Top Ten Ways to Turn a Girl Off

Remember my list Top Ten Ways to Turn a Guy Off. Well, I'm making a sequel to that to get both points of view. This should be easier for me to list off because I'm a girl and we girls know what stops our gears. This is for anyone who's trying to get a girl off their shoulders or for anyone who wants to avoid these things so they can win the heart of a girl.
The Top Ten
1 Be Arrogant

We girls absolutely hate guys who always talk about themselves or think everything's about them. Nobody likes a person who's always full of themself.

We are either arrogant or not confident enough there is no middle ground that I have found sadly.

2 Tell Her What to Wear

Note that this comment is geared to guys who are picky on women's looks. I'm aware that not all guys are like this. To all guys that think we girls dress to impress you men: Stop telling us to only wear a certain amount of makeup, were aware when it's too much. Stop trying to tell us what to and what not to wear. We like to wear what we wear to feel good, not to impress you. So do us ladies a favor and stop being so picky on us and thinking that us women are out there trying to just impress you, thanks.

3 Not Be a Good Listener

We like men who respect our thoughts and give us their undivided attention when were speaking. We don't like men who dis our opinions constantly or men who always interrupt us. This can also be a turn off for men too.

4 Be a Serial Flirt

A men shouldn't be flirting with other women if he's already commited to one. It's one thing to talk to another girl, which most of us women are cool with, but to flirt with another woman crosses the line too far. This is why a lot of relationships in high school end.

I'm guilty of a number of these, but I voted for this one because it's often hard to tell when you cross the border from conversation into flirting. Be cognizant of your thoughts and you'll be fine.

5 Be Jealous

If a man gets mad at a woman for talking to another man, that's borderline crazy boyfriend territory. A woman should be able to freely talk, call, or text a boy at her free will as long as she isn't flirting. Now if #4 and this one was combined, then that would be much worse on so many levels.

But... If you never get jealous then you must not care enough.

6 Move Too Fast

We women like to get to know a guy first for a while before jumping in bed with them. We don't like men who make us undress for them on the first date, if anything, some of us even find it perverted. It's worst if a guy who a woman isn't dating asks her to sleep with him. It only shows that he's only using the woman for sex, not because he likes her.

7 Have Bad Hygiene

No woman likes a man that doesn't take care of himself. We won't let any man with long unkempt fingernails or bad breath touch us.

8 Not Be Confident

Even though we despise arrogant men, we would at least like a guy with confidence who can take care of himself.

Welp I'm screwed then. Every time I try to be confident they always think I'm being cocky there's no in between.

9 Complain a Lot

A woman can't stand a man who complains at her, nags her constantly, and a man who complains that she isn't like another woman.

10 Send Nudes

We don't find nudes or explicit pictures a turn on. Let's be honest, it's gross. And if your in highschool, there's a great possibility one of you could go to jail or get a bad rep. You might as well kiss those dreams of finding the perfect job or dream college goodbye. So don't you dare think of sending one of those, it's not going to do anything for you.

The Contenders
11 Fart on Purpose
12 Call Yourself an "Alpha Male"
13 Say you hate music that has the Millennial Whoop

Everyone knows that girls love that repetitive inane "whoop". You guys better just pretend to love it too.

14 Unshaved Pits
15 Be a Mama's Boy
16 Make her call you daddy
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