Top 10 Most Effective Forms of Propaganda

Not all propaganda is bad, but all of it does follow a select criteria:

1. It must attempt to make an influence. No matter the output's size, if it attempts it, it's propaganda.

1a. If influence is successful, there will be opposition that arises against support.

1b. There will be echo chambers to make both beliefs stand out as a result of that.

1c. Other sects of each belief will arise from that as well as a result. And echo chambers will be made for them as well, no matter how big or small.

2. It works towards a select goal or goals. Although not all political, politics is where it mostly shines. Other examples of this include clickbait (works towards a goal of profit through deceptive or intriguing means) and pop culture (exemplifies what it feels is "trendy" through manufactured (or made with heavy corporate influence) songs, films, anime, TV shows, etc; and whatever stems from that helps boost that trend to the forefront). While some aspects of it are bad, it's ultimately harmless in the long run. Of course, it can have the opposite effect as well, as goes for all forms of propaganda.

3. It must make something stand out. Whether it be an opponent, idea, figure, or anything that is relevant to making the propaganda effective, if something is emphasized repeatedly ad nauseam, it's propaganda.

4. It doesn't have to be big things. Sometimes propaganda can be subtle, be invisible to the public eye, taken to the comfort of the home.

5. There must be something in the propaganda that has the potential to mislead the audience. Of course, exceptions to this include propaganda in which it's discussing shouldn't be taken at face value, but rather instead be related to the emotional aspects of the situation, in which that point is invalid. Examples of this include, most famously, the Gettysburg Address and

A common misconception is that echo chambers spread propaganda. While true for some, it is not true in general aspects. Scientific evidence, for example, is true based on our common knowledge, and as thus, the community surrounding it isn't necessarily spreading propaganda through that method. You can say they're being arrogant about it, but that's not really spreading propaganda.

And finally, this is the most effective forms of propaganda, and nothing else. Usage is irrelevant, we're talking about quality here. And as a side note, this is propaganda, but it's not meant to do anything else but show the effectiveness of it.

And hey, if it becomes popular it's bound to further prove its point.

Also, I don't like talking about this at this length so this is the only list I'll provide on the matter.
The Top Ten
1 Appeal to Emotion
2 Cult of Personality

A personality cult is intended to replace religion. It's associated with state atheism. For example, the Nazis portrayed Hitler as a god in his cult.

This may seem absolutely stupid, but it works because it basically brainwashes the people.

3 Selective Wording
4 False Accusations
5 Transfer
6 Cherry Picking
7 Ad Nauseam
8 Half-truth

If you leave out half the story but they fact-check the other part and it is right, they ought to believe the rest of the statement. They might not look into what you have not included.

9 Straw Man
10 Deceptive Use of Statistics
The Contenders
11 Scapegoating
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