, the feeling of power over life itself is euphoric. Don't you want to feel that?

You move forward when you make good and better decisions, you go backward when you have a set-back, my favorite thing to do

20 Draw
21 Eat good food
22 Don't compare yourself to others
23 Be yourself
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