Top Ten Ways to Show Respect Toward Others

Sometimes society can get the wrong message about who you are. You want to make people think you're the kind, caring person you are, but certain obstacles, no thanks to society itself can get in your way. We may try hard, but even sometimes the hardest you've got isn't enough. And there's nothing wrong with that. Just make sure you respect other people, and they will respect you back most of the time. But there are those people...

These suggestions in the list are about 99.9% guaranteed to work. So sit back, relax take notes, yadda yadda. Anyway, let's get going with the list.
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1 Follow Rules

Usually, in society, bending rules can get you into deep trouble. Following rules can show you have dedication to the cause, and prove you can be obedient. I wasn't exactly the rules-type person when I was younger. In 5th grade, I got into trouble for excessive lying, and cheating. Since then, I have changed and realized who I am.

I try to do this... Most of the time...

Whenever you break rules someone/somebody about that gets arrested

2 Respect Other's Opinions

Opinions are part of what makes us... us. I might have a different opinion on topics like religion, gay marriage, etc, but it is important to respect opinions. You don't want to know how many times I have seen people say things like "die in a pit" if they don't have the same opinion as them. It's a pet peeve of mine for people to not respect opinions.

3 Don't Complain Often

Complaint gets people nowhere in life. I have had personal experience with this one. I used to be a heavy complainer of pretty much every little thing. My parents kept saying I needed to be more respectful. I stopped complaining. Bam. They stopped complaining about my disrespect. In matter of fact, I admit I still complain sometimes.

4 Don't Purposely Bug People

Annoyance. Damn annoyance. Basically it's being a jerk on purpose to put it in a way. I remember when I was that annoying little brother everyone in the family hated. I wouldn't do chores, pick up after myself, and I even did a "bed replacement" prank on my brother (I'll explain later). But I've realized being annoying makes you look as likable as Miley Cyrus.

5 Respect People's Space

You don't really want to be that guy who sits in someone's bushes spying on them, or the person who is nosy enough to search someone's yard. I used to be a heavy eavesdropper, and I still am today. I can't count how many people find it annoying to eavesdrop at times.

6 Don't Be a Jerk

There's no way you could show respect toward others when you are a jerkface. Or at least it would be hard. I remember when I used to be a jerkface to pretty much anyone, and I didn't really feel good about myself. Since then, I have gotten my head back in the game and became nicer toward others, which is the same as being more respectful.

7 Help Them Out

Does a classmate need help with homework? Does your mom need help with the dishes? Helping others is going beyond what people ask of you, and this gives a good vibe about who you are to the person you are helping and the people around you.

8 Be Friendly

If you're being friendly, other people will be friendly to you back. Simple as that. I wasn't that nice before, and I was a very hated person, but since I realized giving respect helps you to get respect, I have changed a lot.

9 Handle Things Well When They Don't Go Your Way

Not making the team is not a good thing at all, but it helps teach you that you need to practice. Also, just going home and crying for 3 days straight is not beneficial, and it makes you look like a quitter. If you want to show you are respectful and are determined, start to reflect and improve your weaker areas.

10 Compliment Them
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11 If You Can't Say Anything Nice, Don't Say Anything
12 Give Gifts

If you can't afford to buy gifts and hand them out, or hand out money to strangers, this isn't the best way. But, you can give away spare change that you know you won't spend, and the people you give the gifts to will know (or assume) you are a nice person. A common way is to, at a drive-thru, ask what the next people's bill is, and offer to pay for them, too.

13 If You Want to Yell Mean Things, Yell It in Your Head
14 Listen When Others Talk
15 Don't Bully
16 Stay Out of Other People's Business

This person who said Pee Pee Poo Poo please stay on topic no one will understand what you're saying

17 Think Before You Speak

Don't say something you might regret later.

18 Do Not Yell at People

Ok I will try and control my voice.
Even if sometimes I make a mistake.
But then if I talk repetitively beware.

19 Keep Your Hands and Feet to Yourself
20 Keep Your Opinions to Yourself
21 Say Thank You and Sorry
22 Be Kind
23 Trust People
24 Don't Try to Force Them to Do Things They Don't Want to Do

This has happened to me. Poor me.

25 Do Not Tease Others
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